ARTL McCain Explanation Confirmed by Politico

* American RTL Explains McCain Nomination: John McCain got the nomination the same way Bob Dole got it in 1996. Like Dole, McCain was selected by the liberal media as the statesman of the Republican party, their darling liberal Republican, and was treated with kid gloves by the mainstream media for years before the election. Here's Politico's admission: "McCain... won swooning coverage for a decade from reporters who liked his accessibility and iconoclasm [i.e. anti-Republican positions]."

* Other Interviews including:
- Gregg Jackson's interview of Alan Keyes and John Haskins (including some BEL audio)
- Flashback: Bob Enyart on NPR's All Things Considered exposing pro-abortion Romney: audio, transcript
- Steven Deace's interview of David Barton about the current election
- 14 Swedish editorial writers at Denver's historic Brown Palace with Bob Enyart and friends defending personhood (articles so far: Kristianstadsbladet; Allehanda)
- The Al Jazeera (of all things) English-language network out of Washington D.C. sent a reporter and cameraman to Denver Bible Church as part of a report on Colorado's personhood amendment; see starting Oct. 29.
- See Bob Enyart's defense on C-SPAN of Amendment 48
- The BBC's two-hour TV interview last week with Brian Rohrbough, president of American RTL; stay tuned to KGOV to find out about any resultant BBC report.

* Socialist Republican Bush & U.S. Treasury: May give more of your tax money to socialist programs, perhaps adding $10 billion for General Motors to the $25 billion in low-interest loans already given to the auto industry, and to the what?, $100 billion or so (I haven't tallied it up), in Summer 2008 bailouts, and to the $700 billion in funds for socialized banks, etc. that George W. Bush, John McCain and the Republican Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson have all supported.

* American RTL Action Presidential Voter's Guide: about McCain's pro-abortion record is perfect for emailing to a friend for the election!

* Joe the Plumber Says Alan Keyes Can Fix US: Again, listen to the audio of Joe from Ohio saying that Alan Keyes could fix this country in two years, and see the AP video!

* See this Extraordinary Personhood TV Ad: There is a fire in a clinic. See what happens next...

-McCain Rejects the Right To Life of the Unborn
-McCain Gives $100s of Millions to Abortionists
-McCain Kills the Tiniest Kids for Research
-McCain Rejects Human Life Amendments
-McCain Promises Judges who Reject RTL
-McCain Doesn't Even Seem to Truly Oppose Roe
-McCain and Palin Refuse to Enforce 14th Amendment
-McCain Funds more than 300,000 Surgical Abortions

* Focus II: An organization at the domain name "" doesn't want you to see the groundbreaking DVD, Focus on the Strategy II. You may want to check it out anyway!

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