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Bob Enyart on his TV programBob Enyart Live Broadcast: We've aired more than 6,000 radio and TV shows and for a few years in the late 1990s broadcast on Denver's KWHD and in 80 cities nightly for an hour of news talk TV from Honolulu to Orlando. See our affiliates page for ways to hear BEL's news talk show that airs daily on the most powerful Christian radio station in America, Denver’s 50,000-watt AM 670 KLTT. And you're invited to check out the BEL YouTube channel. And here's a Clickable Table of Contents to the rest of our About Us page:

- Interviews & Interviewed
- Bob Enyart Biography
- Real Science Radio
- General & Science Topics
- Our Top 12 Contributions
- Our Top Accomplishments
- Our Top Science Contributions
- BEL/KGOV/RSR Index (find anything :)
- Lists & Links (predictions, callers, etc.)
- RSR List Shows
- BEL, RSR, Global Warming & Conservative Custom Google Searches!

Bob Enyart interviewed for a Newsweek cover storyInterviews & Interviewed: In the early 1990s in an attempt at an insult, the Denver Post called Enyart "Denver's own Rush Limbaugh" and in 2015 the cover of Newsweek portrayed him as a "Christian Cowboy" while the London Times described Bob as an "evangelical Dirty Harry". "We were deplorable before deplorable was cool," says the BEL host. The long-time editorial page editor of The Rocky Mountain News, and later of the Post too, Vincent Carroll, corroborated this in 2012 writing that Enyart is a "symbol of what many in America’s educated elite find repulsive." Known by the enemies he keeps, Bob Enyart only debates those on the wrong side of controversial issues, including theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss, evolutionists like Eugenie Scott, and Scientific American’s Michael Shermer. Bob exposes the liberal in the conservative, as with Ann Coulter, Greg Koukl, and Focus on the Family. He enjoys spats like with Jurassic Park's real-world paleontologist Jack Horner, PZ Myers, Jerry Coyne, NASA's senior astrobiologist Mary Voytek and interviewing scores of other prominent physicists, biologists, geologists, astronomers, abortionists, homosexuals, libertarians, journalists, Christian leaders, and atheists, including late-term Bob Enyart in Indianaabortionist Warren Hern, Clinton victim Juanita Broaddrick, evangelist Ray Comfort, Mad Money's Jim Cramer, Newsweek's Lisa Miller, Juan Williams, Hal Lindsey, and the Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore who apologized on BEL for a gross error. See kgov.com/debates and /interviews for many more. Interviewed: Bob has been interviewed hundreds of times by U.S. TV and radio hosts, by the BBC, Time magazine, and Al Jazeera, and Bob’s work has been reported on from USA Today to the Washington Post and People magazine. Many Associated Press and Reuters stories about the program and its host have hit the wire services. Bob appeared repeatedly opposite Bill Maher on ABC's Politically Correct. The Times-Warner nationally-syndicated TV program XTRA has profiled Bob, and he appears in E!'s biography of O.J. Simpson. Enyart has appeared on Court TV discussing the death penalty for Scott Peterson, and on Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor defending spanking, and has been interviewed by Sean Hannity, and has appeared for hours on MS-NBC including regarding his burning of O.J. Simpson’s memorabilia on the steps of the L.A. courthouse to propose fundamental reforms to America's criminal justice system, which is one of the themes in BEL programming. (See also kgov.com/interviews.)

Bob Enyart Biography: Bob Enyart, spokesman for American Right To Life, for 30 years has used his daily talk show toward compelling the government to uphold the God-given right to life from the biological beginning of each child's life. In New Jersey where he grew up Bob trusted in Jesus Christ as his Savior in 1973 and since January 2000 pastors Denver Bible Church. As an author and video producer Bob's book and video sales keep his podcast and programs broadcasting and have kept him among the top five percent of authors. Before hosting a talk show Bob worked for McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company designing simulation software for the Army’s Apache AH-64 attack helicopter, and then worked as a computer analyst for U S West, Microsoft, and PC Week. Bob eventually left his computing career for full-time Christian outreach. Bob appears in the Focus on the Strategy DVD series which has helped to ignite America's abolition and personhood movements, and he organized the effort to display the world's largest protest sign on the side of the Rocky Mountains overlooking Denver when Barack Obama held the Democratic National Convention in Colorado. (Shown in this photo taken two miles away with the actual perspective of the size of the sign as compared to the Statue of Liberty.)

Bob Enyart organized world's largest protest sign

Real Science Radio: Real Science Radio co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart talk about science to debunk evolution and to show the evidence for the creator God including from biology, geology, astronomy, and physics. (For example, mutations will give you bad legs long before you'd get good wings.) But RSR doesn't only talk the talk. We also make our own science predictionsdiscoveries, inventions, and breakthrough reports! (For example, NASA says that confirmed predictions validate the big bang theory, but Google: big bang predictions, and our article here at KGOV ranks #1!) And we get to debate atheists like theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss (emphasis on the theoretical) and Scientific American editor Michael Shermer, and Darwinists like Aron Ra and Eugenie Scott. And we enjoy sparring with anti-creationists like Jerry Coyne, Phil Plait, PZ Myers, NASA's senior astrobiologist Mary Voytek, and Jack Horner of Jurassic Park fame. And most fun of all, we get to interview the outstanding scientists like Drs. Walt Brown, Jonathan Sarfati, Kevin Anderson, Stephen Meyer, and Michael Behe who dare to challenge today's accepted creed that nothing created everything.

General Topics: Aside from using our site's Search feature, if you're feeling lucky, just add a /"topic" to our domain name. Like kgov.com/time  /terror /debates /predestination /miracles /hermeneutics /open-theism  /deity-of-christ (or just /deity) /curse-of-cannan (or just /canaan) /Christianity-Today /homosexuals /partial-birth-abortion (or just /pba) /atheism  /atheism#debates /death-penalty /does-god-exist /spanking-conviction (or just /spanking) /is-God-outside-of-time /on-doubt /over-population /nicer-than-God (or just /nicer or /nice) /should-christians-judge (or just /judging) /euthyphros-dilemma (or just /euthyphro) /casting-lots (or just /lots) /national-sales-tax /the-plot-of-the-bible (or just /the-plot) /oj-simpson (or just /oj) /polygamy /slavery /alcohol /wine /what-does-the-bible-say-about-marijuana (or just /marijuana or /pot) /videos /what-is-money (or just /money) /theistic-evolution /firmament /when-did-adam-and-eve-sin /targeted-antibodies /cancer-treatment /abc-link /cults /abortion-breast-cancer /writings /callers, etc. (Make sure to hyphenate multi-word topics and see more at kgov.com/index.)

Science Topics: Try just adding a /"topic" to our domain name to get all kinds of scientific information, for example, on: rsr.org/science /time /gorillas  /debates /age-of-the-earth (or just /age) /eye /curse-of-cannan (or just /canaan) /Christianity-Today /genomes /astronomy /flood /global-flood /walt-brown /hydroplate-theory (or just /hydroplate or /hpt) /dinosaur-soft-tissue (or just /tissue or /soft) /atheism /atheism#debates /does-god-exist /is-God-outside-of-time /on-doubt /over-population /euthyphros-dilemma (or just /euthyphro) /earthquakes /negative-effects-of-marijuana (or just /marijuana or /pot) /videos /theistic-evolution /big-bang /big-bang-predictions /firmament /origin-of-the-grand-canyon (or just /grand-canyon) /whales /echolocation /origin-of-comets (or just /comets) /targeted-antibodies /cancer-treatment /abc-link /abortion-breast-cancer /lawrence-krauss (or just /krauss) /dawkins  /hawking  /eugenie-scott /pz-myers (or just /pz), etc. (Hyphenate multi-word topics and see more at kgov.com/index.)

Bob in studio, headphones & mic

Our Top Twelve Contributions: By our estimation, the twelve most significant contributions to the world that this radio program and our Denver Bible Church have made include:

1. God is Free: God's nature and five attributes show Him to be able to think a new thought (which, sadly, many seminaries reject), to be eternally free and inexhaustibly creative with an open future
2. Time is Eternal: Our unique contributions to the understanding of God and time from everlasting to everlasting
3. Young Earth: Our teaching on the young earth, on dinosaur soft tissue, and on the evidence against the big bang
4. Initial Calendar: Our documenting of the Earth’s original 360-day year at 360dayyear.com
5. Hermeneutics: On tools for studying the Bible, i.e., hermeneutics, and rightly dividing the Scriptures, which we call The Plot as at our TheologyThursday.com, our List of Theological Topics, and our applying the overview-type interpretation method to the Diety of Christ 
6. Creation vs. Evolution: Our own contributions to the creation/evolution debate through Real Science Radio at rsr.org and especially rsr.org/lists.
7. Personhood: Just as God is a person and He created us in His likeness, our teaching on the personhood of the unborn child, and against exceptions and regulations as at prolifeprofiles.com and AmericanRTL.org
8. The Tree: After conversion to Jesus Christ through the Gospel, God then calls us to live the Christian life by grace, which we explore in our study called The Tree (of the knowledge of good and evil) all learned as a result of rightly dividing the Word of Truth which also enables us to identify the destructive Christian superstition.
9. Hydroplate Theory: Our teaching on the the global flood and our promotion of the hydroplate theory
10. Government: On God’s criminal justice system (as at kgov.com/crime), God's form of governmentrevolution vs. a war of independence, our proposed Constitution for America and its Biblical Apologeticpolitical spectrums and charts, gun rights, self-defensetaxation, the emancipation proclamationimmigration and illegal immigration, libertarianismterrorism, the Bible’s command for Christians to judge, on patents, and on the New Testament’s support for capital punishment and the abolition of prison
11. Morality: On gendermarriage, immorality, good deception, and exposing practical moral relativism with our warnings about  public schoolsmarijuana, liberals supporting pedophiles, pornography, no-fault divorcehomosexuality and Christian leaders going gay, and of course five of the Ten Commandments are for criminal justice (with murder, stealing, adultery, perjury, and covetousness all being foundational to morality), and our promotion of homeschooling and see kgov.com/Gospel.
12. Economics: And the twelfth most important contribution made by Bob Enyart Live (and DBC, the little church that could) is our teaching at kgov.com/economics, on what is money, that advocating welfare is sinful and violates Thou shalt not steal; on socialism, and on what is justifiable taxation, copyrights (and, would you sell your pirated music?), wealth (and KGOV's net work worksheet), the deeper value of publicly traded stocksa boom and bust cycle, on Human Action and von Mises, and a defense of the KGOV definition of money against Adam Smith Institute's Tim Worstall, on Matthew 20 and unequal pay for equal work, and so forth (including that Bob called the covid bottom, at kgov.com/buy).

So by our estimation, these are the twelve major contributions that we’ve made to aid the Body of Christ in its understanding, so that we need not be ashamed as workman for the Lord, being able to discern falsehood and lies and to recognize truth.

Our Top Accomplishments: By our estimation, but in no particular order, of our more significant accomplishments:

* Clinton Raped Juanita protests in 145 cities (search: clinton juanita broaddrick. Google ranking #5 of 200k.) 
* Exposing Dr. James Dobson's admittedly broken pledge to God, which Focus on the Family still used as a fundraiser
* The world's largest protest sign on the mountain overlooking Denver (or just search: world's largest protest sign) as one of our 12 most notable protests  
* Burned O.J. Simpson's auctioned-off memorabilia and recommending changes to the criminal justice (just-a) system 
* Evidence against the Big Bang video and #1 ranked web articles at rsr.org/bb and rsr.org/bbp
* Global Flood & Hydroplate Theory video and broadcast promotions of this powerful flood model
* Producing American RTL's Focus on the Strategy documentary trilogy on how to recriminalize abortion
* Bob Enyart Live (1990s podcast pioneer) and made kgov.com into a Christianity wiki of thousands of answers
* Real Science Radio hundreds of science programs and articles with great Google rankings and fun List Shows  
* God's Criminal Justice System seminar presented from Honolulu to Pittsburgh and available at our store.kgov.com.
* God's Biblical Attributes video based on the teachings at kgov.com/hermeneutics and falsifying utter immutabililty 
* Creating opentheism.org, the list of 550+ verses, and our God and Time series
* The Plot: Bob's life work subtitled: An Overview of the Bible is the Key to its Details
* Debating scores of opponents to a biblical Christian worldview (kgov.com/debates)
* A recorded verse-by-verse study through much of the Bible (in progress)
* Launching American RTL, ProlifeProfiles.com, & revived AbortionBreastCancer.com
* Producing the video Mount Moriah: Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
* Broadcasting our (continuing and unconsolidated) list of reasons to flee public school 
* The parents of a thousand kids thanking BEL for encouraging them to homeschool
* With a half-dozen families and from a church across town, planting the little church that could, Denver Bible Church!

This list in progress was first mentioned on BEL on June 22, 2016. Please send any suggestions to Bob@kgov.com.

Our Top Science Contributions: Some of these appear in our general contributions list above, but specifically regarding our more significant contributions, by our estimation, to the understanding of the universe and its contents:

1. Time is Eternal: RSR's unique contributions to the understanding of God and time from everlasting to everlasting with time being among those things that are not God but that are co-eternal, and with our defense of God crossing an actual infinity.
2. Big Bang: Our Evidence against the Big Bang video and #1 ranked web articles at rsr.org/bb and our most important big bang article, on the theory's predictions, at rsr.org/bbp.
3. Dinosaur Soft Tissue: RSR's curating, with a paleobiochemist, the lists of 50+ dinosaur soft tissue papers and 50+ other biomaterial fossil papers all at bflist.rsr.org (of papers published in the journals Nature, Science, PLoS One, etc.) documenting extant biomaterial in "fossils" including flexible blood vessels, cartilage, red blood cells, osteocytes, beta-keratin, collagen, hemoglobin, melanosomes, histones, and dinosaur DNA.
4. Global Flood: Our list of rsr.org/evidence for the flood (actually, three lists, scientific, biblbical, and model-specific), our Global Flood & Hydroplate Theory video, main article, and metaseries of broadcasts.
5. Initial Calendar: Our documenting of the Earth’s original 360-day year at 360dayyear.com.
5. Young Earth: RSR's collection of arguments at our List of Not So Old Things, our comprehensive lists of rebuttals to the Day-Age and Gap theories, and our promotion of dinosaur soft tissue, and the 360-day year, and our youngearth.com site.
6. Nature of Matter: From RSR's List of Things, Real Things, that are Not Physical, at rsr.org/physical, to our Quantum Mechanics' Wave-Particle Duality is a Triality article and series at rsr.org/triality.
7. Creation vs. Evolution: Our own contributions to the debate at rsr.org/evolution with our interviews and debates, and our question to a NASA scientist that moved her to publicly admit that water is not the panacea but an impediment to abiogensis.
8. Historical Science: RSR's show and article at rsr.org/forensics, Historical & Observational Science Equally Good, aka Can You Know a House Had a Builder?
9. Debates & Spats: Bob's debates with famous and/or credentialed materialists including...
- Physicist Lawrence Krauss,
- Scientific American editor Michael Shermer,
- Anti-creationist Aron Ra 
- Anti-creationist Eugenie Scott,
- University of Calif. Ophthalmology prof. Dr. Gary Aguilar,
- An entropy and evolution debate that attracted an AJP author
- NASA astrobiologist Mary Voytek water spat
- Harvard prof. Irwin Shapiro moon doesn't exist spat
- Jurassic Park's Jack Horner 14c spat
- Evolutionist Jerry Coyne spat
- Discover magazine astronomer Phil Plait spat
- Evolutionist PZ Myers trochlea spat
RationalSkepticism.org spam spat
- Newsweek's "99.86% of scientists" spat
- Newsweek's Lisa Miller spat
- Newsweek's Nina Burleigh spat
- And by honorable mention our Stephen Hawking spat.
10. RSR's Lists: The creation and maintenance of more than 50 rsr.org/lists beginning with our List of Not So Old Things through our List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit to our List of Problems with the River Carved the Canyon
11. RSR Broadcasts: Through hundreds of radio broadcasts and podcasts and often with stunning Google rankings, Real Science Radio affirmation of the Creator and defense of creation, the fall, the flood, the exodus, and the Scriptures, all at rsr.org.

Suggest anything to add to the above lists by contacting Bob@rsr.org. Thanks!

Lists & Links: There's KGOV.com's YouTube channelTwitter handle @BobEnyart, and FB page at facebook.com/BobEnyart. And here's our favorite links, kgov.com/use-policy, kgov.com/studio, and Bob Enyart's Reading List, and a selection of our more popular lists:
- rsr.org/list-shows (see below)
- kgov.com/writings
- kgov.com/spats (& dissed)
- kgov.com/best-show-titles
- kgov.com/liberal-issues
- kgov.com/sayings
- kgov.com/domains (registered by BEL)
- kgov.com/cliches (Christian)
- kgov.com/protests (BEL's notable ones!)
- kgov.com/coincidences
- kgov.com/BEL-testimonials
- kgov.com/the-plot-reviews 

- kgov.com/index.

* RSR's Popular List Shows: We keep this updated at rsr.org/list-shows. Here are some of our favorites:
RSR's List of Not So Old Things
- List of Evidence Against the Big Bang
- List of Big Bang Predictions (try Googling those 3 words!)
- List of Fine Tuning Evidence
- List of Scholars Doubting Darwin
- List of Creation Science Predictions (try Googling that too!)
- List of Shocked Evolutionists
- List of Solar System Formation Problems
- List of Papers that Shock Potheads
- List of Carbon 14 Everywhere it Shouldn't Be
- List of Dinosaur Soft Tissue Discoveries
- List of Answers to Hydroplate Objections
- List of Proofs for the Genius of Ancient Man
- List of Missing Transitional Fossils
- List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit
- List of Fresh Fossils
- List of Solar System Transient Events
- List of Creationist Fathers of Science
- List of Recovered Brain Dead Patients
- List of Evidence for the Exodus
- List of Whale Evolution Problems

Listeners have told us that our free BEL Archive is a world treasure! So if you know of other BEL callers, interviews, definitions, select threads, etc., from our archive or elsewhere that we should add to these growing lists, please feel free email your suggestion to Bob@kgov.com.

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