The Victim of Homosexual Catholic Priest Father Neil Hewitt

* Two BEL Shows Today:
The afternoon show (30 minutes): Priest's Victim: Suicide - Denver's Father Neil Hewitt
The evening show (60 minutes): The Bill Gates of Hell

* KGOV Programs about this Homosexual Child-Molesting Priest: Here are the programs we've produced here at about Donna Ballentine's cousin and Denver's homosexual child-molesting priest Neil Hewitt who destroyed her cousin when he was a young boy:
- 2002: Denver Roman Catholic Priest Neil Hewitt Molests Altar Boy
- 2004: The Victim of Homosexual Catholic Priest Father Neil Hewitt (this program)
- 2004: Priest Molestation Case Update 1
- 2004: Priest Molestation Case Update 2
- 2008: Pedophiles, Priests, & Privacy in which we quote from the sister's letter and the Archbishop's reply.
- 2017: Another Victim of Fr. Neil Hewitt, in studio here at KGOV

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