Caller Defends Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn at a posh hotel in Rome hand-in-hand with Paula White* An Example of False Teaching: "When you tell people that their physical healing is an inheritance of their salvation and then they don't get healed, they tend to doubt their salvation. And that's a direct result of false teaching."

* Sad 2010 Update: National Enquirer photograph shows Benny Hinn at a posh hotel in Rome, hand-in-hand with a Paula White, about whom he had initially lied and said that she just happened to be in Rome on business, but then later acknowledged that he had brought her to Rome himself.

* All Things Gross: See

* Stampede Kills 20 at Benny-Hinn Wannabe Healing Event: As reported in the Jerusalem Post, At least 20 killed in stampede at Tanzania church service. Officials arrest fraudulent faith healer and Benny-Hinn wannabe for his role in the incident as he sought to leave the country.

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