Shannon's Hope, Cindy's Treasure

* 26 Years in the Making: Leslie Pottebaum founded Shannon's Hope maternity home for women in crisis pregnancy 26 years ago. Listen to Cindy describe being on the street, homeless and pregnant, until she found out about Leslie's life-saving outreach. Now Cindy lives at Shannon's Hope, one of eleven women (and their children)! From here to eternity, from thrift to maternity, Leslie explains that the moms also help run Shannon's Hope Thrift Shoppe in Arvada Colorado.

Shannon's Hope Christian maternity home provides a residential community for pregnant women age sixteen through childbearing age who have no place to call home. Moms who have made difficult choices find opportunities here to learn decision-making skills. Shannon's Hope offers all their moms a place to call home, an opportunity to rebuild their lives, and a hope for the future.

Today's Resource: Two phone calls: The first from Amy, an unwed mother, living with her boyfriend. She is so offended by Bob Enyart's rebuke, that the call ends with her foul-mouthed cursing. A year later, a completely different Amy calls... or is it the same one? Very compelling TV. Get the Amy's Call DVD now and watch this excellent program from the BEL Televised Classics archive!