Hydroplate Theory, Global Flood, and Dr. Walt Brown

[Updated Jan. 5, 2020] * Do You Know About the Extensive Evidence for the Global Flood? Welcome! You have arrived at Real Science Radio's landing page that will introduce you to our resources on the global flood. RSR has been convinced of the accuracy and the predictive and explanatory power of Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory. We refer to the HPT also as the fountains-of-the-great-deep flood model. Our resources include:

- A full version of Dr. Brown's website right here at hpt.rsr.org 
- A flip book of his best-selling In the Beginning
- Our full HPT flood video from our YouTube channel embedded just below
- Evidence that corroborates the global flood (two lists: for atheists and for Christians)
Walt Brown's In the Beginning- The strongest contrary evidence RSR has identified to the HPT
- That all scientists work for Walt Brown (Zelandia, comets, lightning, etc.)
- Science predictions based on the hydroplate theory
- Discussion of the Vapor Canopy Theory and Catastrophic Plate Tectonics
- Bible verses uniquely supporting various flood models (HPTVCTCPT)
- Physical features that require a biblical and scientific explanation (HPTVCTCPT)
- The HPT Special book and videos for purchase
- A list of all of our RSR interviews with Dr. Brown and other HPT experts
- A list of RSR's CPT rebuttal programs
- A list of answers to HPT objections in RSR's continuing series
- Walt Brown's beautiful, In the Beginning (HPT) hardcover full-color book
- A free pdf of Dr. Brown's in-progress 9th Edition updated 6/8/19
- The answer to how the Grand Canyon formed
Search the 9th Edition of Walt Brown's In the Beginning- Search the draft 9th Edition of ITB
- In the days of Peleg "the Earth was divided"
- RSR's best-selling full-length HPT video on Blu-ray and DVD
- The stunning Google rankings for (RSR and) Walt's work
- And a few other gems!

* Sequence of Events chart for Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory: From the pdf of In the Beginning, the 9th Edition. (RSR reports on many of these particulars. See for example rsr.org/compression-event.)

Sequence of Events chart for Walt Brown's hydroplate theory for the global flood
ITB has chapters on each red consequence.

* The Hydroplate Theory Explained on Today's Radio Show: Click to hear today's radio program about the global flood. RSR's Bob Enyart interviews Dr. Walt Brown addressing many observations from the physical sciences related to the flood of Noah's day. To get our best-selling video:

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Real Science Radio co-host Bob Enyart presents the scientific evidence for Dr. Walt Brown’s model of the global flood, along with the relevant biblical material. Enyart also discusses Brown's opponents and contrasts both the vapor canopy and catastrophic plate tectonics with the hydroplate theory.

DVD Vol. 1
1. Walt Brown, Creation Leaders, and Scripture
2. Hydroplate Theory & Scientific Evidence

DVD Vol. 2
3. Hydroplates vs. Plate Tectonics
Bonus: Origin of Earth's Radioactivity

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Walt Brown's In the Beginning* Today's Radio Show Topics: Dr. Brown joins Real Science Radio today to discuss topics from his best-selling book to help us understand:
- that the continents do not fit together well against each other, as presented in the Pangea hypothesis, unless you shrink Africa by 30%, and make other dramatic manipulations.
- that the jigsaw shape of the continents does fit well against the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
- what formed the 40,000-mile long Mid-oceanic Ridge?
- that the Atlantic Ocean is relatively shallow, whereas the Pacific is relatively deep.
- what formed the deep Pacific trenches including the 36-thousand foot-deep Marianas Trench?
- that the fountains of the great deep launched the solar system's asteroids and comets.
- that Mars is not the source of Antarctica meteorites, but they were launched from Earth.
- that the debris launched from the Earth beat up the moon, which helps to explain why the near-side has suffered much greater impactors.
- that NASA discovered the earth-like composition of comets, including that they contain olivine, a very common class of Earth minerals, confirms an inherent prediction of Dr. Walt Brown's flood model.

* Contrary Evidence: The recently discovered interstellar objects (presumed to be interstellar primarily by the strong evidence of their hyperbolic orbits) provide the best evidence we know of against the Hydroplate Theory. If indeed they actually are interstellar objects, they would constitute strong evidence inconsistent with the theory. For dozens of other examples of potentially contrary evidence, please see the extremely informative comparison charts at the end of each of the chapters in Part II of Walt Brown's book, In the Beginning. (And please pray for RSR as we work toward bringing those charts online in a user-customizable way.) Now that the 8th Edition is out-of-print and going for more than $100 on Amazon, you can purchase your own very-expensive used copy at rsr.org/8th-edition. Or you can read online a flipbook version of the upcoming final 9th Edition or download your very own free 9th Edition PDF, all at hpt.rsr.org.

HPT listing in CRS' 2020 Creation Matters
Bob pasted a couple clips together

Screenshot of 17 reasons why plate subduction cannot happen* Catastrophic Plate Tectonics: At RSR, we document much evidence showing that the CPT flood model is an unbiblical and unscientific hypothesis. Consider these three arguments.
- Miracles. The leading proponents of this view, which is the creationist version of the secular "plate tectonics" (PT) theory,  base the theory upon a sequence of miracles. Click to see 15 minutes of our flood video that documents CPT's reliance on miracles, none of which are described in the Scriptures nor supported by the biblical narrative.
- Water. CPT has no obvious answer for the question, "Where did the water for the flood come from?" As a result, AiG, ICR, and CMI have begun to claim (tragically) that the "fountains of the great deep" were not fountains of water, but they were "the fountains of magma[?] of the great deep." (Just as importing the secular theory of evolution into Christianity has given the church a century of misdirection with theistic evolution, and as the secular "canopy theory" created a half-century dead end, likewise, importing Plate Tectonics into Genesis will hold back our biblical and scientific understanding of creation and the flood.)
- Subduction. Many of the same observations that refute PT also refute CPT including 17 reasons why plates cannot and have not subducted.
- Sediments. The sedimentary rocks that cover the continents are, on average, a mile thick. As the floodwaters eroded rock and the resulting sediments fell out of suspension, they began to insulate the surface of the continents from any further erosion. So once a hundred feet (or give CTP a thousand feet) of sediments have been deposited on the surface of the continents, that model cannot explain where the remaining sediments could possibly have come from. (And VCT, the vapor canopy theory, can't explain this either.) So, once the continents are being covered with sediments, what process would have continued to produce more sediments? And from what rock, where, will those sediments be eroded from?

Photo of sediments with text asking how could a flood erode a mile deep's worth
Click to see this argument against CPT.

For more see rsr.org/cpt. Also, below, see the Bible verses uniquely supporting various flood models (CPT or HPT) and the physical features that require a biblical and scientific understanding (explained by CPT or HPT).

* See RSR's COMPLETE Global Flood and Hydroplate Theory: New in 2018, we've made available online for free our full, best-selling flood video. (Also available on DVD & Blu-ray for sharing with friends. And to help underwrite making this more widely available, please consider a donation. Thanks so much!) We hope you enjoy this:

* In the Days of Peleg, the Earth was Divided: Our flood video from 1:44:33 to 1:47:40 describes Genesis 10:25 using sea level animation. The Bible states that in the days of Peleg, the "earth" was divided. The text could plausibly be interpreted to refer to the division of people or language, but most literally it indicates that "the earth" was divided. See also, Walt on Where the Water Went.

Zelandia, a continent larger than India, found submerged in the Pacific...
Zealandia, the submerged continent larger than India, testifies to the Hydroplate Theory.

* All Scientists Work for Walt Brown: From our All Scientists Work for Walt Brown file, interestingly, Maria Zuber, principal investigator for NASA's GRAIL mission, said, "It was known that planets were battered by impacts, but nobody had envisioned that the [Moon’s] crust was so beaten up." Nobody, that is, except for Dr. Brown. :)

* WWB Discoveries: (This section's link is rsr.org/hpt#wwb.) It's pronounced a doubya-doubya-bee discovery, Workin' for Walt Brown! Once you've learned the major outlines of the fountains-of-the-great-deep (hydroplate theory) flood model, you'll notice that constantly, scientists make amazing discoveries that were foreseeable by, and help to confirm, Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory! So we call these finds WWB Discoveries. See below how we sometimes mark them by planting a "Walt Brown was here" sign!

* Missing Crust in the Atlantic: This statement, All Scientists Work for Walt Brown, appears in our best-selling flood video and we may have first uttered it in 2007 when the BBC reported the discovery of the missing crust in the Atlantic, unexpected by plate tectonics advocates but a confirmation of a requirement of the Hydroplate Theory.

* ZEALANDIA -- The Sunken Continent in the Pacific: Then on the other side of the globe in 2017, researchers documented the existence of Zelandia, another WWB discovery (Workin' for Walt Brown)! The Geological Society of America published (see their Flip PDF) the finding, which is overtly consistent with and explained by the HPT, of an almost completely submerged continent in the Pacific Ocean larger than the sub-continent of India which researchers called Zealandia. One of the arguments against the HPT by creation geophysicist John Baumgardner is his invalidated claim that there is an "unmistakable absence of any thick layer of granitic crust in the Pacific basin." Zealandia and additional examples of peer-reviewed discoveries of "unexpected" continental crust beneath the Pacific and Indian Oceans falsify this particular argument. We will update our Retracted Objections section below if Dr. Baumgardner withdraws this criticism.

Walt Brown was here sign on Comet 67p.* Another WWB Discovery -- Comet 67P: The confirmation of yet another astounding HPT science prediction came in January 2015 when Enyart interviewed Dr. Walt Brown about the high-resolution images of Comet 67P just released by the European Space Agency along with the assessment of their scientists regarding the unexpectedly (to them) large rounded boulders (up to 10-feet in diameter) that they photographed that may be the comet's building blocks! This interview presents this latest discovery which, though it has shocked so many secular astronomers, has confirmed Walt Brown's specific prediction, published 13 years ago in the 7th Edition of his book In the Beginning, about the composition of comets. See more at rsr.org/predictions.

Astronaut in space station with Walt's book (on disc) In the Beginning
Walt Brown's book on the Int'l Space Station

* Landslide Filmed on Comet 67P: In a related story and now added to our RSR's List of Transient Events of the Solar System (TESS), the European Space Agency has filmed an actual landslide on Comet 67P. Just like every planet and all the other kinds of bodies in the solar system, this allegedly four-billion-year-old flying pile of rounded boulders produces transient events, that is, passing phenomena, like 67P's landslide and outgassing oxygen, that would be unexpected to see on billion-year-old objects. As for this landslide, of course stable cliffs are not easily built with rounded boulders, so happening to film a landslide as it happens is not shocking, as it is to old-earthers, but expected, as it is to students of the hydroplate theory!

* NASA Finds Salt on Ceres! Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory predicts salt on asteroids, and Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt. Check out David Coppedge's overview of the discovery. (David is a fabulous science journalist on the board of Illustra Media.)

"Walt Brown  was here" sign on pier during lightning strike as scientists discover lightning produces radioisotopes
2017 Science Headlines: Lightning produces radioisotopes. (See ITB since 2010.) 


* Another WWB Discovery -- Lightning Produces Radioisotopes: In November 2017, the journal Nature reported that lightning storms "trigger atmospheric photonuclear reactions" that produce isotopes. In 2010 Dr. Brown published his Radioactivity theory including references to little-noticed research showing that atmospheric lightning produces radioisotopes (and also explains the Oklo Natural "Reactor"). See rsr.org/isotopes.

Another WWB Discovery: Diamonds in meteorites? Of course! From Earth and launched by the fountains of the great deep* Meteorite Minerals and Compounds, including diamonds, from Earth: See Walt Brown's Meteorites Return Home. "Meteorites containing diamonds, chondrules, salt crystals, water, limestone, DNA components, possible cellulose, sugars, living and fossil bacteria, terrestrial-like brines, excess left-handed amino acids, heavy hydrogen, and earthlike minerals, isotopes, and other components implicate Earth as their source—and the fountains of the great deep as the powerful launcher." Unlike elsewhere in the solar system, organisms on earth condense carbon molecules which then can be compressed into diamonds. Secular scientists appeal to a large planetary explosion. However, reasoning from cause to effect and from effect to cause both falisify this idea. The gravity of the mass of a large exploded planet would immediately collapse its fragments back upon themselves and reform the planet. Further, the solar system contains enough debris to form a small moon but not enough to account for a large planet, even when taking into account the impactors that have formed primary craters and the material that would burn up in the sun or escape its gravity. Therefore, neither anti-hydroplate creationists nor secular scientists should appeal to an exploding planet hypothesis to explain our current solar system.

* Walt Brown's Origin of Comets Chapter includes Pluto: Yet another WWB discovery on Pluto! Since 2002 the Hydroplate Theory has identified the origin of comets in the fountains of the great deep. Since 2014 Walt Brown has expanded that to include Pluto and the other TNOs (trans-Neptunian objects). Now in 2018, NASA data has been interpreted by mainstream astronomers to conclude that Pluto may be simply an enormous comet. All scientists work for Walt Brown!

An image of Pluto with a "Walt Brown was here" sign on it's surface, indicating Walt's insights on its formation.

TNO Snowman Ultima Thule: Walt Brown was here!* Walt Brown's Origin of Asteroids and TNOs: In 2019, a billion miles past Pluto NASA's New Horizon photographed yet another contact binary, Ultima Thule! Previously, regarding such binaries (or snowmen :) in a moment of candor NASA admitted that such "peanuts"  are mysteries. Mission scientist Donald Yeomans explained, "It's a major mystery how two objects each the size of skyscrapers could collide without blowing each other to smithereens. This is especially puzzling in a region of the solar system where gravitational forces would normally involve collision speeds of [4,500 mph]." All scientists work for Walt Brown!

* RSR's List of Answers to HPT Objections: Bob Enyart hosts a series of laser-focused programs discussing criticisms of Dr. Walt Brown's fountains-of-the-great-deep flood model. Called RSR's List of Answers to Hydroplate Objections, this continuing series (with eleven episodes so far) responds to geophysicist Dr. John Baumgardner, astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner, meteorologist Michael Oard, physicists Dr. Jonathan Sarfati and Dr. Don DeYoung, and others regarding criticisms of the HPT including:
- the "geometry problem"
- the "Pacific crust problem"
- the "linear crack problem"
- the origin of limestone
- the origin of Earth's dangerous radioactivity 
- the melting of the outer core as a mechanism for speeding up the Earth's rotation
- the ability of stresses to generate high voltages in granite
- the non-existence of a Pangea-like supercontinent of the early Earth
- the false accusation that Walt Brown sued ICR
- the evolution of creation leaders' opposition to Dr. Brown
- the use of miracles-on-demand in the competing plate tectonic theory
- the "missing shoreline and sediments" of Grand Lake
- the "heat problem".
Check it out! You just might LOVE this series. And see below for our Retracted Objections section 

* September 2015 UPDATE! NASA Finds Water on Mars: :) Regarding NASA's announcement of the discovery of water on Mars, just in time to promote the Hollywood film The Martian, we mention our radio program from ten years ago, Water on Mars, France on Drugs to illustrate this quote that appears on Dr. Walt Brown's website:

Discoveries of water on Mars are now so common that the subject has become the butt of jokes among planetary scientists: “Congratulations—you’ve discovered water on Mars for the 1,000th time!"

What is significant however is that Walt Brown predicted the presence of salt water on Mars, now confirmed! Further, water on Mars does not imply that life could have originated there, for that ubiquitous atheistic claim ignores basic science. Water can sustain life. Yet because water is the universal solvent, it relentlessly dissolves the biological compounds needed to form the most basic biological structures like amino acids and polymers. So, water sustains life, but it is the enemy of a materialistic origin of life.

* Discussion of Competing Flood Models: You can hear Bob Enyart and Jane Albright discuss HPT insights on the Vapor Canopy Theory and Catastrophic Plate Tectonics.

* Shared RSR Google Spreadsheets on Flood Models: Our List of Answers to HPT Objections includes two spreadsheets. Click these links or screenshots to see them at Google Docs and to see them being discussed click the video times below.
- Bible Material Uniquely Supporting Various Flood Models aka Flood Models & Bible Verses
- Physical Features Requiring Explanation and Flood Models aka Flood Models & Features to Explain.

Bible verses uniquely supportive of various flood modelsPhysical features requiring explanation and competing flood models

Bob discusses these two charts in RSR's flood video, at 2:06:00 for the Bible Verses chart and 3:06:45 for the Physical Features chart.

* Bryan Nickel's HPT YouTube Tutorials: You can hear Bob Enyart interview mechanical engineer Bryan Nickel on his HPT YouTube Tutorial Series and you can watch Part 1 right here:

Cover of the Jane Albright Audio Series on the Flood Model Controversy* Real Science Radio HPT Programs and Interviews:
- Walt Brown Week on evolution, HPT, grand canyon, etc.
Plate Tectonics: Subduction Does Not Happen
- Walt on Comet 67P's Rounded Boulders
- The Origin of Trans-Neptunian Objects
- Bryan Nickel on the Grand Canyon origin (its age, the river, flood runoff, initial conditions, and Grand Lake) 
- Bryan Nickel's HPT Tutorial YouTube Series
- Dr. Spencer, PhD in nuclear physics, on HPT objections
The 360-Day Year & 360dayyear.com
Jane Albright's Flood Model Controversy Series 
- CPT's Wrong: Magma Below Crossover Depth Sinks
- Did It Rain Before the Flood? (unexpected evidence for the HPT)
- Origin of Comets and Asteroids and see rsr.org/meteoroids
- Debrief of Walt's Glacier NP Geology Field Trip
Debrief of Walt's Grand Canyon Field Trip
- RSR on Frozen Mammoths
- Liquefaction Made Most of the Paper Thin Fossils
- How Earthquakes Gave Us a 365-Day Year
- List of Answers to Hydroplate Objections (listed above
Creation Science Predictions (many based on the hydroplate theory of the flood)
RSR's observation that "All scientists work for Walt Brown" comes from the last program in the above list, rsr.org/predictions#hpt defying Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson's claim that "Creationists cannot make scientific predictions based on the Bible." Ha!

* RSR's Catastrophic Plate Tectonics (CPT) Rebuttals:
Fountains of MAGMA (?) of the Great Deep. Huh?
Deep Magma Can't Rise: The Crossover Depth!
Hotspot Hypothesis Widely Discredited
Plate Tectonics: Subduction Doesn't Happen 
Plate Tectonics: Convection Doesn't Happen
- Catastrophic Plate Tectonics Miracles
- And see RSR.org/CPT, the Bible verses uniquely supporting various flood models (above), and the physical features crying out for a biblical and scientific explanation (above).

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RSR's Hydroplate Theory Special: a book and two video sets...

* The Original Walt Brown Week on RSR: originally aired on five consecutive programs:

RSR friend Mike Snavely's video on the origin of the Grand Canyon based on Walt Brown's model

Dr. Walt Brown on Evolution
Dr. Walt Brown on Hydroplates
Walt Brown on the Grand Canyon (see also rsr.org/gc)
Walt on Where the Water Went & Where it Came From
The Walt Brown Effect: Q&A

* Flood Programs with HPT expert Kevin Lea:
- Origin of Comets
- On Frozen Mammoths
- Liquefaction & Paper Thin Fossils
- Earthquakes Gave Us a 365-Day Year

* Get Walt's In-Progress 9th Edition in a PDF: You can get Walt's book, In the Beginning, in a handy pdf file right here at Real Science Radio. Just click on our rsr.org/9th-edition link for a free copy updated as of January 2019.

* HPT on Facebook: We invite you to visit and "like" facebook.com/Hydroplate.

Kevin Lea Presents the Hydroplate Theory: Pastor Kevin Lea of Port Orchard, Washington, has produced a great video overview of the HPT. You can see his HPT series on YouTube and Part 1 right here:

* Specifically About Today's Program: You can ask questions or make comments about this Walt Brown program, at TheologyOnline.com and see Dr. Brown's website creationscience.com! Also, we'd like to put a simple link here to enable folks to track changes to Walt's website, for example, possibly using GoogleReader; feel free to post about this on Facebook's Hydroplate page.

* In the Real Science Radio Studio: Dr. Walt Brown, the editor of RSR's GF&HPT video Tommy Stills of Indiana's Tommy Vance Productions, and RSR host Bob Enyart:

Walt Brown, editor of RSR's Hydroplate Theory video Tommy Stills, Bob Enyart

HPT RSR word cloud
HPT word cloud (click)

* Google's Highest-Ranking Origins Scientist is Dr. Walt Brown: The top ranking earned by Dr. Walt Brown for his creationscience.com website demonstrates the extraordinary accomplishment of providing scientific answers on origins to millions of people. On the following topics, check out the results by Googling these search terms:
 - origin of asteroids, you'll find Walt's powerful chapter ranked #1 of 2M!
 - origin of earth's radioactivity and Walt is ranked #1 of 400,000
 - origin of ocean trenches #4 of 1M
 - origin of frozen mammoths #3 of 1.5M
 - origin of trans-Neptunian objects #4 of 150k
 - origin of meteoroids #4 of 150k
 - origin of the grand canyon and Walt's #2 of 10M among extremely tough competition like Wikipedia,  LiveScience, National Park Service, and beating out all other creation ministries. And then there's this creationist search term:
 - creation evolution flood Walt's site is ranked #1 out of 14M web pages!

* Google Algorithm Ranks RSR Highly: Google's investment in the future of computing power, quantum computing, may give us an idea of the computational intensity of their current web page ranking system. By 2016, only two quantum computers had been purchased for "end-user" purposes. The first was purchased by Google in cooperation with NASA, and the second by USC. An article about quantum computing at usc.edu states, "Google... uses a page ranking algorithm that is rumored to be the largest numerical calculation carried out anywhere in the world." Consider also that scientific search terms are often especially competitive. Therefore, the 30 years of effective science and other reporting at Real Science Radio (and Bob Enyart Live) has earned us great "discoverability" and many #1 rankings. Link to this list with rsr.org/rankings:
- 2021 Update: These were accurate in 2020. Feel free to notify us at Bob@kgov.com if Google has down-ranked any of these.
- biomaterial fossils #1 out of millions
- 360 day year #1
- solar system formation problems #1
- transient events of the solar system #1
- genomes that don't fit the tree of life #1
NASA feared deep moon dust #1
- biological material in space #1

- list of peanut asteroids #1
- Christian reply to Euthyphro #1
- What is the firmament of day 2 #1
Newsweek 99.86% [of scientists are evolutionists] #1
- big bang predictions #2
- jonbenet ramsey clues #2
- list of transient lunar phenomena #2
- Is God outside of time #3
evidence against the big bang #3
- problems with whale evolution #3
- kinds of polystrate fossils #3
- list of polystrate fossils #3
- God and the death penalty #4
list of creation science predictions #4
- problems with grand canyon formation #5
- should christians judge #5
- scientists doubting darwin #10
KJO debate #1 (against)
- nicer than God #1 on self-righteous tolerance
- world's largest protest sign #1 Bob's project

* Plate Tectonics, Subduction, & Predictions: See Walt's chart on the reasons why plates have not subducted! And for his confirmed predictions, see rsr.org/predictions#walt-brown.

* Some of the Evidence for the Global Flood: We maintain this list and provide a radio broadcast by Bob Enyart and his RSR co-host Fred Williams that discusses these scientific discoveries, over at rsr.org/evidence-for-the-global-flood. So, here's a list of some of the scientific observations that corroborate the historical record of the global flood of Noah's day:
Evidence for Materialists
- An average of a mile deep of sedimentary layers on the continents
- Billions of dead things laid down by water in strata all over the Earth
- A documented extinction event that destroyed 90% of all the multicellular species that lived in the oceans
- Sufficient water in our two-mile deep oceans to cover the earth (with lower pre-flood mountains)
- All major mountain ranges (excepting volcanoes of course) have marine fossils on their summits
- Dinosaur soft tissue still exists preserving T. rex red blood cells, blood vessels, and a dozen proteins from a dozen different kinds of dinosaurs and countless other organisms
- Anthropological cataloging of hundreds of cultures with an ancient corporate recollection of the flood
- Extent of stratigraphic layers of regional and continental scope
- As exposed in the Grand Canyon, boundaries between sedimentary strata characteristically show no evidence of what should be millions of years of relentless erosion but are instead flat gaps.  
- Massive submarine canyons with near vertical walls some as deep as five kilometers
- Past geologic catastrophism caused by "off the charts" energy levels (dwarfing modern phenomenon)
- Many recent studies contradict Out-of-Africa and the misguided human evolution story and instead support the post-flood Out-of-Babel origin of civilization
- DNA studies show a genetic bottleneck highlighting the three "Daughters" of Noah
- Only a couple hundred generations were necessary to produce humanity's genetic diversity, as per various studies including in the journal Nature regarding protein-coding variants
- The near side of the Moon has been beat up far worse than the far side, being beat up by the debris that was ejected from the fountains of the great deep
- Comets, asteroids, and meteoroids are made up of material that's common on earth but very hard to explain their origins out in space, and especially in the outer solar system; so meteoroids are not from the Moon and Mars, they're from Earth, and they're just coming home!
-  Flood advocates are able to make stunning scientific predictions, contrary to the expectations of those who reject the flood (as at rsr.org/predictions)
- etc. (Email suggestions to Bob@rsr.org!)

Evidence for Christians
- Jesus and the New Testament repeatedly affirm the global flood (enough said) with Jesus in Matthew and Luke affirming the building of the ark, and mentioning Noah by name, as does Peter and the author of Hebrews, with Peter in both his epistles reminding us that only "eight people" survived the flood
- Every New Testament author refers to at least one of the first eleven chapters of Genesis and Jesus Christ Himself referred to each of the first seven, affirming the literal truth of Genesis
- Genesis explicitly describes a global flood (enough said) which drowned all but eight humans, covered the tops of the mountains, required the building of a massive ark to save a breeding pair of every kind of land animal, and which uses the word "all" many times for all the mountains under heaven covered, all flesh died, all living things were destroyed from the earth, etc.
- God created a perfect world so the Flood explains dangers that The Fall alone does not explain, such as stormsmeteors, asteroids, comets, Earth's radioactivity, earthquakes and volcanoes
- While at Babel God confused the languages the consequences of the flood confused the calendars and spoiled the initially perfect 30-day lunar month and 360-day year
- Anthropologists have documented hundreds of tribal/ethnic/national recollections of an ancient flood
- The Table of Nations in Genesis 10, unique in the annals of the world, documents the origins of the major people groups and even some of the nations of the world as descending from Noah's three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japeth
- All of the physical evidence for materialists, just above.
- See more (and a section for HPT fans) at rsr.org/evidence.

Ellen McHenry, creator of the Brain Hat, making HPT materials!* McHenry HPT Resources: From Ellen McHenry, the famous brain hat lady...
- Summary of geomorphologist Smoot's work against plate tectonics
- Chris Smoot's points against Plate Tectonics on RSR by McHenry
Hydroplate Theory for Kids page
- No Rain Before the Flood coloring page
HPT coloring chart.

Other Resources:
- We highly recommend Dr. Brown's fabulous (though out-of-print) book, In the Beginning! RSR is the ONLY PLACE LEFT to get a new copy (We have just a few as of June 2020!) So you can order by clicking the link or calling us at 800-8Enyart (800 836-9278).
- Check out this UK engineer's brief review of Dr. Brown's book!
- See rsr.org/hpt-fans for readers' comments about Walt's work.
- Help with an HPT-inspired spreadsheet developing relationships between...
- Enjoy our Global Flood & HPT Playlist by clicking on over to YouTube or by watching it right here, first our full-length flood video and then all the videos on our playlist!  

* Retracted Objection / Hoped-for Retractions: Here we will post any hoped-for retractions from creation scientists as discussed in Part III of RSR's interview with Jane Albright and from our Answers to HPT Objections series.
- Don Patton has retracted his criticism of the HPT's explanation of the origin of limestone.
- Danny Faulkner retracted his published claim that no creationist has proposed a mechanism for speeding Earth's rotation from 360 to 365 days per solar orbit.
- John Baumgardner in a print interview thankfully backed off of his accusation that Walt Brown threatened to sue Henry Morris and ICR.
- Michael Oard on his "linear crack" objection.
- John Baumgardner on his "Pacific crust", "geometry problem", and "heat problem", objections.
- An apology is warranted from AiG's Mark Looy for his harsh accusation, which he didn't know but could easily have found out was false, that Walt Brown threatened to sue Henry Morris and ICR.
- An apology is warranted from CRS's Dr. Don DeYoung for his false accusation, one that he has been offered the documentation to refute but is uninterested, that Walt Brown sued Henry Morris and ICR (and perhaps vice versa, which is also false).
- An apology is warranted from ICR's long-time scientist Dr. John Baumgardner for long used false accusation that Walt Brown threatened to sue Henry Morris and ICR.
- Steve Austin can explicitly retract his fasified ICR letter claiming priority on Grand Canyon discoveries 
- [No others as of May 2019 and specifically, other than the John's mentioned above.]