SETI; Metagenomics Prediction; Polystrates; and Another WWB Discovery!

SETI photo of their radio telescopes

* SETI's Latest Report: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams summarize, in about six seconds, the latest big report out of SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), and in about sixty seconds, they expose the dishonesty of the thousands of atheist scientists who claim that evidence of intelligence can be identified if coming from aliens, but not if coming from a designer.

* An RSR Metagenomics Prediction: The guys also make a prediction from the relatively new field of metagenomics, whereby researchers analyze disembodied DNA scattered throughout geological and archaeological sediments.

* Announcing an Upcoming RSR (Polystrate) List Show: Bob and Fred announce their planned program, RSR's List of the Kinds of Polystrate Fossils. 2020 Update: See that great series and fabulous article at

* Another WWB Discovery: The latest WWB  (Workin' for Walt Brown) discovery comes from core samples extracted from submerged portions of Zealandia, the recently discovered eighth continent larger than the Indian subcontinent. The samples from this mostly submerged  continent include fossils of land animals, corroborating both Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory and also Zealandia's discoverers in their estimation that it indeed is a submerged continent. All Scientists Work for Walt Brown. The HPT of the global flood explains why the original crust in the Pacific region subsided (sunk rapidly) into the Earth as the mantle under today's Atlantic region rose up.

photo of a package of a living drug for childhood leukemia

Living Drug: Targeted Antibodies for Childhood Leukemia

* Revolution in Cancer Treatment Proceeds: Bob and Fred report that the FDA approved another immune-system cancer drug. (BEL reported this back when it happened on August 30 but RSR hadn't mentioned it yet.) Novartis' Kymriah treats children and young people with acute leukemia. See more at and see there all the cancers already being successfully treated. Evolution has been a science stopper countless times over. Like Richard Dawkins conceitedly saying that the human eye is poorly designed (, Darwinists taught that our immune system was just kludged together by random mutations that just by chance improved our survivability. How many patients succumbed to this cruel disease, one wonders, because evolutionary influence inclined most of the scientific community to ignore the early cancer immunology success indicators?

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Bonus: Origin of Earth's Radioactivity 

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