Planned Parenthood in Bed with United Airlines

* Planned Parenthood in Bed with UAL: The Planned Parenthood abortion firm keeps linking their company to United Airlines. First, Planned Parenthood filed fraudulent construction permits, in the name of UAL, to build the nation's largest abortion facility in Denver. Now, Planned Parenthood is mimicking United Airlines' Fly the Friendly Skies in a TV ad promoting in-flight sex and implying homosexual sex during flight between a homosexual flight attendant and a pilot. Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (PPGG. ORGy) is responsible for this latest child-sex advocacy ad (airing to child audiences on MTV and Comedy Central), and for bigoted stereotyping of homosexual flight attendant guys.

* Weitz Facing Permanent Collaborator Status: by January 31, FamiliesAgainstPP. com will send to The Weitz Company a designation letter giving them Permanent Collaborator Status for their part in building Planned Parenthood's largest abortion facility in the nation, in Denver. P.C.S. will result in decades of ongoing protests at the homes of Weitz construction executives in order to discourage others from collaborating in the killing of children, and to add to the social tension over abortion, so that there is no child killing with tranquility. Wherever you live, you can help stop the construction of this facility, by signing up for daily project updates. Weitz commitment to child killing, if it does not end by January 31st, means that for as many years as Planned Parenthood is killing children in this new facility, Weitz' current and future executives will be the target of residential home protests.

ARTL Action is Trying to Stop Mitt Romney: Trying to put a nail in the Romney campaign coffin, American RTL Action is asking for help to run their latest anti-Romney TV ad in South Carolina. Their request begins: "The new 527 group, American RTL Action, played an important role in ruining pretend pro-lifer Mitt Romney's Iowa run. Romney spent $7 million in Iowa; ARTL Action spent just under $15,000, and received a great amount of media coverage (documented at ARTL Action). The Des Moines Register, Meet the Press, Fox News, etc., have reported that 51% of Romney's Iowa negatives were because he's untrustworthy on abortion. ... "

* Romney Health Care : Mitt Romney stated that as Governor he always came down on the side of life with every bit of legislation that crossed his desk. to pay passed a Turns out, that's a lie too, including by when he passed a law forcing taxpayers to pay for abortion, gave Planned Parenthood a seat on the Massachusetts Health Care advisory board, and "forced" Catholic hospitals to dispense abortifacients.

* Iowa Republican Party Concealing Keyes Votes: C-SPAN camera catches Iowa Republican officials tabulating Keyes votes, yet Iowa GOP refuses to release Keyes' vote count .

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