Personhood Talking Points 101

Birth Control Pills

Won't personhood end up banning birth control pills?

The abortion industry has been lying for 40 years, or they're lying now. They've told women that the pill is not a chemical abortion. So have they been lying for 40 years, or are they lying now?

Personhood exposes lies.

For years the abortion industry has lied to women about chemical birth control, and women have been unknowingly aborting their tiny children.

Getting women to chemically abort their children unknowingly was not pro-choice, it was a lie, and it was cruel.

Women are angry that they've been lied to. Personhood exposed that lie.


The abortion clinic covers up the crime of incest, and typically sends the victim back home to her rapist.

Even worse, they often send her home with the rapist, the relative who brought her to the clinic.

Abortion for incest emboldens a criminal to rape his young relative, helps him escape being caught, tempts him to repeat his crime, and is not compassionate but increases the suffering of women.

Personhood helps people understand that you don't kill the baby because her father is a criminal.


The abortion clinic helps the rapist.

Killing the baby of a rapist is wrong, and it does not undo the crime, nor punish the criminal.

Abortion for rape is not compassionate but increases the suffering of women and children.

A date rapist is more likely to strike because of abortion.

Abortion helps the rapist by getting rid of the evidence, and makes a second victim.

Killing the baby of a rapist is not compassion but further victimizes the woman and then makes the baby a victim.

Life of the Mother

When the mother's life is seriously threatened by a pregnancy, of course it is morally justified to deliver the child but not if the intention is to kill the baby.

It is wrong to kill the mother to save the child, and to intentionally kill the child to save the mother.

The law demands equal protection, caring for both the mother and the child.

If the death of the baby is unavoidable, that is a tragedy; if the death of the baby is the goal, that is unlawful.

When a mom's life is at stake, you don't stop half-way through saving her, to kill her baby. You deliver the baby, and care for both.


Abortion is always wrong.

The baby is always innocent.

Abortion is wrong because it's a baby.

Of course it's always wrong to kill a baby.

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