Fourth Annual Founders Dinner

* Life 4th Annual Founders Dinner: is this Saturday! Please call 303-697-7825 or click here to register online. For more information on this must attend event, please click here.

* Rocky Mountain News reports American RTL Challenge: Schaffer's anti-abortion credentials questioned. Hear Brian Rohrbough and Steve Curtis discuss this very important issue regarding Republican Bob Schaffer, and his run in the upcoming Senate race.

Post-show Note: The Ames Iowa Paper Prints Bob's Letter... The hometown newspaper of Intelligent Design author Dr. Guillermo Gonzales, printed the following:

Validating the Argument

To the Editor

Regarding The Tribune's "'Expelled' film draws applause at ISU," I saw the film 15 times this weekend in Denver (OK, I need to get a life, but we did so as part of a movie marathon: Expelled? Go to the Movies...).

Zach Nereim, with ISU's Atheist and Agnostic Society, references the widespread claim that somehow Richard Dawkins was misrepresented by editing or tricked about the topic of discussion.

Dawkins is engaged in the discussion with Ben Stein; he admits that the complexity observed by microbiology could be evidence that life on earth originated from a higher intelligence, somewhere out there in the universe.

Of course, he claims that such a higher lifeform must have evolved by some kind of Darwinian mechanism. But if genetic and cellular complexity provides evidence that life on earth is too complex to arise by chance, then evolutionists like Dawkins and Francis Crick are just punting to claim it must have originated somewhere else.

Dawkins validates the intelligent design argument. The film is powerful.

Bob Enyart

Arvada Colorado 

Today's Resource: Read American Right To Life's great press release at or at dozens of other major news sites (AOL, Forbes, Houston Chronicle, LA Times, etc.). This was a fun Expelled movie marathon and it's not too late for you to see the movie at a theater near you!