Chris- I AM the standard, God is the Problem

* Chris from Littleton: calls in to defend Barack Obama. Bob asks him to identify his standard, and Chris reveals that it is he, himself. And worse, he then indicts God as the problem. Chris denies that God instilled a conscience in us, and argues that right and wrong come from our parents, but then admits that societies with their parents' morals can in fact be wrong, and thus Chris himself disproves his own claim, showing that the standard of right and wrong cannot be based upon our upbringing. Bob finally presented Chris with the heart of evolution argument, demonstrating from a single bodily function, the circulatory system, that random changes collected by natural selection cannot possibly create a centralized pump with separate chambers, hooked up to a system of pipes (veins and arteries).

* Enyart Predictions on Obama Presidency: Fred Barnes predicts in today's Wall Street Journal that under Barack Obama we will get "massive spending programs," "the Fairness Doctrine to stifle conservative talk radio, liberal judicial nominees... retreat from Iraq," and "talks with Iran." Bob points out that with Republicans, and especially with McCain, we get massive spending programs and liberal judges, and Bob predicts that Obama will NOT bring about the Fairness Doctrine, nor will he retreat counterproductively from Iraq (Bush himself signed an Iraqi agreement for a pull-out), nor abandon the war on terror, nor talk with Iran. Of course Bob is not a prophet. These are just predictions from his perspective which is not clouded by fear of the bogyman, nor allegiance to the increasingly godless Republican Party.

* TWICE Extraordinary Post-show Update: Now there are TWO! Doug Phillip's widely-influential Vision Forum has come out with a warning about John McCain's pro-abortion record and a rebuke of National RTL falsely representing McCain as a defender of unborn children.  And now, they've published a sequel, taking to task the pro-life journalist Steven Ertelt, long-known for outright fabrication of pro-Republican news. "We agree with the National Right to Life Committee's conclusion of eight years ago - a position that they have now suppressed due to political expediency - that 'John McCain Threatens the Pro-Life Cause.'" True. Bob Enyart Live thanks Doug Phillips and report authors Wesley Strackbein and Bob Renaud.

* UK Media Picture of the Day from ARTL: Did you see this great photo of American RTL's sign on the mountain condemning the DNC?

* See this Extraordinary Personhood TV Ad: There is a fire in a clinic. See what happens next...

* Joe the Plumber Says Alan Keyes Can Fix US: Again, listen to the audio of Joe from Ohio saying that Alan Keyes could fix this country in two years, and see the AP video!

* American RTL Action Presidential Voter's Guide: about McCain's pro-abortion record is perfect for emailing to a friend for the election!

* Other Interviews including:
- Los Angeles: Gregg Jackson's interview of Alan Keyes and John Haskins (must-listen radio)
- NPR: Bob Enyart on National Public Radio's All Things Considered exposing pro-abortion Romney: 4-minute audio, transcript
- Des Moines: Steven Deace's interview of David Barton about the current election
- 14 Swedish editorial writers at Denver's historic Brown Palace with Bob Enyart and friends defending personhood (articles so far: Kristianstadsbladet; Allehanda)
- The Al Jazeera (of all things) English-language network out of Washington D.C. sent a reporter and cameraman to Denver Bible Church as part of a report on Colorado's personhood amendment; see tomorrow, Wed. Oct. 29 at noon
- See Bob Enyart's defense on C-SPAN of Amendment 48
- The BBC's two-hour TV interview last week with Brian Rohrbough, president of American RTL; stay tuned to KGOV to find out about any resultant BBC report.

* Focus II: An organization at the domain name "" doesn't want you to see the groundbreaking DVD, Focus on the Strategy II. You may want to check it out anyway!

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