Bob Testified Today at the Colorado Capitol

* What's a Liberal To Do: Senate Bill 192 would require pro-life protesters to spread their protest around a neighborhood, to "keep walking" the distance of three homes to the side of an abortionist's or a collaborator's home. No problem. Denver's ABC affiliate, 7News, interviewed Bob Enyart and he then testified as a board member of Colorado RTL that such a bill would actually help achieve the goal of ensuring "No child-killing with tranquility" by requiring protesters to march around a neighborhood. Will, founder of the Collaborators Project protesting Planned Parenthood's building of went straight from the hearing to the BEL Cabin to discuss the proposed bill with Bob.

* New York Governor Eliot Spitzer Resigns: Eliot Spitzer said on Wednesday that he will resign on Monday now that his sin with prostitutes has been publicized. Thankfully, this has been taken somewhat seriously. But of course if Spitzer had committed his sin in parts of Nevada where prostitution is legal, most conservatives would want to give him a pass since he didn't violate the law. And this reminds us at BEL of what that O'Reilly character said about McGreevy...

* The Oh Really O'Reilly File: On Aug. 12, 2004 after New Jersey Governor James McGreevy announced that he had been cheating on his wife with a homosexual partner, Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly stated that such behavior is not sufficiently egregious for him to resign. Of course not Bill. Just because he is a homosexual, and just because he's cheated on his wife. Trivial matters. After all Bill, if you supported moral standards, some day, you might be held to them, just like Spitzer.

Other O'Reilly Brainstormers: "I hope every state approves of civil unions, so that all people can find happiness." Of course Bill O'Reilly is pro-abortion, pro-evolution, anti-death penalty, anti-spanking, pro-homosexual adoption, pro-public schools, author of tawdry sex scenes, and he supports the gag rule against pastors disenfranchising churches from the political process. If a woman becomes pregnant by a rapist, O'Reilly supports killing the baby but caring for the rapist. And he made this brightest of bright remarks on Jan. 24, 2006: "Marriage is a privilege, not a right. ... No one has a right to marriage." Oh really O'Reilly. There are divine restrictions on marriage between an unrelated man and woman, but no government has the authority to disallow a qualified couple from getting married. Rights, including to marry, do not come from the government but from our Creator.

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