Cow's Milk in Health Food Stores

Yikes! What is this world coming to?

* Join a BEL Team: Can you give five hours of time at your own PC as part of an effective team headed by Bob Enyart for the next phase of Colorado's campaign to uphold the God-given right to life of the unborn? If so, please call 800-8Enyart, and volunteer for the ride of your life! Also, if you can call BEL and sign up to help with local or out-of-state projects, PLEASE DO! As part of the mission to end decriminalized abortion in America, Bob will be traveling out-of-state and in need of others to join him for a few days with phenomenal opportunities to proclaim the truth about our Creator and to fight for the unborn! Similar missions will be conducted in the Denver area. So, please call BEL and sign up to be part of an Internet team (working for five hours on your own PC), or to be part of a local Colorado team (at events in the Denver area), or on the out-of-state team for those with flexibility and the means to support themselves for a few days out of town!

* Baby Talk Within a Week of Fertilization: The tiniest boys and girls during their first week's journey toward their mother's womb cry out to their moms by sending a pheromone which is a chemical signal from one individual in a species to another. The baby says, in baby talk of course, "I'm here mom! And I'm hungry, so please get ready to feed me!"

* Judie Brown of has a great new website!

Today's Resource: You can get the Focus on the Strategy I & II two DVD combo (for yourself or give it as a gift!) containing Bob Enyart's blockbuster analysis of pro-life and political strategy. Focus on the Strategy, advertised by other ministries as the DVD of the Century, is the blockbuster analysis of Christian political strategy, filmed before a live audience of 300 Christian activists in which Bob Enyart reveals the presentation he gave at Focus on the Family to Tom Minnery, VP of Public Policy for Dr. James Dobson. And the sequel, film festival finalist Focus on the Strategy II, with its dozens of video and audio clips (including video licensed from MGM Studios) which has extraordinary endorsements from many Christian leaders as the must see video for everyone who wants to end legalized abortion.