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* A Homosexual Called Into Bob Enyart's Talk Show: Back when a Nashville homosexual called in to BEL, this happened...

* Get the Full Video: Shortly after this call, Terry Johnston from Knoxville died of AIDS in Kansas en route to Denver to attend Bob's church and to be cared for by its members. If you are homosexual, we invite you to request a free copy of the full Terry's Call DVD. Just write to us at:
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* From BEL's "Select Threads" List: Over at kgov.com/select-threads we include a link to a Denver Post forum discussing National Public Radio's 2012 lawsuit against Bob Enyart Live. Here's a peak at that thread:

Postby BobEnyart on December 3rd, 2012, 1:32 pm #2773942

domino wrote: Enyart... used to read obits and laugh at people who died from AIDS.
Hi domino, I don't recall that. And as a general rule (excepting the victims of murderers like Hitler, etc., who see the death of their tormentors and might then react with a spontaneous glee) I do condemn anyone, including myself if I ever did, who would laugh at someone who dies, including homosexuals who die of AIDS.

When the producer of the nation's first-ever homosexual TV program, Denver's Lambda Report, was dying of AIDS, another producer, Karen Morrissey (who I think was actually a guy), called me and asked me to pray for friend John Hackney, because we all knew each other and it was known that I cared for both of them. We have a DVD which shows Terry Johnston, a homosexual from Knoxville TN, who was dying of AIDS, who prayed to become a Christian and my wife and I sent him money to move to Denver to attend our church, but tragically, he died on the way.

Domino, isn't it your acceptance and promotion of homosexuality, a perverse and unhealthy lifestyle, that has led to the tortured death of millions of sufferers? It's not the Judeao-Christian condemnation of homosexuality that has killed millions; it's your support of it that has.

Contrary to your characterization to my past statements, I recall urgently trying to correct the misinformation put out by the CDC, the media, and the homosexual community, about their false claim that AIDS was not a homosexual disease. Of course it was a homosexual disease. And the Centers for Disease Control & P today agree with me. What they were doing was as hateful and cruel as if people said that lung cancer was not a smoker's disease. Today, my warning has been utterly vindicated; that HIV is not a mainstream health risk but primarily suffered by homosexuals, and then those who get second-hand HIV infections. That gave a false sense of security to countless thousands of young people, who are dead today, in part because they were lied to, and the actual scientific evidence of the spread of the disease was politicized and twisted, to their detriment.

If I had that fight to do all over again, yes, I would change some of the tactics I used. However, when young people are running toward a cliff, and adults are cheering them and speeding them on, it's pretty difficult when you're trying to shout out a warning for them to avoid destruction. So, the message and the motive was valid as best I can tell, although (while we did save some thousands from that kind of destruction), the tactics overall, failed.

-Bob Enyart

Re: Article Discussion: Arvada pastor and radio host's "Real Sci

Postby BobEnyart on December 3rd, 2012, 1:19 pm #2773925

RobtF777 wrote: Bob Enyart has his faults...
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