K thru Hell! (Rohbough & Rich Petrone)

Co-hosts Brian Rohrbaugh and Rich Petrone discuss school shooting tragedies. Both men lost a son in the Columbine school shooting on April 20th, 1999. They know the terror that parents feel when their son or daughter becomes a victim. Since Columbine, there have been about 30 school shootings in the U.S., and about 60 incidents worldwide.  

There is always a mountain of evidence pointing to the impending disaster, but it's largely ignored by the school, the parents and law enforcement. Concerning Columbine, in the murderers' homes videos were confiscated showing their arsenal of weapons, making very clear their evil intent. They also show them consuming alcohol, however, no one was ever arrested or prosecuted for providing alcohol to minors. They wrote papers to gloat about the "Joys of Killing Innocent People." This particular paper was graded with an A- by the Jeffco school system.

Their violent videos were shown in the school. The school systems teach the philosophy that if it feels good, do it. They teach them to be sexually active, and that they evolved from slime.  There is no absolute right or wrong, so the school can't condemn the shootings since it goes against their own philosophy.

The perpetrators are always given a pass, and that none of this is their fault. That attitude causes people to instead hate the victims and their families, which Brian and Rich experienced first hand.  Tomorrow's show will continue the coverage of this topic.

What is the system doing to prevent these tragedies in the future?  Well, the tragic answer is, nothing.

A caller calls to discuss Planned Parenthood's sale of aborted baby parts.  As a result of the abortion holocaust our culture is essentially saying that nobody's life is sacred if we believe that the most innocent in our society can be dismembered and killed every day in the abortion mills, then why would any of us have a right to life?

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