Creation Museum Summer Update

* Answers in Genesis Creation Museum: A month ago Bob and his wife Cheryl joined a hundred others traveling for the day to Ken Ham's Creation Museum in Kentucky, and last fall ten pro-lifers joined Bob on his first visit to the Creation Museum in Hebron Kentucky. Hear this museum summer update with astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle of the $100 million dollar museum that AiG build as good stewards for $30 million! Hear also last year's interview with Dr. Lisle prior to the museum's grand opening.

* Please Send Seven Sheets by July 25: Please help the American RTL DNC Welcoming Committee greet the DNC in Denver this summer! They need 100 people to send them seven sheets each for a top secret project called the Sheets of Shame! Can you send any sheets? If you can't send seven, can you send one or two? Can you go to a second hand store? Can you call a hotel, hospital, nursing home, motel, jail, or ask some friends? To do a proper greeting, here's what...

ARTL's DNC Welcoming Committee needs:
- What: Sheets and more sheets
- Quantity: 700 sheets
- Color: white or light colored
- Style: flat, preferably; but fitted sheets ok
- Size: queen, preferably; but others ok, especially king
- When: please ship these by July 25th!
- Info: or 1-888-888-ARTL
Please bring or mail your sheets to:
American RTL
1535 Grant St #303
Denver CO 80203

* Dean from Garden City, Kansas: is an old-timer who believes the Earth is young! He listens to Bob Enyart over the air, even though he's nearly 100 miles outside of Colorado. (See the coverage map for Bob's radio broadcast on Denver's 55,000-watt AM 670 KLTT, one of the top ten most powerful stations in America and the single most powerful Christian station in the land!)

* Please Help Bob with a Personhood Project: If you can, please volunteer to help Bob on one of these projects:
- Team131: if you're able to spend at least five hours at your PC helping with a vital online project!
- Metro Team: if you're able to come out occasionally for an important project in the Denver area, please let Donna at CRTL know!

Today's Resource: Have you heard about our new Bible Study of the entire Book of Judges, that presents the biblical teaching on treaties, the judiciary, and the best form of government, coming out soon on CD? Call to order Judges at 1-800-8Enyart and check out our many Bible Study resources!