Pro-abort Romney is Done, So says BEL

* Mitt Spent $86 Million: and the new American Right To Life group spent a pittance judiciously in early contest states significantly revealing the true Romney to family values voters, leading to the pro-abortion candidate's demise.

* Colorado Caucused for Personhood: Colorado RTL has heard from many of their members who gathered personhood petition signatures at caucus gatherings around the state, and from those who introduced successful personhood resolutions, and from activists with the personhood wing of the pro-life movement who were elected as delegates!

* Bob on Denver's ABC News Affiliate: You can watch the video from ABC's 7News in Colorado of Bob Enyart urging pro-lifers to go to caucus to introduce personhood amendments, to gather petition signatures, and to get elected as delegates! If you are from Colorado, please get a petition to collect signatures (we need you)!


* BEL's February 2008 Telethon: "If you value this radio outreach, please give to BEL," asks Bob Enyart. "We need to raise $25,000 toward the airtime expense of keeping BEL not only on the air, but on KLTT, America's most-powerful Christian radio station! (See the AM 670 KLTT signal coverage map.) "Please if you can, help! Give one time or monthly, or subscribe to our monthly resources, by calling 800-8Enyart or subscribe or give online to BEL! Thanks so much!"

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