$11,100 of $25,000 BEL Telethon Goal!

* American RTL Action: is planning a surprise for libertarian Republican candidate Ron Paul in his 14th congressional district of Texas! Check out their candidate report at ARTLaction.com!

* Pro-Life Leader Jo Scott: helps Bob talk through the BEL Bible study resources available to listeners, including Genesis Creation, Genesis The Fall, Genesis Abraham & Isaac, The Plot, The Tree, The Law of Moses, Last Days, and Details Galore (about miracles and healing)!

Today's Resource: We're at $11,000 of $25,000 BEL Telethon Goal! For our annual February telethon to keep Bob Enyart broadcasting for the next year, instead of listing a BEL resource that you can benefit from, we're listing a resource you may have that can help BEL stay on the air to reach more people through 2009! Donations. If you value the influence of BEL, please consider sacrificially giving a non-tax deductible one-time or recurring monthly gift either online, or by subscribing online to one of our monthly resources, or by calling us at 800-8Enyart!