2005 Archive

December 2005
Date Title
Dec 29 Denver Christian Nurse on End of Life Issues
Dec 28 Denver nurse Trumps Denver paramedic re Killing
Dec 27 Denver Paramedic OK with Killing Dylan
Dec 23 Parents Starve 4-year-old Dylan to Death
Dec 22 Meet the Pro-life Lawyer Alito Ruled Against
Dec 21 Republican Judge Rules Against Creation
Dec 20 Revisitionists Ignore Declaration Errors
Dec 19 Christian Revisionists Against Monarchy
Dec 16 Hear A Former Church of Christ Pastor
Dec 15 The Bible: The Number One Best Seller
Dec 14 On Bob's Meeting with a Jehovah's Witness
Dec 13 Colson re Enyart's Death Penalty Video
Dec 12 Term-limited Tookie
Dec 9 Brian Rohrbough & Don Fleming
Dec 8 Brian & Lisa Rohrbough
Dec 7 Jo Scott Part II
Dec 6 Jo Scott Pt. 1
Dec 2 It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like... II
November 2005
Date Title
Nov 23 Hit-and-Run Caller Thankful
Nov 22 Lets All Agree re: Adultery
Nov 21 Eric from Colo Springs Agrees re: Murder
Nov 18 K thru Hell! Part II
Nov 17 K thru Hell! (Rohbough & Rich Petrone)
Nov 16 Bob Debates Arranged Marriage
Nov 15 Alito Exposed by Andrew Longman.com
Nov 14 Eric & Bob Wrestle With Political Strategy
Nov 11 Pat from Aurora and Bob re: Samuelson
Nov 10 Americans United for Life & Bob Enyart re: Alito
Nov 9 BEL Friend Now a Costa Rica Missionary
Nov 8 Eric Defends Christian Political Strategy
Nov 7 Bob, Brian, and Leslie Analyze the News
Nov 4 Dem Legalists Skirt Alito's
Nov 3 Bauer Defends Alito Upholding Partial Birth Abortion
Nov 2 Put Charles in Charge of Alito
Nov 1 Enyart Interviews Kathleen Willey
October 2005
Date Title
Oct 31 Sam Alito: To Die For
Oct 28 Harriet Miers Debrief
Oct 27 Lawsuit- Berkeley Promoting (Bad) Religion
Oct 26 Juanita Broaddrick Interview: Rare Media Appearance
Oct 25 A Caller Skirts Legalism
Oct 24 Caller Open, Ministries Closed
Oct 21 Candice Jackson - Their Lives
Oct 20 Nikki's Close Call
Oct 19 Harry Ate My Ears Again
Oct 18 Openness Political Strategy Against Crime
Oct 17 How to Apply the Bible to Government
Oct 14 Clinic Blocade: Mom Stopped... from LEAVING
Oct 13 Harry Ate My Ears
Oct 12 No Justice System, But Just-a-System
Oct 11 Please say 'Rights,' not 'Constitutional Rights'
Oct 10 Dispensational Drugs
Oct 7 There Is No Topic Pt. II
Oct 6 There Is No Topic Pt. I
Oct 5 Are You Jesus?
Oct 4 Race For The Truth
Oct 3 Justice Visits Colorado
September 2005
Date Title
Sep 30 Denver Truth Truck.com
Sep 29 Katrina One Month Later
Sep 28 Alaska, Canada and Caterpillars
Sep 27 Caller Defends Benny Hinn
Sep 26 Crawl or Fly to Harrisburg
Sep 23 Otters & Others, Roberts & Kennedy
Sep 22 Roberts, Rita, Hinn, & Telethon at 33%
Sep 21 Hear CRTL Banquet's Kathy Sparks
Sep 20 Who Is The Enemy?
Sep 16 Missionary Work: Part 2
Sep 15 Missionary Work: Part 1
Sep 14 Columbine Dad on Pledge and Evidence
Sep 13 You ask amiss, you get John Roberts
Sep 12 God, Man, Christians and Katrina
Sep 9 Bill Johnson: Exposed!
Sep 8 Bill Johnson: Just Anther Fabricating Columnist!
Sep 7 Caller Jason for President! (Of Louisiana?)
Sep 6 Bobs Relatives Lose Their Mississippi Home
Sep 2 TheologyOnline- TOL on BEL - II
Sep 1 TheologyOnline- TOL on BEL - I
August 2005
Date Title
Aug 31 Has Katrina Destroyed David's Slidell Home?
Aug 30 Katrina: Don't Believe the Christian Spin
Aug 29 Battle Royale X: Round 6
Aug 26 Jo Scott Guests Hosts - II
Aug 25 Jo Scott Guests Hosts - I
Aug 23 God is Now Here (in the studio!)
Aug 22 Jewish Gaza Evacuation not Predestined
Aug 19 Brian Rohrbough & Rich Petrone Part 2
Aug 18 Brian Rohrbough & Rich Petrone Part 1
Aug 17 Augustine says God Can't Talk; that he Interprets the Bible by Plato; and that God gave him a Toothache
Aug 16 Calvinist Love-Hate Relationships
Aug 15 Hern & Susan Smith, Rohrbough & Lamerson
Aug 12 Ken & Jo Scott Talk About Married Life In The Ministry
Aug 11 Steven Curtis & Jim Anderson of "The Foundation For Life In Media"
Aug 8 University of Mass. Professor quotes Bob
Aug 5 America's Constitutional Problems
Aug 4 John Roberts Worked For Homosexual Rights
Aug 3 Dr. Lamerson vs. Enyart: Is the Future Settled or Open?
Aug 2 Bill Gates Flamed Bob Who Flamed ACLU
Aug 1 If Your Mother Is a Homosexual
July 2005
Date Title
Jul 29 Two Denver Women Plot Take Over
Jul 28 BEL Press Release on Roberts
Jul 27 Howard Hunter Jr. Interviews Bob
Jul 26 Craig from Indiana on Roberts, etc
Jul 25 OSA Impact on Callers
Jul 22 Guest Host Jo Scott Concludes OSA Week
Jul 21 OSA Confronts Clinton's Pastor Wogaman
Jul 20 OSA Alabama Teaching Denver A Thing Or Two!
Jul 19 OSA has Boulder under siege!
Jul 18 OSA has Denver under siege!
Jul 15 OSA's Flip Benham is in Denver!
Jul 14 Five Dads from Four States Going to OSA Denver!
Jul 13 Columbine Dad To Speak at OSA
Jul 12 Int'l PP Funds Anti-Choice Forced Abortion
Jul 11 OSA is Coming to Town...
Jul 8 Two Judges Down, Seven to Go
Jul 7 How London Attack Affects America
Jul 6 Aruba and Idaho: Crime and Punishment
Jul 5 Gee, Ate all the Aid
Jul 1 Grandma Sandra, Bush and Alberto
June 2005
Date Title
Jun 30 Indy, Texas & the VA all fallin' apart
Jun 28 Spielberg, Souter & Billy Graham
Jun 27 Republican Supreme Court on the Loose
Jun 24 On Moral Anchors
Jun 23 Audio from Columbine Protest
Jun 22 Bob Debates the Age of the Earth
Jun 21 Enyart and Epperson on Recriminalization
Jun 20 On and Off Air with Stu Epperson II
Jun 17 Bob with Michael Reagan
Jun 16 Bob Debates Pastor Cox on Sin III
Jun 15 Bob Debates Pastor Cox on Sin II
Jun 14 Bob Debates Pastor Brian Cox on Sin I
Jun 13 Taking it to the Colo. Att'y General
Jun 10 Useless Column about Bob
Jun 9 Mark of the Beast
Jun 8 Cowboys' STDs and Indians' Cancer
Jun 7 Louisiana is Sinking
Jun 6 Bob with John Lofton
Jun 3 Jay Sekulo on Alberto Gonzales
Jun 2 Bob Debates Pastor Cox on Sin
May 2005
Date Title
May 31 Ryan takes the Enyart Challenge
May 30 Spot the Newsweek Mockery
May 27 Priscilla, Pryor, Schlegelberger, Rothaug
May 26 Dobson, Posner, Priscilla and Pryor
May 25 Dobson Oops on Killing Kids
May 24 Feeling Sorry for Democrats
May 23 Bob answers homosexuals questions
May 20 Bob analyzes Dobson's show
May 19 Parental Con
May 18 On Priscilla Owen
May 17 John Loeffler interviews Bob
May 16 Fonda, Frank and Mrs Frank
May 13 Bob w OSA's Flip Benham
May 12 On air and off with Stu Epperson
May 11 Bob with WND's Joseph Farah
May 10 Is Gary Ready for Office
May 9 Noah's Flood on Mars
May 6 RSR: Enyart Exhumes Eugenie Scott's Junk DNA
May 5 Somebody Quick - Evolve a Backbone
May 4 Partial Interview by Joseph Farah
May 3 Bob's Open Letter to Dobson
May 2 Predestined Ice Cream Social
April 2005
Date Title
Apr 29 Immoral Mike Rosen re DQ
Apr 28 Salazar Calls Dobson the Anti-Christ
Apr 27 Gannett interviews Bob re Filibuster
Apr 26 RMN Editor Takes Swipe at Bob
Apr 25 BEL Criticism Makes the News
Apr 22 Canada Cans Earth Day
Apr 21 Vile Miracle Water
Apr 20 Columbine and Luvox
Apr 19 Affordable Maranatha
Apr 15 Oregon Voids 3k Gay Marriages
Apr 14 Denver Post hires Jason Blair
Apr 13 LifeCommercials.com
Apr 12 Instant Messaging Public Persons
Apr 11 A Key Death
Apr 8 Debriefing Carl Henderson
Apr 7 The Devil Made Me Do It
Apr 6 Healing and Housing
Apr 5 Kaiser Permanenteism
Apr 4 Episcappalled
Apr 1 Global warming but still cooler
March 2005
Date Title
Mar 31 Terri 1963 - 2005
Mar 30 Private and Family Matters
Mar 29 Rocky Mtn News Question
Mar 28 Talk with the guy who tried
Mar 25 Extraordinary Measures- Food & Water
Mar 24 Nat'l Right to Life Strategy
Mar 23 Pro-Life Now Pro-Suicide
Mar 22 Bob vs CNNs Crier re Schiavo
Mar 21 Two Sermons in the News
Mar 18 5th Year vs 5 Years
Mar 17 Judges Sow and Reap
Mar 16 Christians Serious About Law
Mar 15 Bob & Kansas Att'y Gen Phill Kline
Mar 11 Bob with Mona Charen
Mar 10 Bob Enyart interviews Mad Money's Jim Cramer
Mar 9 Ten Commandments Ver 2
Mar 8 German Abuse of Students
Mar 7 Operation Save Denver
Mar 4 Hobbits and the End Times
Mar 3 Questioning the Value of Church Youth Groups
Mar 2 The Black College
Mar 1 Cheryl Ford RN
February 2005
Date Title
Feb 28 God and Oscar Discipline
Feb 25 The Pope: Mary, I'm Totally Yours
Feb 24 Hear Ward Churchill
Feb 23 Communist Chinese Arrest Christians
Feb 22 45% and 132%
Feb 21 Neither Hide Nor Hare
Feb 18 Can you learn more
Feb 17 America's Moral Anchor
Feb 16 Democrat Natl Committee Prayer
Feb 15 God, the Devil or Me
Feb 14 Tide, Crest & Pampers
Feb 11 30 minutes to cut that out
Feb 10 Bob Ken & Jo
Feb 9 DBC Kids II
Feb 8 Columbine Dads vs. Ward Churchill
Feb 7 Accountability Theory
Feb 4 Grade Yourself
Feb 3 Five Things Explained
Feb 2 What Five Things Make BEL Different
Feb 1 ACLU-Inspired Mistreatment
January 2005
Date Title
Jan 31 Germany Pimps Its Unemployed Women
Jan 28 Bob with Judge Napolitano
Jan 27 Audio from Columbine Protest
Jan 26 Take it up with our Sponsor
Jan 25 Bob with Michael Reagan
Jan 24 From Ed Sullivan to Howard Stern
Jan 21 Five Captains, Five Soldiers, & You
Jan 20 Why Much Pro-Life Effort Will Fail
Jan 19 Cancer beats Heart Disease
Jan 18 Copts vs Muslims
Jan 17 Atheist Michael Newdow Debates Christian Bob Enyart
Jan 14 God's Amoral Symbolic Laws - Pt III
Jan 13 God's Amoral Symbolic Laws - Pt II
Jan 12 God's Amoral Symbolic Laws - Pt I
Jan 11 DBC - Dont Tithe
Jan 10 Public School Exodus Mandate
Jan 7 AFA and Bob re Judges
Jan 6 NJ Mayor's Cultural Offensive
Jan 5 Bolts & Babies
Jan 4 Second-Hand Pottery