Real Science Radio - Brain Size Cartoons

* Evolution Brain Size Cartoon Argument: Evolutionists make the cartoon argument that IQ is related to brain size, yet a 44-year-old Frenchman with a tiny sliver of a brain leads a normal life with a typical IQ. Brain size is not a predictor of IQ, as any physics coed studying aside football players and Asian women can attest. Also hear about the Creator's design of the Venus Flytrap; about an Oxford professor's rejection of atheism; about creationism as antidote for depression; about what made the dinosaurs go extinct; about the Creator's zipper-like function of skin molecules; about another Christian biologist fired from a prestigious institute for thought crimes; and about pygmy possums and other animals hibernating on Noah's Ark. Fred Williams of co-hosts Real Science Radio with Bob!

Post-show note: Today we completely updated last week's RSR show summary.

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