2004 Archive

December 2004
Date Title
Dec 31 Year End Oscar Buzz
Dec 30 Tower Falls, Kills 18
Dec 29 Hindu Woman Nearly Calvinist
Dec 28 Why Earthquakes are Not Signs
Dec 27 Why the Christmas Tsunamis?
Dec 24 PC Christmas at Denver Bible Church II
Dec 23 PC Christmas at Denver Bible Church
Dec 22 Reader's Digest Miracles
Dec 21 Doctors More Pro-Miracle than God
Dec 20 Holland Now Killing Newborns
Dec 17 Ward vs Mill
Dec 16 Denver Bible Church Kids
Dec 15 RSR: Lottery Winner Meets Genesis 3 Curse
Dec 14 Christianity Today Rave Review of Pro-Abort Movie
Dec 13 Jury Wants Peterson Executed & Forgive Not
Dec 10 Life After Columbine
Dec 9 Foiling Colorado Springs Pro-Aborts
Dec 8 Bush Cabinet Nominees
Dec 7 Top Ten Reasons Why Liberals Hate the Holidays
Dec 6 Jason Troyer & Jo Scott on Street Activism
Dec 3 Miracle on 17th Street
Dec 2 APB to DBC members
Dec 1 Enyart Urges Death for Scott Peterson on Court TV
November 2004
Date Title
Nov 30 KGOV at the Redwood City Courthouse
Nov 29 Stem Cells Cure Paralysis
Nov 26 RightMarch vs Arlen Specter
Nov 25 Thanksgiving Day 2004
Nov 24 Mourning in America
Nov 23 Scott Peterson Penalty Phase
Nov 22 Clinton Library Protest Debrief
Nov 19 Sermon on Crime: Luke 22:63-65
Nov 18 Norma Rogers Pt 2
Nov 17 Broaddrick Friend Norma Rogers on BEL
Nov 16 We're not fighting a Holy War, but they are...
Nov 15 Sermon: Luke 23:23 On Juries
Nov 12 Scott Peterson Guilty. See, the system...
Nov 11 Staff Meeting on Clinton Library Itinerary
Nov 10 If 10 BEL friends could take over a country...
Nov 9 Clinton Raped Juanita: "in fact" -Wall St Journal
Nov 8 Peterson Juror Married a Murderer...
Nov 5 Arafat's Condition Improves
Nov 4 Exclusive Announcement: Denver in '05!
Nov 3 The Cost of Victory
Nov 2 Christian: Why are you a Democrat?
Nov 1 Beware the Christian Conservative
October 2004
Date Title
Oct 29 Stolen Honor Soundtrack: Kerry's Testimony II
Oct 28 Stolen Honor Soundtrack: Kerry's Testimony
Oct 27 Bob: Michael Peroutka for President
Oct 26 Kerry sign OK in abortionist neighborhood
Oct 25 Repub. Governor, Judges & White House at Work
Oct 22 Psychological Evidence for God's Existence
Oct 21 Open Letter Part III
Oct 20 Open Letter Part II
Oct 19 Open Letter on Election 2004 from Christians
Oct 18 This report should not be construed as...
Oct 14 Mr. President: Overturn Roe? "No."
Oct 13 O'Reilly's Word vs... wadaminit, what's it worth?
Oct 12 Kerry supporters run amuck & ... miracles??
Oct 8 Kerry's Bad, therefore... Non Sequitir
Oct 7 Did God hit Florida with Hurricanes?
Oct 6 Denver Bible Church: Where sick people... die!
Oct 5 Cowboy Lee Homoki of BDTLB.org
Oct 4 Race for the Cure Latina Adviser Resigns
Oct 1 99.9% Over, 52% of the Goal
September 2004
Date Title
Sep 30 99% Over, 47% of the Goal
Sep 29 96% Over, 44% of the Goal
Sep 28 4% Over, 35% of the Goal
Sep 27 56k lbs of cocaine can't explain this church
Sep 24 Hear Bill Gertz re: The French Armed Saddam
Sep 23 Crucifix falls and kills Italian woman: why?
Sep 22 Callers Qs on Falwell, Robertson, & Enyart
Sep 21 God and George W. Bush: A Political Conversion
Sep 20 No Compromise... on Republican Politics
Sep 17 TerroristsForKerry.com
Sep 16 If we execute child molesters, then how about...
Sep 15 CBS Memo Gate
Sep 14 Truckers Driving Huge Banners around US!
Sep 13 Bob and Gianna Jessen
Sep 10 Did the Bible Predict 09-11?
Sep 9 Bob and Matt Trewhella commiserate
Sep 8 On Amending the Constitution
Sep 7 Arab columnists (and HH) on murdering kids
Sep 3 Phyllis Schlafly from the the RNC in NY
Sep 2 Live from Madison Square Garden, it's Bob... Barr
Sep 1 Bob debates Birth Control
August 2004
Date Title
Aug 31 Hugh Hewitt to Bob: I'd Support Even Giuliani
Aug 30 Bob and Dave From Denver Outlawing...
Aug 27 Trains, Planes, and Automobiles
Aug 26 Bob visit to NY's St. Patrick's Cathedral
Aug 25 Bob debates a King James Only caller
Aug 24 America wins so many Olympic medals. Why?
Aug 23 Bush, Swift Boats, and Caller's Law
Aug 16 School reinstates suspended Christian teen
Aug 13 Congressman Bob Barr on BEL on the Clinton Impeachment and Juanita Broaddrick
Aug 12 NJ Gov resigned to be a homosexual
Aug 11 Bob and Bush on Taxes
Aug 10 What is the downside to youth groups?
Aug 9 Death penalty opponents kill people
Aug 6 Bob with a Catholic on Politics
Aug 5 Former Federal Judge: Euthanasia is Murder
Aug 4 Linda Chavez on Organized Crime, er, uh, Unions
Aug 3 Mohammed 2: Terrorist, Rapist, Molester
Aug 2 Craig Winn: Mohammed the Terrorist 1
July 2004
Date Title
Jul 31 Dave Daubenmire of Pass the Salt Ministries
Jul 30 Dr. Jerry Johnston of Overland Park
Jul 29 Morality in Media & Republican Justices
Jul 28 Avi Lipkin/Victor Mordecai on Israel's Wall
Jul 27 Larry Klayman re: John Edwards
Jul 26 NewsMax: Sandy Berger's Stocking Stuffers
Jul 23 Clinton Cabinet Refinishing & Catholic Caller
Jul 22 How does consciousness arise from matter?
Jul 21 How can God know that He is Good?
Jul 20 Bob's Son Critiques Dr. Laura
Jul 19 Original BEL Show on the Sabbath
Jul 16 Bob's Inbox re: Tikrit, DC, & O'Reilly
Jul 15 News from the Front... and Youth Groups
Jul 14 Syracuse Caller re Dobson Colson etc
Jul 13 Denver War Zone vs. Iraq
Jul 12 Somewhat Paranoid Callers
Jul 9 Bob and L. Brent Bozell III
Jul 8 Peter Boyles: No Such NYT Article Exists
Jul 7 Bob vs. Hussein Ibish re: Israel
Jul 6 Settlements, Spankings, Sheets & Six Things
Jul 5 Denver Troublemakers Jo Scott & Friends
Jul 2 Colorado Pro-Life Speech Winner
Jul 1 Priest Molestation Case Update 2
June 2004
Date Title
Jun 30 Priest Molestation Case Update 1
Jun 29 The Ugly Nat'l Right to Life
Jun 28 KY Sup. Ct. Reverses Itself on Baby Killing
Jun 25 Southern Baptists stay in Godless Schools
Jun 24 Bush vs. Sovereignty
Jun 23 Read the Paper the BEL Way
Jun 22 Bob v. Bill Press on: Bush Must Go
Jun 21 Ahmed Hikmat Shakir
Jun 18 Hannitized
Jun 17 Texas Drownings Not Predestined
Jun 16 Bob v. Hussein Ibish re: Iraq
Jun 14 Turkey: You'll want to know more...
Jun 11 Bob with Dick Morris re: Hillary
Jun 10 Retired Pastor: "I'd kill a man who..."
Jun 9 Two Kids from DBC Two
Jun 8 Two Kids from Denver Bible Church
Jun 7 Come help dig dinosaurs!
Jun 4 Real Science Radio: Scriptural Geologists
Jun 3 Real Science Radio: History of Geology
Jun 2 Answers in Genesis: Carl Kerby
Jun 1 Answers in Genesis: The Seven Cs
May 2004
Date Title
May 31 Answers in Genesis: Creation Museum
May 28 Hear Richard Poe re: George Soros
May 27 An idea for the Heritage Foundation
May 26 Bob vs. Barry Lynn re: Homosexual Marriage
May 25 Homeschooler Goes to Washington
May 24 How may we put you to death?
May 21 Palestine & Britain Vie for the Toilet
May 20 Skirting the Issue
May 19 Balestinian Beoble
May 18 In Gandhi's name, "I'll kill myself!"
May 17 Welcome to Homosexual Marriage
May 14 Nudging? Er a lets say Pushing
May 13 Nudging CWA to the Right
May 12 Stewart Stogel on the U.N.
May 11 HAMas, HAMbali, moHAMmad atta, etc.
May 10 The Nursing Home Gamble
May 7 Arafat the Redneck
May 6 Even if you opposed the war...
May 4 It's not the Military, it's the Culture Culture
May 3 1895 Salina KS 8th Grade Exam
April 2004
Date Title
Apr 30 Doug Quizzes Bob on Genesis
Apr 29 In Denver: Operation Save America.org
Apr 28 Bob, Bob, and... Bob?
Apr 27 The Bigger March
Apr 26 Modern Day Death March
Apr 23 M.A.D.D. M.A.D.D. Designated Driver
Apr 22 Happy Dirt-Worshippers Day
Apr 21 Blair in Boulder: pro-homosexual
Apr 20 Bob to Kucinich: It has come to pass...
Apr 19 Exclusive: Evan Todd Brings Us Into the Library
Apr 16 Death Row Hunger Strike Fails
Apr 15 Little Johnny: #31
Apr 14 Is the Colo. Repub. Party Pro-Choice?
Apr 13 Bob with Evan Todd, shot at Columbine
Apr 12 Bob with Dennis Kucinich
Apr 9 Bob debates homosexual Jon Rauch
Apr 8 Peter Coors vs. Bob Schaffer
Apr 5 Bob with a Knesset Candidate
Apr 2 Bob with a Denver Cop
Apr 1 National Atheist's Day
March 2004
Date Title
Mar 31 DeShawn discusses forgiveness
Mar 30 Bob debates Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Nolan
Mar 29 Are Martyrs Merciful?
Mar 26 United Methodist Savage-Dammann
Mar 25 Bob with Left Coast Reporter and Bob's 7pm Swan Song
Mar 24 The Victim of Homosexual Catholic Priest Father Neil Hewitt
Mar 23 Survivors Jonathan and Nate
Mar 22 Did the Jews Steal Palestine? and America's Monarchy
Mar 19 Bob vs. Rabbi and Gay Away is back
Mar 18 Bob with Chief Justice Roy Moore and Bob getting Stern
Mar 17 Guided missiles, unguided movies
Mar 16 Moses, Moses, Moses...
Mar 15 Uriah's Revenge
Mar 12 TerroristsForKerry.Ala
Mar 11 Overplaying their hand
Mar 10 Bill, thanks for a good call
Mar 9 $1M Alligator Shoes Please
Mar 8 Pro-passion anti- Bush
Mar 5 Martha Stewart Living... in Hell?
Mar 4 Arafat's Doom & the Temple Mount
Mar 3 Michigan Schmishigan
Mar 2 Water on Mars; France on Drugs
Mar 1 IOC Dilemma & Debate Debrief
February 2004
Date Title
Feb 27 James & Josh Mutiny
Feb 26 The Seedy See
Feb 25 Passion & Howard Stern
Feb 24 Passion Yes; Tithing No
Feb 23 Mammoths and Melchizedek
Feb 20 Nathaniel's Out; Bush's Out-ed
Feb 19 My son is in jail? WHAT???
Feb 18 Free Home Ventilation
Feb 17 Bob Enyart with Dr. Walt Brown
Feb 13 Fountains of the Great Deep
Feb 12 Doug sits in
Feb 11 Firmament, Trees & Garden
Feb 10 $1k of 4k! 50 of 1k!
Feb 9 250 of 4,000 so far!
Feb 4 California Baptist University
Feb 3 Bob interviews former terrorist Walid Shoebat
January 2004
Date Title
Jan 30 Lying for God
Jan 29 Yoda and the Ark of the Covenant
Jan 28 3,000 killed, 3,000 saved!
Jan 27 Bob scoops the nat'l press
Jan 26 Mayors and Urns
Jan 23 Rebooting mankind
Jan 22 Dumocracy Rules!
Jan 21 Eu un icc
Jan 20 Bob's State of the Union Address
Jan 19 Its not the kids, its the fish!
Jan 16 It took less time...
Jan 15 Clennard Childress & Steve Curtis
Jan 14 Israel and the Body of Christ
Jan 13 Protect innocence, punish guilt
Jan 12 Witnessing to Carolyn
Jan 9 Can I get a Big Mac please?
Jan 8 America's War on Prosperity
Jan 7 The Pubic School System
Jan 6 Republics: John Birch vs. Moses
Jan 5 Chris & the Five Senses in Heaven
Jan 2 WHY? To Play With YOUR HEAD, That's WHY!"