T-Minus 3 Days... Now, T-Minus 2 Days

* Weitz Running Out of Time: By the end of today's show with Bob and American RTL Action president Steve Curtis (former chairman of the Colorado state Republican Party), Weitz only had two BEL programs left before they get hit with Permanent Collaborator Status.

* Wanted by Collaborator's Project: access to Reed Connect. By midnight Jan. 31, once Weitz is designated with Permanent Collaborator Status, our goal changes from getting them to stop building one abortion clinic, to turning Weitz and AuschWeitz into nationally-recognized household words as a deterrent to other firms to avoid child killing. If you are a contractor, supplier, engineer, architect, etc., with access to Reed Connect, please contact Will@CollaboratorsProject.com.

* Long-term Protest to be against Weitz Clients: See the Collaborators Project Deadline Letter sent to the billion-dollar Weitz company to stop building Denver's new abortion clinic or it will get hit with PCS. Long-term focus will now turn to Weitz' clients. CP quote of the week: "Weitz has set itself up as the hub, and its clients as the spokes..." said the Rev. Flip Benham, of Operation Rescue/OSA. The Collaborators Project has a year-long commitment from two Denver pro-life groups to protest with huge abortion signs in Denver's $100 million dollar NorthCreek development where Weitz is building a Hermes, and the president of USA Hermes knows of CP's plans for Hermes grand opening later in the year... stay tuned!

* Unprecedented Support for Protests: See the historic supporting press releases from major pro-life groups committing to honor Permanent Collaborator Status against Weitz! Also, see the press releases from battle-hardened protest organizations pledging to picket Weitz' clients' homes and other sites around the country for as many years as abortionists kill children in the clinic Weitz is building for that purpose.

* BEL Annual Telethon Begins Feb 1st: please help keep BEL on the air broadcasting for another year! Consider helping out once the February telethon begins! Thanks!

Today's Resource: If you subscribe to the BEL Televised Classics, you will be able to watch one of the shows just transferred from studio beta tape to DVD, titled, Bob Debates Evolution. It's a classic in and of itself. Click on the Subscription Department in the BEL Store, or call us at 800-8Enyart to subscribe to Bob's Topical Videos, or the BEL Televised Classics, or what our longtime listeners tell us is the best resource ever created by Bob Enyart Live, our Monthly Bible Study Albums!