List of Creation Science Predictions

Updated July 31, 2021: Confirmed dinosaur soft tissue predictions, orphan gene, asteroid predictions, and so many more!

- Dinosaur Soft Tissue Is Not Rare But Common. Confirmed!
- Dinosaur and Other Biological Material Exists Regardless of Alleged Age. Confirmed!
- Latest Prediction
: The analysis of the never-before-opened lunar specimens collected by the 1970s Apollo missions will fit the predictions of the creationist Hydroplate Theory but will challenge NASA's own Nebular Hypothesis. (added 4/19/19)

* For Your Consideration: Bob Enyart and Fred Williams present our:
   - general science predictions
   - dinosaur soft tissue predictions
   - psychological predictions
   - our very own confirmed RSR predictions!
   - other creationists' confirmed predictions
   - implicit predictions of biblical creationism
   - our favorite scientist's confirmed predictions
 and for counterbalance
   - the colossal failed predictions of the Big Bang and Darwinism
   - the failed though entertaining politically correct science predictions
 and some honorable mentions!

* Dozens Confirmed: The dozens of confirmed creation science predictions documented below include our Real Science Radio on-air prediction that there was a significant likelihood that the Florence flyby may show that it has "one or two moons". Five days later, NASA announced and the science media headlines reported, "Asteroid Florence has Two Moons." See more below.

Also, for our dinosaur soft tissue predictions, see our specific and contrary-to-popular-belief predictions below. Two predictions, that survival in dinosaur fossils of the animal's original biological tissue is not rare as claimed but plentiful, and that regardless of the alleged age of a Mesozoic (or "older") fossil, from 68 million to hundreds of millions of years, endogenous biological material will still be found in various fossils. regardless of alleged age. These creation science predictions have been confirmed by reports in the leading peer-reviewed journals Nature Communications and Science, including the determination that dinosaur soft tissue appears to be "more common than anyone had guessed." (Anyone, that is, except for young-earth creationists.) And while the papers are only now being written, we've marked as confirmed our prediction (that flatly contradicts evolutionary theory) that unique "orphan" genes (see below) will outnumber "related" genes.

* Bob and Fred List Creation Science Predictions: Many confirmed creation science predictions exist, including of course predictions inherent in the work of many of the greatest fathers of the physical sciences, like Kepler, Newton, and Kelvin, who were biblical creationists motivated by their creationist worldview that with great wisdom, the Creator made the physical universe which was not an illusion but real and which functioned not magically but rationally. Additionally, many specific creationist predictions have been made, and many have been confirmed. On today's program, Real Science Radio takes on the recent challenge by evolutionists Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson, by listing the many creationist predictions that the guys have published over the years.

As with other creationists, our own confirmed Real Science Radio predictions have specifically contradicted the widespread and fundamental expectations of the big-bang and evolutionary camps, making them especially telling regarding the battle of the materialist and biblical worldviews. (Click to hear Bob and Fred discuss these predictions on air in February 2014.)

RSR's challenge for Dawkins to describe even in vague terms how the 3-to-1 pattern could arise naturally such that 3 genetic letters code for one amino acid.
Even "vague" reply ok.

* General Science Predictions: Here are some of the general predictions from Real Science Radio:
- No theory on how a genetic code may have arisen naturally will ever even be formulated, let alone proposed or validated. Because the classical laws of physics and chemistry have no symbolic logic functions, evolutionists cannot even think about how a genetic code (a scheme) could arise by material means. So RSR's Richard Dawkins challenge that we hand delivered in Oxford is to describe, even in vague terms, how the simplest part of the genome could arise naturally, the 3-to-1 pattern such that three genetic letters code for a single amino acid.
- Amber, even allegedly from 300 Mya, will have significant amounts of short-lived Carbon 14 (even though it is non-radioactive and uncontaminated) which would be impossible on an old-earth.
- Following NASA's February 2021 planned landing in Mars' Jezero Crater with its claimed "landforms reaching as far back as 3.6 billion years old", researchers will discover there evidence of surprisingly young (and possibly even transient) features. [added 12/8/18]
- Evolutionists will never discover insects or any animals for that matter that have (for ex.) hearing, sight, flight, echolocation, etc., that previously had no ears, eyes, wings, etc. Partial confirmations appear at:
  - and see also there, from allegedly
  - 3.5 billion years ago "cell division evidently identical to that of living filamentous prokaryotes" and see
  - the 1972 quote on ancient proteins from the journal Science in our Biomaterial Fossils List and just for fun
  - at see the claim that an allegedly 310my old horseshoe crab brain and central nervous system are apparently identical to living crabs!
Partial falsification appears in the claim that 53-million year old bats could not echolocate. Here at RSR though we predict that claim will be reversed with the future discovery of echolocating bats in strata dated by evolutionists as that old or older.
- The distribution of gene families will support the software engineering model of shared code libraries more so than it will a tree of common descent, including for example the shared echolocation coding among bats and whales, the elephant shrew being closer genetically to an elephant than to other shrews, and the close relationship (added August 2019) between the zebra finch and zebra fish which by common descent should share no unique gene families but which actually share nineteen! RSR repeated this hypothesis in its Evolution's Big Squeeze series. If you happen upon an earlier instance, perhaps in our 2013 List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit, please let us know at Thanks! 
- Animals with pigment, hair, fur, "advanced" teeth, bone, etc., will never be shown to have acquired, but rather, will always have had such teeth, bone, genes for pigment, hair, etc. Those using hair, pigment, etc., for homeothermy, etc., will always have had the ability to use such associated structures for such purposes. Etc. [added 4/8/18]
- Of the plentiful biomaterial of organisms trapped in amber that remains extant, original biological material will be found to be largely independent of the alleged age of the specimen, whether dated from 22 to 130 million years old230 Mya, or older. [added 4/7/18]
- The evolutionary assumption that sponges must have the ultimate stem cells will not be validated (just to put a termination date on this, let's say by 2030).
- A systematic assessment of mutations in fossils will show far fewer mutations as compared to today.
- Large and/or complex biological molecules (like hemoglobin, hemocyanin, tyrosinase enzyme, etc.) will never be shown to have evolved from simpler molecules (thus falsifying the predictions of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research, Nature, Science, et al.) but instead will be found to have existed in some of the "oldest" specimens. [added 4/8/18]
- As evolutionary geneticists were shocked by the virtually identical genetic programming for echolocation in both whales and bats (yet without a similarly equipped common ancestor), and likewise by the extraordinarily similar gene complex enabling human and parrot vocalization (yet without a similarly equipped common ancestor, which examples stretch the claim of "convergent evolution" to the breaking point), RSR predicts that this pattern will repeat, whereby virtually identical complex genetic coding will be found in organisms without a similarly equipped common ancestor, in both the plant and animal kingdoms, and between humans and other organisms (prediction added 1/8/15).
- A factor in our worldwide mitochondrial DNA lineages is the genetic bottleneck of four women (four because Noah's wife also bore a child after the flood).
- A factor in the extreme chromosomal diversity in Africa will be found to be attributable to the relationship of Canaan and two of his brothers.
- The Russians will find that their 2-mile deep borehole into Lake Vostok in Antarctica will provide unexpected evidence that seems to contradict their belief that it has been sealed off by ice from the surface for 15 millions years. Confirmed!
- All coal, including everything worldwide already mined, all known reserves, and any deposits discovered in the future, will equal a volume less than that which could be produced from the vegetation growing at one time on the lush preflood Earth. [added 5/10/19]
- All seashells and fish fossils in flood-deposited sediments will equal a number less than that which could be living at one time in the antediluvian surface waters. Added June 1, 2019 (in the face of an existing estimate to the contrary).
- "Unexpected" transient events in the solar system will continue to be discovered. [added 9/13/15]
- A computer simulation will indicate a recent global disturbance to Earth's atmosphere when attempting to account for it extending beyond the moon. NASA reported on a 2019 paper in Journal of Geophysical Research that our exosphere extends far beyond the moon's orbit. Extrapolating from the two major but temporary Lagrange dust clouds and considering the combined effects of Earth's gravity and the moon's gravity (which would clean up our immediate vicinity), and the effects of the solar wind on gas molecules, etc., a long-lasting luminescing geocorona could not remain in place for millions of years, requiring a recent cataclysm to explain its existence.
- Asteroids will be shown to have debris fields orbiting them. That is, the percentage of asteroids known to have moons will continue to grow, contrary to materialist expectations (because of the physics challenge of an asteroid capturing one moon, let alone two or more). Also, we will find asteroids with orbiting debris and multiple moons. This standing prediction was partially confirmed when RSR  said on September 1, 2017 that there was a significant likelihood that the Florence flyby may show that it has "one or two moons". Five days later, NASA announced and the science media headlines reported, "Asteroid Florence has Two Moons"! Partially confirmed again on July 11, 2018, "Object [2017 YE5] is Actually Two Asteroids Orbiting Each Other & It’s Freaking Scientists Out" per Bustle (of all outlets) and NASA.

Lunar nearside and farside show difference, with nearside darkened maria- Greater nearside impactors predicted on the day before NASA launched two GRAIL ships headed for the moon to explore its interior. The evidence to be collected by this mission, to be launched on Sept. 10, 2011, will show that impactors have hit the nearside of the Moon with more force than the farside. (For 15 years explaining the effects of the erupting of the fountains of the great deep, we've heard materialists reject that the nearside was pummeled while the farside was just sprinkled with smaller craters. Pictured, see the previously molten darkened maria. In 2019 the AGU noted the "stark difference between the Moon’s... farside and the... nearside [which] has puzzled scientists for decades." How do they now answer the puzzle? How else? To avoid acknowledging Earth's single catastrophe with tremendous evidence, materialists appeal to endless astronomical planetary catastrophes. which are nothing more than nebular hypothesis rescue devices.)
- The rocking of the Moon is slowing, but not discernibly only over millions of years as expected by the evolutionary time frame, but far more rapidly, as will be confirmed by photographic records, not over eons but over decades (prediction added Sept. 1, 2013), or perhaps centuries. Likewise, if more early drawings of the moon are found, or perhaps known ones just reexamined, we may find that they reveal features that cannot be seen from Earth today (retrodiction added May 15, 2014). See more on this prediction at
- By 2020 (just to put a date on it), powerful and less disputed evidence of biological material is space will be added to the currently existing apparent evidence, and if tested will have 14C! Current evidence includes: apparent cellulose in space as reported in Nature by Fred Hoyle (theory of stellar nucleosynthesis), a meteorite contains "left-handed... amino acids that are common in terrestrial life", apparent bacterial remnants in meteorites and even dormant bacteria, a diatom collected in the lower stratosphere during the annual Perseid meteor shower, apparent long-chained organic material in a comet, diatoms reported in Sri Lanka meteorites with an isotope test "suggestive" [per NASA] of meteoritic material, and toward a confirmation of our prediction, six months later comes the report that an astronaut collected sea plankton from the outside of the International Space Station. (See more details at These indications of biological material in space provide yet more corroboration that the fountains of the great deep ejected debris from the global flood into space. This prediction has been confirmed with additional scientific discoveries published in 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020!
- Chert Prediction: RSR predicted on air in July 2016 that chert, even though it is often dated at more than a billion years old, will contain short-lived Carbon 14!
- Metagenomic Prediction: Made on air on October 6, 2017. We'll eventually detail that here!
- Genetic Plant Diversity Prediction: The journal Human Evolution reported that “nine out of ten [animal] species on Earth today" are, as put it, “genetically speaking... roughly the same age” and, from an evolutionary perspective, very young. So RSR then predicted that the genetic diversity pattern of plants will also directly affirm the biblical creation and flood accounts!
- Pluto Prediction: On the day before NASA's July 14, 2015 flyby and based on young earth creationism and the Hydroplate Theory, RSR reminded the audience of our predictions regarding the debris of the solar system (meteoroids, TNOs of which Pluto is one, etc.) and that the data collected by this flyby will be consistent with a recent origin (youthful appearance) and an inner solar system and even a terrestrial origin for the Pluto system including that it is comprised of rounded boulders, water, salts, silicates, crystalline silicates, limestone, clay, cubanite, olivine, iron, nickel, organics including amino acids, and that Pluto might have more than its five known moons.

Before NASA's Pluto flyby, comparing their prediction to RSR's prediction of the planet's surface...

* Dinosaur Soft Tissue Predictions: Regarding still soft tissue and other endogenous (original) biological material from dinosaur-layer (and earlier-deposited) strata, here are Real Science Radio predictions:
- Dinosaur, etc., soft tissue will be found not only in rare circumstances, but rather easily, i.e., when looked for. This February 2014 (and earlier on-air mentions not yet identified) creationist prediction was...
CONFIRMED June 2015. Check this out in a leading journal Nature Communication and from As stated in America's leading journal Science: Signs of ancient cells and proteins found in dinosaur fossils, "this week's issue of Nature Communications backs up previous, controversial reports of such structures in dinosaur bones. It also suggests that soft tissue preservation may be more common than anyone had guessed" (except for we creationists of course)! Further, "'It’s encouraging,' especially because the proteins were found in what appear to be the most unremarkable, ordinary bones, says Matthew Collins, an archaeologist and biochemist at the University of York in the United Kingdom."
CONFIRMED Sept. 2014. Only months after RSR's prediction, the journal Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research reported, "so far the data show that original chemical retention may be more common than previously believed."
CONFIRMED July 2019. The journal Cretaceous Research reports on a "vast Edmontosaurus annectens bonebed... each specimen yielded abundant microstructures... osteocytes, blood vessels, and collagenous matrix... includes the first recovery of osteocytes and vessels from... tendons. Perhaps surprisingly, no correlation was found between soft tissue/ cellular recovery and either bone tissue structure type (cortical vs. cancellous) or overburden depth at the time of discovery." That is, original biomaterial was easily obtainable whether the specimen was buried deeply in the ground or not and whether samples were taken from dense or spongy parts of bone.
CONFIRMED July 2020. As documented at, to date 29 different journals, including the world's most prestigious, have published 54 original dinosaur biomaterial reports, so this is no isolated phenomenon. The dinosaurs and other Mesozoic creatures that have yielded their biological material include multiple species of hadrosaur, titanosaur, [ostrich-like] ornithomimosaur, Nodosaur, mosasaur, [bird-like] Anchiornis huxleyi, triceratops, Lufengosaur, Archaeopteryx, and T. rex. For dinosaur-layer and "deeper", i.e. believed older, strata, researchers have discovered flexible and transparent blood vessels and cartilage, red blood cells, starch, many various proteins including beta-keratin, the microtubule building block tubulin, collagen, shell glycoprotein, chitin, the cytoskeleton components actin, tropomyosin, and the related motor protein myosin, and hemoglobin, bone maintenance osteocyte cells, pigment including melanosomes, clearly-seen chromosome-like structures within cell nucleus, DNA-related histone proteins, and powerful evidence for DNA including positive results from multiple double-helix tests including IP and DAPI on fossils from various dinosaurs.
Note: Mark Armitage, the microscopist who won a large settlement after being fired from California State University for publishing extraordinary photos of Triceratops soft tissue in a prestigious science journal, independently made this same prediction and repeated it on our Sept. 5, 2014 program and you can see Armitage make that prediction again on YouTube in December of 2014. (Reconfirmed in 2018.)


Update: In 2016 RSR learned of the earliest instance of this prediction that we can document. In his August 17, 2013 YouTube video at 5:12 in, Mark Armitage stated: "Our initial findings might suggest that soft tissue in dinosaur bone is the norm rather than the exception." And of note in 2020, Brazil's Portuguese language journal Terrae Didatica reports from Alves and Machado, "[R]egarding the frequency of soft tissue findings... The prediction is that acquisition of new technologies will turn such findings as the norm and not the exception."
Original dinosaur and other soft tissue will be found largely independent of the claimed age of the fossil. RECONFIRMED in June 2016! The journal Nature Communications reported original biological material in Gunflint chert allegedly from 1.88 billion years ago in the Proterozoic "Eon" (i.e., layer). First CONFIRMED in 2014. See the paper in the Journal of Paleontology that documented original soft tissue found in Precambrian fossilized "beard worms" that are allegedly 530 million years old! CONFIRMED EARLIER (though unknown to RSR), a National Academy of Sciences members stated  on page 81 of the 1972 Scientechnica book by Wyckoff, The Biochemistry of Animal Fossils"Jurassic bones have retained as much protein as the younger Cretaceous." That discovery strongly indicates that the geologic column strata were deposited nearly simultaneously and it falsifies the alleged ancient ages of these periods, with Jurassic supposedly up to 201.3 million years old and the Cretaceous up to 145 million years old. (And oh yes, that point three! Don't forget that PRP point three! That digit after the decimal place in such great numbers is what's known as public relations precision, that is, designed to project confidence and make an indefensible claim look plausible, not unlike the Earth's alleged age of 4.55 billion years.)
- Dinosaur soft tissue and other biological material will be found independent not only of alleged age (whether tens of thousands or hundreds of millions of years old), but also significantly independent of the specimen's environment, that is, whether preserved by mummification or encased in amber, sandstone, marine sediments, etc. (Ice may do better.)
- Even endogenous dinosaur soft tissue will have 14C (whenever tested for), arguing strongly against contamination.
- Allegedly million-to-billion year old proteins that are sequenced will demonstrate that "advanced" proteins, like those for building nervous systems, muscles, etc., did not "get into" modern genomes by horizontal gene transfer from "modern species", but that they were there all along, i.e., from long before they were "needed", in the evolutionary paradigm, to accomplish such higher functions. (This also would falsify neo-Darwinism because evolution is acknowledged to lack goal-oriented, forward-looking planning.) [added June 18, 2014]
- Unracemized (i.e., mostly left-handed) amino acids will be found extensively (whenever tested for) in dino tissue.
- Evolutionists presuming that dino soft tissue lasts indefinitely will be surprised to find it decreasingly discoverable in the 2020s, 2030s, 2040s, etc.
- An awareness will set in that just as evolutionary assumptions led to the lost decades of dismissing function for a majority of our genome, and for dismissing exploration of function in vestigial organs, also, a century of lost opportunity has passed during which vast quantities of otherwise discoverable biological material has disappeared forever, all because Darwinism led scientists to believe it was ridiculous even to look for it (just as they now claim it is ridiculous to carbon date diamonds, etc.).
- The exact same specimens will be claimed to be both contaminated and uncontaminated. Where amino acid and radiocarbon testing is done on soft tissue, evolutionists will claim that (allegedly old) uncontaminated soft tissue is simultaneously contaminated by (short-lived) Carbon 14 and left-handed amino acids. The lack of contamination that enables the identification of original tissue is confirmed (by genetic sequencing, immunological tests, etc.) whereas the (allegation of) contamination of short-lived radiocarbon and non-racemized acids is usually not confirmed but only assumed. Evolutionists are thereby alleging that complex biological molecules endure not only with the randomizing effects of molecular motion, changes in temperature, etc., for 68M, 80M, 150M, 190M, 350M years, and more, but also multiple processes of contamination which (allegedly) include the introduction of left-handed amino acids and modern carbon.
- Mary Schweitzer will be widely shown to be wrong in her published claim that biological iron is the preservative that enables soft tissue to survive for millions of years. This "iron chelator" rescue device will be falsified for many reasons including the realization that many specimens of recovered soft tissue are not associated with heavy deposits of biological iron, such as original dinosaur biological material in skin and eggshells, etc., and even in Archaeopteryx feathers. Further, which of the typical decomposition factors would iron interfere with: hydrolysis, chemotropism, microbes, cyclical temperatures, friction, oxidation, autolysis, radioactive decay?
- Regardless of the alleged antiquity of fossils (from one thousand years to one billion, and more), molecular research will demonstrate the same astounding biochemical precision as among today's species, if not more so. RSR predicted this on April 9, 2014 based on the creationist worldview (something that Bill Nye and Smokin' Tyson recently said was impossible). Over the course of only four days, God created all biological life. And almost immediately afterward, life's physical processes began deteriorating, such that fossil biochemical evidence will show only that life's current molecular sophistication was there from life's earliest (i.e., lowest) geologic record.* Psychological Predictions: Consistent with the creationist worldview, human beings, sadly, are mentally degenerating. (And consistent with, marijuana smokers' brains are shrinking. But that's another story.) And stupid doesn't make you sin, but sin makes you stupid. So, with people getting dumber and dumber, psychological predictions are an especially risky venture. But since wise men tread places fools have never heard of, RSR offers these psychological predictions:
- A higher percentage of astronomers than biologists doubt the big bang, as a higher percentage of biologists than astronomers doubt evolution. This prediction, which can be confirmed or falsified by a professional survey, flows from the creationist observation that when asked for the best evidence of secular origins, scientists typically do not refer to their own fields. In the Q&A after our Age of the Earth Debate with Reasons to Believe's geophysicist and mathematician members, an RSR producer asked John Nicholl, the former president of EEGS, "What would you say is the best evidence for an old earth?", and Nicholl, with the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society, rather than mentioning radiometric dating or the geologic column, answered, "Starlight." This will hold true for all related specialists including paleontologists, geologists, physicists, cosmologists, and molecular biologists. For example, as at, in applied biology, 570,000 medical doctors in the U.S. say that God brought about or directly created human beings!  [added 5/7/18]
- Fifty years after anatomists showed that the human eye is not wired backwards, countless evolutionists will still claim it is. Yet materialist Richard Dawkins, with the attention he gets, while never withdrawing this claim himself, will also never again repeat it.
Drudge Report screenshot: Trump and Republican Congress fully funds PP at the $500M yearly Obama level - Nov. 9, 2016 Trump to Fully Fund Planned Parenthood Prediction: See this at American RTL, at, and right here at, verbatim, that based on the evidence presented we "can predict as of November 9, 2016 that Donald Trump will NOT fight to stop abortion and even that he will continue funding the abortion industry at record levels, as did even the George W. Bush administration." He authorized $500 million to go to the abortion chain in his first year, and on March 23, 2018, another $500 million for his second year. (Two more examples: Trump nominated for the Supreme Court a judge who agrees with the central holding of Roe v. Wade that the unborn child is not a person and does not have a right to life. See And also, as of 2018, in laying out his administration's primary goals, the most important thing that President  Trump said in both his lengthy addresses to joint sessions of Congress was what he said about abortion. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.)
- RSR predicts that the materialists' call for scientists and others to stop using the words function, fine tuning, and living fossils will fail. For while evolutionists absolutely cannot even think about how a genetic code could arise naturally, it is, of course, theoretically possible for them to impose their Orwellian newspeak. We conclude though that they will fail even at that.
- Now that alleged "dark matter" has been called upon to solve the physics barriers to forming the first stars, the astrophysical community will no longer invest great sums of money in an effort to show that the first generation of stars (Pop. III) could have formed based on the known laws of physics.
- In the 2020s homosexuals will drop the "born that way" defense. Male homosexuality is viewed as so much more disgusting than lesbianism, that lesbians since the 1980s have described theirs as a "lifestyle choice" whereas men have asked not to be blamed because they were "born that way". So with the affirmation everywhere for male homosexuals BEL predicts that they will drop the "born that way" defense and adopt lesbian "choice". [added 9/6/19]
- By 2020, mainstream science sources will stop pre-dating the big bang theory to the 1920s. (Pre-dating the theory aided in the canonical narrative that it "predicted" the apparent expansion of the universe.) [added Feb. 2015]
- Quantum computing's continued advancements will move philosophers toward indeterminism. Many philosophers are materialists and therefore believe that human beings are only material. (To correct all that confusion, see RSR's List of Things, Real Things, that are Not Physical.) Quantum computing will increasingly perform beyond the ability of classical computing. Therefore RSR predicts that by 2035 there will be a measureable move toward physical indeterminism within the philosophical community. And because of the (invalid) materialist worldview of so many philosophers, this will lead to a more widespread support for (valid) indeterminism even regarding the human will. [added Sept. 4, 2020]
- Governments will significantly reduce the budgets for fundamental scientific research over the next twenty years because their philosophical goal has been to affirm methodological naturalism, and with that backfiring, and creationists celebrating discovery after discovery, they'll conclude that they are not getting their money's worth.

* Real Science Radio's Own Confirmed Predictions: Aside from our other non-science predictions, here are our confirmed RSR and Bob Enyart Live predictions:
- 1990 contraception prediction: As published in two Colorado newspapers and then reprinted when confirmed in the Rocky Mountain News, we predicted that condom distribution to students would increase teen pregnancy at Adams City High School. 2016 Update: Study concludes that making condoms available to students in hundreds of school districts backfired and led to a 10 percent increase in teen births.
1992 death prediction: Bob predicted on live radio to three healthy-looking homosexual guests that tragically, within one year, all reason suggests that one of them will be dead within a year. See more at
1994 HIV prediction: That HIV transmission will be shown to discriminate against lesbians was a sound but politically incorrect (and even hated) observation which was nonetheless confirmed in 2014 when the CDC reported "the rare transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) likely by sexual contact between two women."
- 1995 galaxy prediction: The Hubble Deep Field images of distant galaxies would look basically like nearby galaxies.
- 1995 AIDS prediction: America, like much of the world, would never have a heterosexual AIDS epidemic.
1996 infanticide support prediction: Bob's stark warning was vindicated by the horrific 2014 Drudge headline: "Shock Report: College students increasingly support 'post-birth abortion'".
- 1997 vestigial organs prediction: While Darwinsts had convinced millions that many body parts including the appendix and tonsils were functionless leftovers from evolution, on Dec. 2, 1997 on national television Bob predicted that over time as anatomists reduced their ignorance of the functioning of human (whale, and and other) bodies, that their increased knowledge would reveal the important functions of the alleged vestiges.
- 1997 Dawkins assessment: Not a prediction, but as an honorable mention, BEL made an uncannily accurate assessment, flatly contrary to popular opinion and yet spot-on, that the world's most popular evolutionist, Richard Dawkins, was writing bestselling books that contained no actual evidence for evolution but that only assumed the truth of Darwinism. Hear Dawkins himself explicitly admit this in our one-minute YouTube video:

- 1998 DNA prediction: Bob Enyart in a nationally televised debate said to famed Eugenie Scott, Ph.D., that it was wrong for anti-creationist scientists like her to characterize the massive non-protein-coding segments of DNA as functionless and as "junk".  In 2012 440 researchers working in 32 laboratories around the world published in the journal Nature that they had so far been able to identify function for 80 percent of the human genome!
- 2001 no pending 9/11-type attacks: Bob Enyart contradicted the media's stated expectation of a second wave of spectacular Islamic terror attacks on America by observing, "The A-team is dead" and that we can now expect only relatively low-tech, low profile Al-Qaeda attacks going forward. Seventeen years later on the Fox News Channel Tucker Carlson responded, "Yes" to Brit Hume saying on the anniversary, "Certainly, when 9/11 happened, I'll bet you that you like me thought that this was just the beginning; that further such attacks were undoubtedly coming, and Lord knows how many in number. And we really haven't had that."
2002 crime policy recommendation: Not a prediction, but as an honorable mention recommendation, fourteen years after Enyart's 2002 suggestion (repeated in 2006 to a presidential candidate) that we should form a national DNA database, the first county in the world to do so has budgeted $400 milllion dollars for the requisite database and specimen collection.
- 2004 earthquake prediction: In a group discussion after their Age of the Earth Debate, John Nicholl, the former president of the Environ. & Eng. Geophysical Society asked whether Bob as a young earther would urge geologists to revise upward the risk assessment they provide to government of the probability of future severe earthquakes. Bob answered an unequivocal yes, and since that debate more than 750,000 earthquake victims have perished.
- 2007 soft tissue prediction: RSR's psychology prediction has been vindicated that evolutionists would attempt to ignore the greatest discovery in the history of paleontology.
- 2008 prediction of Christian acceptance of homosexual marriage in  the BEL program titled, Christians Still Against Gay Marriage, tick, tock and consistent with his previous years of warnings regarding the direction of the church.  By 2014 (and updated through 2020) see our Superfluous List of Christian Leaders Going Gay (that is, supporting homosexuality including homosexual marriage).
- 2012 vision text prediction: Very little of a lengthy, acclaimed book on eye evolution will actually be about how eyes evolve.
- 2012 Antarctica prediction: A virtual laboratory experiment, alleged 15-million years in the making, dashed the hopes of Darwinists everywhere when Antarctica's isolated 2-mile deep Lake Vostok revealed thousands of modern species that "usually live in ocean or lake sediments", said Bowling Green State University biology professor Scott Rogers. On the air in 2012, Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart and Fred Williams confidentially predicted that evolutionists would not find 15 million years worth of evolution in Lake Vostok.
- 2013 asteroid prediction: on Feb. 8, Bob Enyart and flood expert Kevin Lea predicted that one day asteroids will be shown to have greater-than-expected debris fields orbiting them. Four months later the 1.7-mile-wide asteroid "QE2" passed the Earth at a distance of 3.6 million miles with its own moon in tow! And then on January 27, 2015, NASA announced that the 1,100-foot asteroid "2004 BL86" passed the Earth with its own 230-foot diameter moon in tow. [added here in 2015]
2014 dinosaur prediction: Dinosaur (and other "ancient") soft tissue will be found not only in rare circumstances, but rather easily, i.e., when looked for. CONFIRMED in May 2015! See above from the journal Science regarding finding soft tissue in six of eight bones which "suggests that soft tissue preservation may be more common than anyone had guessed. 'It's encouraging,' especially because the proteins were found in what appear to be the most unremarkable, ordinary bones..." 2018 Confirmation: "Nacre [Mother of Pearl] preservation does not represent an extreme or rare quality of preservation; therefore, the [66My] organic compounds observed in the interprismatic matrix may prove to be relatively common among fossil mollusk shells with nacre."
More single-genome orfan genes will be found than "related, evolutionary" genes. [RSR added this prediction to our "confirmed" list in Dec. 2016.] This prediction, which flatly contradicts evolutionary theory, was added to this written show summary on June 11, 2014. Soon thereafter Bob Enyart turned this prediction into a bet with molecular biologist Matthew Cserhati (with CMI as of March 2019). On Oct. 22, 2016 at a meeting in Omaha this biologist acknowledged the trend of the data and conceded the bet. [By 2020 RSR expects the literature will more openly acknowledge this increasingly obvious trend.]
- 2014 solar system prediction: A partial confirmation of our RSR prediction of more discoveries of biological matter in space occurred six months later when an astronaut collected sea plankton from the outside of the International Space Station and a full confirmation occurred in 2020 when scientists discovered protein in a meteorite.
2014 geologic column prediction: As noted above, RSR predicted that original dinosaur and other soft tissue will be found largely independent of the claimed age of the fossil, which was spectacularly reconfirmed in June 2016 when the journal Nature Communications reported the discovery of original biological material in Gunflint chert allegedly from 1.88 billion years ago in the Proterozoic "Eon" (i.e., layer). Our prediction was first confirmed in 2014 through a paper in the Journal of Paleontology reporting the discovery of original soft tissue in Precambrian fossilized "beard worms" that are allegedly 530 million years old. 
- Claims of sightings of alien beings and actual alien spaceships (as contrasted with just lights in the distance, or even radar blips)  will diminish as video cell phones multiply. (Apparently, most aliens travel thousands of light years to get here so that they can disembowel cattle, make crop circles, and fly over Phoenix. Then, being introverts, they leave.) Feb. 2017 Update: Regarding reported UFOs, there are huge spikes around July 4th each year but the "spotting of flying saucers has been on the downturn" dropping from around 50% of all UFO sightings for decades to now less than 25% (as compared to just sighting some light in the sky).

Dec. 2017 Alien Update: "The National UFO Reporting Center... logged a total of 4,655 sightings in 2017, down from the 2016 total of 5,619." [Note: First, this prediction is not about blips of light. Secondly, just as RSR rejects that UFOs represent aliens, we also reject that they represent demonic activity. The Bible describes some demonic activity during the history of the Old Testament. However, the Scriptures do not present a single case of demon possession or exorcism throughout all those thousands of years prior to the New Testament. We note that this important overview-type observation about exorcism is virtually never shared by those teachers who claim that demons can physically intervene today.] 2020 Update: After Elon Musk in 2019 began launching Starlink satellites, the expected uptick occurred in "points of light UFO sightings", but not in reportings of alien interactions, anal probes, flying saucers, etc.
- 2015 lunar signs prediction: In April RSR predicted, in our program exposing the Blood Moon prophecy fad the failure of those claims popularized by televangelist John Hagee and originated by Pastor Mark Biltz. Basic astronomy explains why lunar eclipses occur in the Spring and Fall, and on Hebrew feast days which themselves are set based on the moon's orbit. Also, the claimed "signs" are typically not even visible in Jerusalem; they didn't fall on the 1492 and 1948 years that Rev. Hagee claimed they fell on; and one eclipse hyped by Pastor Biltz was visible only to the few folks living on a couple islands along the arctic circle. Astronomer Danny Faulkner joins Bob for the last segment of the program. Regarding other prophesy-based predictions, as biblical literalists, we know that Jesus will return to judge the earth. But at the same time, we expose systematic errors in the End Times interpretation of popular authors. See for example our interview with The Harbinger's Jonathan Kahn and you can subscribe to Bob Enyart's Sermons and Classic Sermons at Denver Bible Church to hear the End Times portion of the 2016 series What We Believe and Why We Believe It.
- 2016 Out-of-Babel vs. Out-of-Africa DNA prediction: A major 2017 confirmation of RSR's prediction, published right here on this page (see below) and captured in July 2016 by the Internet's, is the journal Nature Communications study showing that the genome of ancient Egyptians (from about the time of Joshua until 2400 years ago) was heavily Middle Eastern (Babel/Mesopotamia, Ararat/Anatolia, Canaan/Philistia) and only many centuries later significantly infused by sub-Saharan DNA. This discovery may help return scholarship to its roots in that, "The Mesopotamian Valley is the cradle of civilization." For this pattern of genetic dissemination contradicts the prediction of the materialist Out-of-Africa model and yet, of course, is consistent with Genesis and our actual Out-of-Babel history. See this at and
- 2017 Asteroid Florence may have one or two moons, said on air during her flyby. Five days later, NASA announced and the science media headlines reported, "Asteroid Florence has Two Moons". [Florence and the previous Babel RSR predictions are the most recently added to our "confirmed" list.]

* The Bill Nye & Neil deGrasse Tyson Irony: When Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson said recently that creationists cannot make scientific predictions that would be later confirmed, ironically, they helped to publicize the many astounding confirmed predictions of creation scientists! They also helped make our very own Real Science Radio program more discoverable to the general public. UPDATE: For when searching the web for: creation science predictions, Google ranks our own program, RSR's List of Creation Science Predictions, at #1 of 1.2 million pages!

Many confirmed creationist predictions flow from understanding the global flood. So we recommend this book & these videos!
Understanding the world, we can make reliable science predictions! 

* Other Creationist Predictions Confirmed: In addition to Walt Brown's confirmed predictions (below) of pooled water under mountains, salt on Mars, asteroids being low-density rock piles, and carbon-14 in million-year-old bones, Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis lists many other confirmed predictions including:
- the approximate strengths and decay rates of the magnetic fields of Mercury, Neptune, and Uranus
- the millions of years worth of accumulated dust on the Moon feared by NASA and Old Earthers which would not exist  
- the detailed published prediction, powerfully contrary to old-earth expectations, of the amount of helium retained in allegedly billion-year-old zircon crystals
- Neanderthal are not another species but are human beings (Homo sapiens), as per Jack Cuozzo for example in 1979, which was then confirmed by analysis of their speech apparatus and again when their sequenced genome showed that the Neanderthal were genetically closer to you, the reader, than a chimp is to another chimp (within the same species of chimp no less)
- In 2014 we reported at that creationist work "suggests that today's Homo sapiens age much more quickly than did human beings from a few millennia ago." In September 2017 the journal Science reports that while spinal "bones tend to fuse by the time children reach the age of six", for a 7-year-old Neanderthal, "the small bones forming the boy's backbone were not fused." Also, by the time a modern child's brain reaches "95% the size of an adult's", unlike fast growing ape brains, the Neanderthal's brain has only reached "87.5% of the size of an average adult Neanderthal". While creationists expect this, to evolutionists like the team lead Antonio Rosas, "It was a surprise." 
- the distribution and volume of polonium halos, created by radioactive decay, in sandstone deposits.
Finally, to reiterate, many confirmed creationist predictions were inherent in the work of many of the greatest fathers of the physical sciences, like Kepler, Newton, and Kelvin, who were motivated by their creationist worldview.

* Obvious Implications/Predictions of Young Earth Creationism: Whether or not any creation scientist ever got around to framing these as explicit predictions, here are a few obvious implications of biblical creationism.
- In a big picture and sweeping manner, genetic sequences will not adhere to the tree of life concept
- Darwin's Tree of Life (the name lifted from Genesis) will fail in countless crucial ways as a predictive tool
- Genesis taken literally predicts unexpected worldwide Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA similarity and genetic research will continue to rediscover the history of Genesis (see with Jews and Arabs descended from Abraham, the discovery of mitochondrial Eve, Y chromosomal Adam, the overall genetic bottleneck of the flood, mankind's distribution from Babel (not Out-of-Africa), and the Jewish priestly genetic marker (from the book of Exodus). Secular research consistent with Scripture for example includes the papers in Nature and Science calculating that most of mankind's genetic diversity arose not in an alleged million-year evolutionary timeframe but rather, in historical (i.e. biblical) times.
- Mutational evidence of ancient inbreeding parallels the history reported in Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus. Thus, a 2017 study in Science found that Neanderthals had been inbreeding but as they mated and merged into other ethnic groups this practice was shunned. (See for when and why God prohibited marriage between close relatives and for those post-flood ancients who had lengthy lifespans.)
- Astronomy discoveries will not generally fulfill predictions of the big bang (as documented through the year 2016 at, including for example regarding antimatter, elemental abundances, monopoles, the CMB, and that nearby galaxies will not show greater maturity or clustering as compared to the most distant galaxies.
- The non-existent Oort Cloud, claimed source of comets, will never be found regardless of repeated outer-solar-system missions.
- The non-existent Planet X (aka Planet Nine, estimated to be up to 15 times the mass of the Earth), claimed explanation for the orbits of the TNOs (trans-Neptunian objects), will never be found.
- By 2030, as predicted by a famed Bible teacher and agreed to by RSR, neo-Darwinism "will be abandoned as just one of the many theories that's left along the wreckage of the highway of time" as reported at
- As a general theme of biblical creation predictions, bone was always bone, eyes were always eyes, echolocation was always echolocation, etc., such that RSR predicts that this will be evinced powerfully by continued paleontological discoveries. For example, a 2007 paper in the Journal of Paleontology reported that the "oldest" bone fossil (allegedly 360 Mya) discovered from the "late" (i.e., upper strata) Devonian already had sophisticated bone features that we find in living creatures today. Teeth too.
- Presence of modern bacteria, etc. in "ancient" fossils (like in these allegedly 220 million year old microbes). 
- Greater depression exist among the children of homosexual parents, as documented in Invisible Victims: Delayed Onset Depression among Adults with Same-Sex Parents. This paper broke the trend of the previous overly biased studies which interviewed only the "parents" to instead actually interview the children. These results confirm the truth of Jesus' young-earth statement that, not after billions of years but, "from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female" (Mark 10:6).
Please Help: If you come across a source that makes any such creationist prediction, please send that along to Thanks!  

* Our Favorite Scientist's Predictions: Dr. Walt Brown earned his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from MIT. See his many creationist predictions and those already fulfilled, including:
You just might love watching Bob Enyart's full-length Global Flood video!- pooled water under mountains (confirmed)
- many fossilized whales at the base of Andes
- deep channels under the Bosporus & Gibraltar (confirmed)
- Earth is shrinking
- granite layer deep under Pacific floor  (confirmed)
- sequence of ages wrong for Hawaiian islands
- Grand Canyon’s inner gorge is a tension crack
- no fossils, coal, or strata below frozen mammoths
Earth's inner core’s rotational speed is slowing far faster than secular geology predicts
- salt on Mars (confirmed)
- mass of solar system heavier than expected
- excess heavy hydrogen in very deep water
- Oort cloud does not exist
- no incoming hyperbolic comets (see for the discovery of apparent hyperbolic objects)
- asteroids are low-density flying rock piles (confirmed; and again in 2014)
- rocks on asteroids and comets are rounded (confirmed in 2014 )
- asteroid rocks are magnetized
- water is inside large asteroids (confirmed in 2014)
- little radioactivity on Moon, Mars
- carbon-14 in “old” bones (confirmed)
- and all the WWB discoveries (confirmed; see just below)

Zelandia, a continent larger than India, found submerged in the Pacific...
Zealandia, the submerged continent larger than India, testifies to the Hydroplate Theory.

* All Scientists Work for Walt Brown: (See this also at From our All Scientists Work for Walt Brown file, interestingly, Maria Zuber, principal investigator for NASA's GRAIL mission, said, "It was known that planets were battered by impacts, but nobody had envisioned that the [Moon’s] crust was so beaten up." Nobody, that is, except for Dr. Brown.

* WWB Discoveries: It's pronounced a doubya-doubya-bee discovery, Workin' for Walt Brown! Once you've learned the major outlines of the fountains-of-the-great-deep (hydroplate theory) flood model, you'll notice that constantly, scientists make amazing discoveries that were foreseeable by, and help to confirm, Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory! So we call these finds WWB Discoveries. And see below how we sometimes mark them by planting a "Walt Brown was here" sign! 

* Missing Crust in the Atlantic: This statement, All Scientists Work for Walt Brown, appears in our best-selling flood video and we may have first uttered it in 2007 when the BBC reported the discovery of the missing crust in the Atlantic, unexpected by plate tectonics advocates but a confirmation of a requirement of the Hydroplate Theory.

* ZEALANDIA -- The Sunken Continent in the Pacific: Then on the other side of the globe in 2017, researchers documented the existence of Zelandia, another WWB discovery (Workin' for Walt Brown)! The Geological Society of America published (see their Flip PDF) the finding, which is overtly consistent with and explained by the HPT, of an almost completely submerged continent in the Pacific Ocean larger than the sub-continent of India which researchers called Zealandia. One of the arguments against the HPT by creation geophysicist John Baumgardner is his invalidated claim that there is an "unmistakable absence of any thick layer of granitic crust in the Pacific basin." Zealandia and additional examples of peer-reviewed discoveries of "unexpected" continental crust beneath the Pacific and Indian Oceans falsify this particular argument. We will update our Retracted Objections section below if Dr. Baumgardner withdraws this criticism.

* Another WWB Discovery -- Comet 67P: The confirmation of yet another astounding HPT science prediction came in January 2015 when Enyart interviewed Dr. Walt Brown about the high-resolution images of Comet 67P just released by the European Space Agency along with the assessment of their scientists regarding the Walt Brown was here sign on Comet 67p.unexpectedly (to them) large rounded boulders (up to 10-feet in diameter) that they photographed that may be the comet's building blocks! This interview presents this latest discovery which, though it has shocked so many secular astronomers, has confirmed Walt Brown's specific prediction, published 13 years ago in the 7th Edition of his book In the Beginning, about the composition of comets. See more at

* Landslide Filmed on Comet 67P: In a related story and now added to our RSR's List of the Solar System's Transient Events, the European Space Agency has filmed an actual landslide on Comet 67P. Just like every planet and all the other kinds of bodies in the solar system, this allegedly four billion year-old flying pile of rounded boulders produces transient events, that is, passing phenomena, like 67P's landslide and outgassing oxygen, that would be unexpected to see on billion-year-old objects. As for this landslide, of course stable cliffs are not easily built with rounded boulders, so happening to film a landslide as it happens is not shocking, as it is to old-earthers, but expected, as it is to students of the hydroplate theory!

* Another WWB Discovery: Lightning Produces Radioisotopes: In November 2017, the journal Nature reported that lightning storms "trigger atmospheric photonuclear reactions" that produce isotopes. In 2010 Dr. Brown published his Radioactivity theory including references to little noticed research showing that atmospheric lightning produces radioisotopes (and also explains the Oklo Natural "Reactor").

"Walt Brown  was here" sign on pier during lightning strike as scientists discover lightning produces radioisotopes
2017 Science Headlines: Lightning produces radioisotopes. (See ITB since 2010.) 

* Walt Brown's Origin of Comets Chapter includes Pluto: Yet another WWB discovery on Pluto! Since 2002 the Hydroplate Theory has identified the origin of comets in the fountains of the great deep. Since 2014 Walt Brown has expanded that to include Pluto and the other TNOs (trans-Neptunian objects). Now in 2018, NASA data has been interpreted by mainstream astronomers to conclude that Pluto may be simply an enormous comet. All scientists work for Walt Brown! 

An image of Pluto with a "Walt Brown was here" sign on it's surface, indicating Walt's insights on its formation.

* The Colossal Failed Predictions of the Big Bang and Darwinism:
- the stunning failed predictions of the big bang theory at (or just Google: big bang predictions; Google ranks RSR's article #1)
- the 2015 paper in the journal Science on the failed expectation that predator populations would increase with prey
- the 22 fundamental Darwinian predictions that failed as compiled by ID advocate Cornelius Hunter
- Darwin (and evolutionists today) unable to differentiate between predictions of evolution from those of design
- the failed though entertaining politically correct science predictions compiled by Michael Crichton and RSR
The materialist worldview is failing everywhere. For example, while Richard Dawkins says that "Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist", in reality, after 150 years of expectations, as listed in Bob's theistic evolution presentation in Malibu, the atheists do not even HAVE a theory of origins for anyone to side with:

* If You Recall this Prediction: Perhaps around the year 2000, Bob Enyart began predicting that it will be possible to send an ACTUAL (biological) virus over the Internet. By 2015, 3D printers were all the rage. In 2019, UC Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore's dramatic advance in 3D printing has them expecting within a decade to print "living" human tissue. At that point our prediction from the year 2000 will come closer to fulfillment, of being able to send an actual living organism over the web. (If it doesn't immediately occur to you how that would be done, just think about it for a few minutes.) If you have a link to a show or remember a program in which Bob made this prediction, let us know, at

* RSR's LIST Shows: Select programs from
RSR's List of Not So Old Things
- List of Evidence Against the Big Bang
- List of Big Bang Predictions (try Googling those 3 words!)
- List of Fine Tuning Evidence
- List of Scholars Doubting Darwin
- List of Creation Science Predictions (this very show; just click on the Play icon above)
- List of Solar System Formation Problems
- List of Carbon 14 Everywhere it Shouldn't Be
- List of Dinosaur Soft Tissue Discoveries
- List of Proofs for the Genius of Ancient Man
- List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit
- List of Solar System Transient Events
- List of Whale Evolution Problems

Get Dr. Carl Werner's FABULOUS video exposing the illusions of evolution!Today’s Resource: Get the fabulous Carl Werner DVD Evolution: The Grand Experiment! in which Dr. Werner evaluates a major prediction of evolution. You'll also love the great sequel: Living Fossils! And have you browsed through our Science Department in the KGOV Store? Check out especially Walt Brown’s In the Beginning and Bob’s interviews with this great scientist in our Hydroplate Theory On the Air series of radio programs!

* Many Fathers of the Natural Sciences Rejected Naturalistic Origins: The following list falsifies primary claims of evolutionists, including that belief in creation is a "science stopper" and that only uneducated people believe in creation. For, many leading fathers of the physical sciences, both before and after Darwin, rejected atheistic origins, including Copernicus, Bacon, Kepler, Galileo, Pascal, Boyle, Newton, Cuvier, Dalton before, and after Darwin including Faraday, Pasteur, Joule, Kelvin, Lister, Carver, all of whom advocated for special creation. For more about these creationist giants of science and on how this list falsifies typical atheistic claims, see!

* Meanwhile: At, see a couple examples of the failed predictions of popular evolutionists.


* Other Predictions and Honorable Mentions:
- Obamacare Prediction: In 2009, when Barack Obama said that Obamacare would not provide coverage for illegal aliens and that it would not pay for abortion, Bob Enyart immediately predicted on air and in the written show summary, "Obamacare to pay for abortion for illegal aliens. And you can take that to the bailed-out bank." This BEL prediction was confirmed by 2015 from the Office of Refugee Resettlement, HHS Confirms Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Children in U.S. Will Have Access to Abortion, with such children considered refugees and therefore eligible for the Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obamacare), etc."
- Obama vs. Republican Spending: BEL frequently points out that since WWII Republicans have always outspent Democrats including on social programs. During Obama's then-record spending spree, Enyart frequently said, "Don't tell Obama what comes after a trillion!" And later in Obama's reign would add, "It seems impossible that a Republican administration can possibly keep up their party's record and outspend Obama. But, we have faith in the Republican Party!" 2019 Confirmation...

Drudge Headline Trump spending 13% higher than Obama's (3% adjusted for inflation)
Nov. 2019: 3% adjusted for inflation. (Faith in the re-publican party)

- Drop in Cancer Mortality: In March of 2017 based on the targeted antibody immunotherapy cancer treatment revolution, RSR predicts that cancer, which has long been the second leading cause of death in the U.S. (nearly 600,000 deaths annually), will drop below stroke, which is the current fifth leading cause of death (about 130,000 deaths) by the year 2025.  (2018 Update: Cancer mortality drops by 1.7%.) See more at And actually, the CDC is wrong about the first leading cause of death which they report as heart disease at 614,000 deaths in 2014 whereas actually, as per the Trump Exceptions Calculator, abortion is the leading cause of death with more than 1.3 million children killed annually.
- PBA "Ban" Would Not Stop Any Killing: Captured on video seven days after the U.S. Supreme Court's 2007 partial-birth abortion ruling, Bob Enyart spoke to a packed house in the Supreme Court chambers of the Colorado State Capitol. He also wrote that week in his analysis of their opinion that National Right To Life's partial-birth abortion "ban" provided no legal authority to stop the killing of even a single unborn child. (After Bob's desperate threat of a class-action lawsuit against Focus on the Family for fraudulent fundraising, Dr. James Dobson was forced to admit in a national publication to his supporters, "Ending partial-birth abortion... does not save a single human life.") Flatly contrary to the vast public consensus, our PBA prediction completely contradicted the abortion industry's apoplexy and the "pro-life" movement's elation. Ten years later, in 2017, a 3-minute Center for Medical Progress undercover video captured a Planned Parenthood director explaining how they kill a partially-delivered intact baby in compliance with the (immoral, "pro-life") PBA law. As abortionist Ann Schutt-Aine said, she uses, "a second set of forceps to hold the body at the cervix, and pull off a leg, or two, so it's not PBA." This is exactly, verbatim, what Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Anthony Kennedy, Samuel Alito, and John Roberts suggested that abortionists do. For their opinion statesFirst remove a portion, an arm or leg, of the fetus. That of course will both kill the child and comply with the PBA law. Focus on the Family, the bishops of the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops), National RTL, etc., all misrepresented these justices as pro-life when in fact they agree with the central claim of Roe v. Wade that the unborn child does not have a right to life and so the government may regulate the killing of that child. Thus, upholding NRTL's fraudulent PBA "ban", the Gonzales v. Carhart ruling itself was a virtual manual describing the "legal" methods to perform a late-term abortion.
- Michael Vick: In 2007 Bob told the Colorado Springs Independent that the national outrage over animal cruelty would greatly surpass that for something as brutal as partial-birth abortion, confirmed days later by the Michael Vick dogfighting indictment. This is in Honorable mentions until we get the exact date of this interview and reconfirm that it was conducted prior to the Vick news breaking.
- Y2K Millennial Bug Humor: In the late 1990s when many right wingers (and some left-wing kooks) were afraid the world would end and Jesus would return on a computer bug, on TV in 80 cities nightly Bob was selling his Y2K Survival Kit. For $499 at exactly midnight on Dec. 31, 1999 it would cut the power to your house, so that your wife wouldn't think that you were a nut. And for another $500 bucks the premium solution would also cut your water.
- Space Force: The Trump administration announced plans to create a sixth branch of the military, the space force. On a Joe Rogan podcast in August 2018 the ( Neil deGrasse Tyson reminded folks that he had recommended the same thing back in 2001. BEL recommended the same in our popular broadcast "100 Day Plan" in 1993.
- In the 1990s on what we now call the BEL Televised Classics, having left his computing career (as a network program manager for Microsoft in Redmond, a senior technical analyst for PC Week, and a programmer at McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company and the US West phone company) Bob warned on air that computer viruses were not only annoyances but that they could actually kill people, as a proximate cause of death. Two decades later, the media has finally widely acknowledged that a virus, for example the WannaCry ransomware threat, "could cost lives."
- Jonathan Cahn: In Bob's 2013 interview with end-times guru Jonathan Cahn (see and in that program's written show summary, Bob argued that Cahn's last-days reasoning was defective. If Cahn had considered Enyart's argument, he could have avoided the embarrassment and error of his prediction that the U.S. would suffer a great economic collapse in 2015.
1997 Dawkins assessment: BEL made an uncannily accurate assessment, flatly contrary to popular opinion and yet spot-on, that the world's most popular evolutionist, Richard Dawkins, was writing bestselling books that contained no actual evidence for evolution but that only assumed the truth of Darwinism. (See Dawkins himself admit this in the video above.)
- Through the 1990s Bob Enyart frequently said on air about the typical man's revulsion to seeing homosexual affection, "Thank God for the gag reflex. It helps protect us from eating maggots and accepting homosexuality." Fast-forward to 2017 when the journal Psychology & Sexuality reported on a study funded by a pro-homosexual organization that straight men, as measured in their salivary α-amylase enzymes, have the same "disgusted" physiological response to homosexual displays of affection as they do to a bucket of maggots.
- In the mid 1990s when the media would merely lament increasing traffic problems, Bob Enyart on air would recommend a solution, describing a transportation system that combines the benefits of rapid mass transit with the individuality of using your own vehicle. This concept would enable the public to drive their own vehicle onto a high-speed transportation service that would optionally run as a lane of existing highways. In the early 2010s, Bob sent a letter to Elon Musk describing this system. In 2013 Musk announced a related concept, the hyperloop. And in early 2017 he began implementing another system even closer to Bob's proposal, but via tunnels under crowded Los Angeles. Then in late 2017, a former engineer of another Musk firm, Space X, is the lead designer of the Denver-to-Boulder test system which will carry and accelerate private automobiles to 200 miles per hour in a designated lane along the Boulder Turnpike. The entire page is designed to show that a biblical, Christian worldview can lead to an extremely high percentage of valid insights and confirmed predictions.
- John Roberts: In 2005 Bob Enyart issued a press release warning Christian pro-life leaders they should drop their support for George W. Bush's Robert's nomination. By 2020, all of our warnings have sadly come to fruition.  
- In the mid 1990s, writing in The Plot, Bob Enyart began teaching that Ezekiel 31 reveals that there was a drought prior to the global flood. (Hear this in The Tree DVD, or in The Tree audio, or in chapter 8 of The Plot book.) Twenty years later on video at, Bob questioned Dr. John Morris, president of the Institute for Creation Research, about evidence he related from his  latest book regarding drought-like conditions apparent from the distressed last seven growth rings in petrified wood found in the U.S. Southwest.