Former Federal Judge: Euthanasia is Murder

Consider also the German pro-euthanasia film I Accuse which premiered in Rome and Berlin on August 29, 1941. The Nazis were a full two years into World War II but they took the time and money to produce a compassionate tear jerker showing that sometimes the best way to show someone that you love them is to kill them.

In the film, a beautiful young wife suffering from multiple sclerosis pleads with doctors to kill her. Her husband, a successful doctor himself, eventually euthanizes here with a fatal overdose. As the hero of this Nazi film, he is put on trial where his defense argues that people have a right to die and that killing someone can even be a duty. With the Nazis being so merciful, the film culminates with the husband accusing the court of cruelty for trying to prevent people from committing such mercy killings. This film was commissioned by Goebbels to make the public more supportive of the Reich's T4 euthanasia program.

The SS reported that the churches were uniformly negative about the movie. Opinions in medical circles were positive however. Legal professions were anxious that it be placed on a legal footing, and in the few polls that were commissioned, the general population were said to be supportive.