Summer Wonderland at BEL

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June 2008

11th:   Sheets of Shame for the DNC! (a top secret project that BEL courageously shared with out audience, and you CAME THROUGH!)

18th:   Barry Lynn and Enyart Debate Free Speech (exposed Lynn as a hypocrite and encouraged pastors to join ADF's upcoming Pulpit Initiative!)

19th:   Media: Pro-lifers Blast Colo GOP Chairman (see powerful press release!)

23rd:   7 Reasons Why George Carlin Did Not Go To Hell (remember the guy famous for saying the seven words you can't say on TV)

24th:   Personhood Bill Introduced in US Senate (BEL promotes Republican Mississippi U.S. Senator Roger Wicker's S.3111 Life at Conception Act)

26th:   Megan's Call (Wow!)

July 2008

1st:     Press Conference Against Colorado Censorship (BEL remains engaged in the Christian battle against Colorado's censorship Senate Bill 200 which prohibits publishing books, tracts, etc., of Christian teaching against co-habitation and homosexuality.)

3rd:     General Contractor Quits Abortion Clinic Job (in Oregon, Praise God!)

4th:     Bob with Janet Folger on Faith2Action (fighting Colorado's anti-Christian censorship law)

7th:     National RTL Tries to Pull the Plug (while the child-killing regulators are on the defensive, the personhood wing of the pro-life movement advances)

8th:     Meeting Hostility with Hospitality 2008 (American RTL hosts a hospitality suite on the top floor of the D.C. Hyatt; see also, 2007)

9th:     Creation Museum Summer Update (the creation movement marches onward, with Christians fighting on all fronts, Praise God!)

10th:   Please Send Seven Sheets (for the top secret ARTL DNC project; thanks for helping!)

11th:   Dick Morris Advises Bob Schaffer (this long-time Clinton advisor, after converting to Christianity, warns Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Bob Schaffer that he better endorse personhood, or else...!)

15th:   John Lofton Hosts BEL! (after meeting with Dr. Dobson and Focus on the Family's Tom Minnery and now on air, publicly urges them to tell the truth and endorse Colorado's personhood amendment!)

21st:   Operation Rescue Nat'l -OSA- Report (fabulous report from the extraordinary Christian warfare that took place in Atlanta, abortion clinic workers quitting, converting to Christianity, etc., 20 years after OR exploded onto the national scene during the 1988 DNC in Georgia. Notice: the group out of Wichita that falsely claims to be Operation Rescue has endorsed South Dakota's immoral 2008 exceptions law. The Rev. Flip Benham, true director of Operation Rescue National has not endorsed that immoral law.)

23rd:   Dr. Dobson Set to Violate Pledge To God (this program warned the Body of Christ that a great Christian leader had floated a 'trial baloon' and was preparing to violate the pledge before God that Dr. James Dobson has for so many years reiterated.)

29th:   Collaborators Project Plumber Refuses Job! (Planned Parenthood in Northern Colorado calls a plumber. And they got just the right plumber! He's with Will's Collaborator's Project, and so he refused to do the job! Praise God!)

30th:   Top Secret DNC Sheets of Shame Update (Now the target date is less than a month away, and the BEL audience continues its outpouring of support for this historic American RTL projet!)

31st:   Reason 432 to Pull Her Out of Public School (yes, your daughter, please pull her out of that godless public school that she attends, and in which she will be sexually harassed, mocked, asked for sexual favors, all without any significant intervention to stop such behavior by the adults running that asylum.)

August 2008

5th:     Dobson Endorses Colorado Personhood Amendment! (Thanks John Lofton!)
8th:     Bob Schaffer Opposes Personhood Amendment
(Thanks to the evil one.)

21st:   Michelle Malkin Promotes Power in the Park (as she would soon also tell the world about ARTL's DNC Sheets of Shame project! PTL!)

22nd:  Keyes on the Ballot (and America's Independent Party would soon nominate American RTL president Brian Rohrbough to be Ambassador Keyes' vice presidential running mate.)

25th:   Alan Keyes & BEL Simulcast with Stu Epperson (this important show aired in 30 cities and now lives on via the Internet!)

26th:   ARTL DNC Sheets of Shame! (The world saw it, DNC Destroys Unborn Children, but if you didn't, check this out!)

27th:   Sheets of Shame News Spreads (and spreads, and spreads)

28th:   Go Tell It On the Mountain! (over the hills and everywhere!)

29th:   McCain's VP Pick is Not Mitt Romney (and that's what's important! See ARTL's aggressive effort to stop in his tracts this leading pro-abortion millionaire from advancing further as a pro-life fraud!)

September 2008

4th:     Dobson's View of McCain is Out of Focus

5th:     ARTL Protests Dobson's Broken Pledge (have you seen the TV news reports)

8th:     Cindy McCain- John is Pro-Roe (have you seen her tell us the truth that John McCain SUPPORTS Roe v. Wade?)

9th:     Bill Keller, Bill... Oh, THAT Bill Keller (17 years of BEL's bold and unwavering promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ influences our culture far more than we could ever document! BEL: Brought to you by God, maker of heaven and earth and other fine products!)

10th:   Michelle McIntyre- the LIFE of the Party (and she's due back on the air tomorrow, we can't wait, to discuss Ron Paul's terrible claim that the federal government should stand back and allow states to regulate the killing of children.)

15th:   WND's Joseph Farah Exposing John McCain (go Joseph!)

16th:   Russell Johnson of Family Policy Institute Pt 2 (no Russell, no!)

* Focus II: Click to order the groundbreaking Focus on the Strategy II DVD!

* McCain Lies to Christians, Kills Kids: Please see American RTL's powerful press release about Dr. Dobson violating his pledge made invoking God! John McCain funds the killing of countless children which is one reason that after Rudi Giuliani dropped out of the race, Republicans for Choice endorsed McCain.

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