Denver Roman Catholic Priest Neil Hewitt Molests Altar Boy

* Molester Father Neil Hewitt: Denver Bible Church member Donna Ballentine tells Pastor Bob Enyart about the Roman Catholic priest Father Neil Hewitt who began molesting her cousin Stuart Saucke after the boy's father passed away, as he also introduced him to pornography and alcohol. Stuart became an alcoholic, and as an adult a firefighter, but eventually committed suicide but not before leaving behind a hand-written note (see below) describing how Hewitt sexually molested him.

* KGOV Programs about this Homosexual Child-Molesting Priest: Here are the programs we've produced here at about Donna Ballentine's cousin and Denver's homosexual child-molesting priest Neil Hewitt who destroyed her cousin when he was a young boy:
- 2002: Denver Roman Catholic Priest Neil Hewitt Molests Altar Boy 
- (Here's Stuart Sauke's tragic hand-written letter)

- 2004: The Victim of Homosexual Catholic Priest Father Neil Hewitt
- 2004: 
Priest Molestation Case Update 1
- 2004: Priest Molestation Case Update 2
- 2008: Pedophiles, Priests, & Privacy in which we quote from the sister's letter and the Archbishop's reply.

* Denver Archdiocese Stonewalling: Donna Ballentine representing her family arranged a meeting with the Denver Archdiocese. For encouragement, Pastor Bob went with Donna who said to the Archbishop's representatives: "We have only one question. Were there accusations of sexual abuse made against Neil Hewitt in Denver, prior to the Archdiocese moving him up to Leadville, Colorado?" The archdiocese had been advertising, in the form of public service announcements, a request for Coloradans who may have been molested by a priest to contact the archdiocese. As it turns out, this had nothing to do with sorrow and contrition and everything to do with church lawyers and their risk management scheme. At the meeting, an archdiocese attorney told Donna that because she was not part of the immediate family they could not answer her question. Donna pointed out that the dead man's sister lived in Utah, and it would be difficult for her to come to Denver. The meeting ended. Some weeks later, Pastor Bob and Donna returned to the archdiocese, this time with the sister, who asked the same question about the man who molested her brother, "Were there accusations of sexual abuse made against Neil Hewitt in Denver, prior to the Archdiocese moving him up to Leadville, Colorado?"

* Stonewall: Showing no evidence of sorrow or contrition, even to the dead man's family, the hard-hearted Denver Archdiocese refused to answer that single most-relevant question that goes to whether the leaders of Colorado's Catholic Church bore responsibility for putting a suspected predator loose on the unsuspecting families living in the mountain town of Leadville. (August 2016 Upgrade: To this date, no one has been held accountable for the crimes committed against this young man.)

* More Information: If anyone has more information, even if years or decades later, regarding Hewitt or his personnel file with the archdiocese, or any other related legal matters, please don't hesitate to contact Donna through