2001 Archive

December 2001
Date Title
Dec 31 csm****@earthlink.net
Dec 28 Signer: Barney Franklin
Dec 27 Guadalupe Family Values
Dec 26 The FBI Missed 9-11 Lead
Dec 25 Harry Potter & Uncle Fred
Dec 21 Bob's Fireside Chat
Dec 20 Jihad Johnny Bin Walker Black
Dec 19 Bob Dodges Nat'l Enquirer
Dec 18 DARE To Be a Sissy
Dec 17 Aerial Onslaught
Dec 14 Voice Mail Messages
Dec 13 The Ramseys Did It
Dec 12 "Be Well Rested"
Dec 11 Catholic School Abortion
Dec 10 Why Punish the Jury?
Dec 7 PRM II
Dec 6 Pamela R McCarthy
Dec 5 Timely and Prompt
Dec 4 Who Freed Israel's Hand?
Dec 3 On Rochester's WRBS
November 2001
Date Title
Nov 30 Beatles Reunion
Nov 29 Why Liberals Hate Holidays
Nov 28 Anti-Christ Lawyers of the Underworld
Nov 27 Ramadanadingdong
Nov 26 Ernest Goes to Jail
Nov 21 Romans is WHERE?
Nov 20 Send in the Marines
Nov 19 Nobody's Fool Anymore
Nov 16 North by Northeast
Nov 15 They Lost a Country
Nov 14 Tiller the Wichita Killer
Nov 13 Execute, Convict, & Try
Nov 12 Smack that Pastor
Nov 5 Voluntary Ethnic Cleansing
October 2001
Date Title
Oct 29 Irradiate Me Already
Oct 22 Armed Drones
Oct 15 Islam Minus Eleven
Oct 8 Military Action
Oct 2 If My People
Oct 1 Ban the Taliban
September 2001
Date Title
Sep 24 Biological Warfare
Sep 23 Did God Pre-Ordain the WTC Attack?
Sep 18 Did the Bible Predict: The WTC Collapse?
Sep 17 Bob on Info. Radio Network
Sep 14 Jeremiah 2 America
Sep 12 Attack on America: A Christian Response
Sep 10 Critics of the Last Show
Sep 7 Flashback to 1990: Ken Hamblin interviews Bob Enyart on KBX Radio
Sep 6 Dissecting Pi
August 2001
Date Title
Aug 31 The Bride
Aug 27 May 8, 1945 Newspaper
Aug 20 Suicide Bummers
Aug 17 Almost Persuaded
Aug 16 Getting back to what God says
Aug 13 Don't get left behind
Aug 10 Bob on Detroit radio
Aug 8 Our Difference
Aug 6 A Travisty
Aug 2 A Tour of Psalms
Aug 1 Worship (Hear Bob Sing)
July 2001
Date Title
Jul 30 Fill-a-bucket buster
Jul 27 Tiller the Wichita Killer
Jul 23 Babies in a freezer, Jews in an oven
Jul 19 Harmless Christians
Jul 16 The skinny on China
Jul 12 About Lawyers
Jul 10 Bob Enyart interviewed on Texas Radio
Jul 9 NJ in a handbasket
Jul 6 An oven by any other name...
Jul 5 Sad and Glad in Indiana
Jul 2 The Irate Caller
June 2001
Date Title
Jun 28 Sound Byte Sermon II
Jun 25 100 brides, 120 grooms
Jun 21 Sound Byte Sermon I
Jun 18 Banana Manson
Jun 14 Bob's Sound Byte Show
Jun 11 Wait Till McVeigh Gets It!
Jun 7 Bob Enyart Interviewed by Sean Hannity on NYC's WABC Radio
Jun 4 Missile Defense
May 2001
Date Title
May 31 Bob talks to 1.2 million
May 6 Rome or not Rome
May 4 O'Really? O'Reilly
May 2 Delay the McVeigh Execution!
April 2001
Date Title
Apr 27 Seven Stories of Communion
Apr 23 Dissecting an N-Cadaver
Apr 20 Where Did Easter Come From?
Apr 17 Columbine Revisited
Apr 16 J. Fonda Kept a Secret from Ted T.
Apr 13 Palm Sunday
Apr 12 Open Up and Say, Awe!
Apr 11 Soldiers in the Army of God
Apr 9 Hold Your Tongue
Apr 4 The Palestinian Solution
Apr 2 Mad Cows in Miniskirts
March 2001
Date Title
Mar 28 The Very First Sin
Mar 27 Shuckin' & Jivin'
Mar 26 May I Have Your Attention, Please!
Mar 21 Do You Know the Bible?
Mar 20 Eva the Eviler
Mar 19 Love the Gin, Hate the Dinner
Mar 15 My Confession
Mar 13 Texans Teach the Transgendered
Mar 12 Guillotines and Gentners
Mar 8 7 WHYs Lead to God
Mar 7 Eva the Evil Lesbian
Mar 5 An Atheist Bites the Dust
Mar 1 A List of Sufferings
February 2001
Date Title
Feb 26 Fomo Feeding Frenzy
Feb 23 The Bible Answers Problems
Feb 20 I Beg Your Pardon
Feb 19 Father's Rights
Feb 15 Housework
Feb 8 Sour Grapes
Feb 5 The Silence of the Damned
Feb 1 Are You Good Enough?
January 2001
Date Title
Jan 30 Choose Your Battle
Jan 29 Coming Out of the Closet Bushes
Jan 26 Astronomical Evidence
Jan 23 The PETA Principle
Jan 22 "Choice"
Jan 19 How Many Christians Does It Take?
Jan 17 Indy Baptist Temple Interview
Jan 16 City of Refuge
Jan 15 Send 'em to Heaven (or Hell)
Jan 12 Meaner than God
Jan 9 Humanity and Personhood
Jan 8 Are You Sharia 'bout That?
Jan 2 The Real New Year