Indiana Talk Host Peter Heck on Personhood

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* Particle Accelerator Experiment: at CERN in Europe is designed to "thrown light on origins of the universe" within a month! Throw light on? Don't they know how it formed? Huh! Atheists claim they know how the universe began, but by denying our Creator God, they are left in error. Big bang cosmologists admit they don't even know what evolved first, stars or galaxies, exposing the truth that they do not have a clue about the origin of the universe.

* Indiana Talk Host Discusses Colorado Personhood: Listen to this excerpt from another talk show program, as Peter Heck, airing on Kokomo's AM 1350 WIOU, presents a fascinating analysis of Colorado's personhood amendment effort, of National RTL's promotion of regulatory laws that end with, "and then you c

an kill the baby," and recommends American RTL to his Indiana audience.

* REMINDER: Colorado Legalizes Homosexual Attack on Christians: learn about the stealth Senate Bill 08-200, which has already passed the state's Senate and House, which has this shocking section: Publishing of discriminative matter forbidden... See last Thursday's BEL show for more information.

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