Jo Scott and Leslie Hanks say See Expelled!

*Jo Scott of Pro Life Colorado guest hosts Bob Enyart Live and joins...

*Leslie Hanks, vice-president of Colorado Right to Life, to update you on the latest in the pro-life movement in Colorado.

*Sign up now and reserve your seat to the 4th annual founders dinner! We hope to see you there on Saturday, April 26th! More details at!

*Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed opens tomorrow! Please join Colorado pro-lifers this weekend at Ben Stein's new movie! The official Bob Enyart Live show is Friday night at 7pm at Arvada's Olde Town 14 theater.

Today's Resource: Enjoy the BEL Science Pack and watch tremendous documentary DVDs, listen to Bob's Genesis: Creation study album, read the best book on creation/evolution ever written, and hear a debate on the Age of the Earth!