K thru Hell! Part II

Brian Rohrbaugh and Rich Patrone speaking today about school shootings and related issues.

Caller Susan tells about her dreadful experience at CU Health Science Center .  She and her husband had decided to try it in-vitro fertilization just one time.  She was told that none of her embryos lived, however  the director of the Center was actually using the embryos to conduct research . 

She was the 19th woman who reported this.  The CU doctor was ultimately fired, but it's obvious he was brought in originally due to the grant money he was able to raise.  What a tragic and clear-cut case of "follow the money."    

 Brian reports how he was able to tell Bill Clinton, face to face, that when he refused to sign the ban on partial birth abortion (PBA),  that made him personally responsible for a lot more killing than happened at Columbine.  These babies feel pain and are brutally tortured to death in the place where they should be the safest.

 In Colorado, Judge Babcock sealed the information concerning Columbine, which could be crucial information to prevent future shootings.  Neither the courts nor the public schools care about our kids at all.  The educations system's goal is to  teach a liberal agenda.  As a result, nobody cares about the victims or the kids - they are not important.  Only the system is important, the retirement and  benefits.             

Murderers gain fame for their murders and they are always offered blanket forgiveness and made into victims themselves and our kids are destroyed by that attitude. 

Christian kids aren't salt and light in the schools obviously since the schools are getting worse by the minute, they'll be worse tomorrow than they are today.  The public school environment is very dangerous today.  For girls especially it's  K through Hell