Hurricanes, Today's Asteroid, Cancer Antibodies, and Other News

The news, RSR style. Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss Hurricane Harvey, the terrible death toll and suffering, why there were no hurricanes before the flood, and why Christians shouldn't claim that God targeted Texas. Then for some good news, this week the FDA approved a "living drug" for childhood leukemia as we discuss over at

Then, related to today's flyby of the 2.7-mile wide Florence, the guys mention RSR's standing science prediction regarding the moons of asteroids. Also, RSR's new 3-minute Yellowstone Petrified Tree video is now on YouTube. And we air Bob's call in to a polite atheist radio host about the fine tuning evident during the stupendous solar eclipse!

Finally, we've postponed discussion until our next program of this week's triceratops discovery during construction in metro Denver.

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