Denver Christian Nurse on End of Life Issues

From the Inbox: Thank you, Mr. Enyart! I have been listening intently to your programs regarding Dylan and end-of-life issues... Your program today was especially impacting. You are hitting on the problems encountered around life and death in hospital situations very well. That story of the little boy, Dylan, really got to me. Terri Schiavo's story happened right when my husband Lee was going through his ordeal (which I wrote to you about last week)... I posted many a message about Terri, and think some of it made an impact, however, the end result terrified me and still does, even more. Michael, that paramedic, also upset me. My husband was on a feeding tube for a while until he recovered, and I realized that a paramedic like Michael may not have considered Lee a valuable human being. That's why Michael's call got to me so much. Thank you for your care and concern in your email, about Lee pulling through. I was SOOOO thankful this Christmas and last Christmas that I have my dear husband Lee here with me. Thank you again for your very nice email, and God bless you and your family, too. Have a happy new year. From Cindy and Lee, Cheyenne, Wyoming

p.s. I also think it might have made a difference for Dylan if the biological parents had been married to one another. Immorality and illegitimacy create havoc in people's thinking and subsequent behavior.