2002 Archive

December 2002
Date Title
Dec 30 Missionaries seek revenge
Dec 27 911 Transcript
Dec 26 A Christmas Gamble
Dec 23 765 564-2333
Dec 20 But I'm the same person...
Dec 19 You haven't read it?
Dec 18 God: Vengeance is Good
Dec 17 Brian Rohrbough Update
Dec 16 Will the Post Run Our Ad?
Dec 13 Lot's daughters did WHAT?
Dec 12 Faith-based Welfare
Dec 11 Aztecs Had No Wheels
Dec 10 Book of Mormon Debate
Dec 9 Pass the Mustard
Dec 6 The A-Team Theory
Dec 5 Don an' who?
Dec 4 Is it absolutely wrong to...
Dec 3 Jo Scott's not in Jail
Dec 2 I Shouldn't Insult Cucumbers
November 2002
Date Title
Nov 26 Cherry Creek Schools
Nov 25 Dumber than a Cucumber
Nov 22 Nothing better to do
Nov 21 Polygamist Leland Freeborn Debates Bob Enyart
Nov 20 John Lofton vs. Bob Enyart debating Principles of War and Israel
Nov 19 Donahue's Two Issues
Nov 18 Ken Scott #215737
Nov 15 Green Berets in Negligees
Nov 14 Dad on Columbine Book
Nov 13 Bob with Rabbi Boteach
Nov 12 Hope for Dallas
Nov 11 Somewhere to Flee
Nov 8 Can A Priest Become a Nun?
Nov 7 Dobson, Focus, and Morality in Media Defend 'Legal' Porn
Nov 6 Civic & Church Politics
Nov 4 Whom to Vote For?
October 2002
Date Title
Oct 25 Slow News Day (Amen?)
Oct 24 Bob with Larry Pratt
Oct 23 A Price on Your Son's Head
Oct 22 James, Joseph, & Jesus
Oct 21 Socialism Before the Fed
Oct 18 Canada & Chicago meet BEL
Oct 17 7-Layer Fish
Oct 16 Debating the Idea of Church Youth Groups
Oct 15 Columbine's Evan Todd Tells of Surviving the Library
Oct 14 Meet David Enyart
Oct 11 Noah's Flood
Oct 10 A Tree Story
Oct 9 Men-n-tites
Oct 8 Bob with Linda Chavez
Oct 7 Debating a Mennonite
Oct 4 Jeff Bezos & Child Rape
Oct 3 303 713-8000
Oct 2 Trucker & the Real O'Reilly
Oct 1 Sean Hannity said WHAT?
September 2002
Date Title
Sep 30 London's Pregnant 10-yr-olds
Sep 27 Is Tom Tancredo Sorry?
Sep 26 Bob with Joseph Farrah
Sep 25 Lesser Evil: Ed or Law School?
Sep 24 Winning the Vietnam War
Sep 23 Mongers?
Sep 20 A fat terrorist gettin' shot up
Sep 19 Pop... in purse? Again?
Sep 18 Somebody stop those kids!
Sep 17 Somebody call a real cop...
Sep 16 Arrest that Lunatic Nephew
Sep 13 Bin Atta Sheep
Sep 12 Pick a little talk a little
Sep 11 Responding to 9-11-01
Sep 10 Prediction for 9-11-02
Sep 9 Sins vs. Crimes
Sep 6 Too Much Information
Sep 5 Alan shouldn't have called...
Sep 4 Bob with Ann Coulter
Sep 3 Maps!
August 2002
Date Title
Aug 30 An' Your Ism...?
Aug 29 Bob Debates Barry Lynn
Aug 28 Mary or Perry, Marry or Perish?
Aug 27 Overthrow?
Aug 26 BE & a geophysical research scientist
Aug 21 Is there Time in Heaven?
Aug 20 Yes, Chaperone!
Aug 19 Chaperone?
Aug 16 That's It, No More
Aug 15 Dr. Carl Bauer's IU Mortuary
Aug 14 Columbine Dad's Update
Aug 13 Mourning Kid Rock
Aug 12 Don't Give Soup to Nuts
Aug 9 Faith-based Welfare
Aug 8 The Disney Pedophile
Aug 7 John 3:18 is Not Nice
Aug 6 Designated Drunks
Aug 5 Pipeline of Goodness
Aug 2 1/2 * 1/2 = 1/4
Aug 1 Sue: "It was God's Will"
July 2002
Date Title
Jul 31 Welcome K-Mart Shoppers
Jul 30 Dan's Runnin' Uphill
Jul 29 Baghdad or Bust
Jul 26 Kid Eats Duct Tape
Jul 25 Friar Fryar
Jul 24 She Ate the Offering
Jul 23 Use smaller words
Jul 22 Two Habits
Jul 19 Eat Wheat & Die
Jul 18 Why are the Jews stronger?
Jul 17 Bob Calls for DNA Database
Jul 16 Denver Archdiocese Priest Neil Hewitt Molests Altar Boy
Jul 15 Russia Loses Spaceship
Jul 12 Homophobia Is Vindicated
Jul 11 A Big Fat Lie
Jul 10 What's 'is name?
Jul 9 ABC producer calls Bob a...
Jul 8 50 Million Missing Girls
Jul 3 Bob Chases Hit & Run
Jul 2 Bob Interviews Ann Coulter
Jul 1 Raunchy Gateway PCs
June 2002
Date Title
Jun 28 Broken
Jun 27 Cow Fell on Car
Jun 26 Republican Judge Bans Pledge
Jun 25 Interview With Col. Hack
Jun 24 Democratic Terrorism
Jun 21 No Drugs in Hell
Jun 20 Will Joshua's Girl Say Yes?
Jun 19 Profane Christian Media
Jun 18 George & Nick
Jun 17 P. Parenthood Helps Child Rapist
Jun 14 Public School Teacher Calls
Jun 13 Owens On Fire
Jun 12 Dobson Colson Bauer LaHaye
Jun 11 Most Palestinians: No Israel
Jun 10 Caller Donates Possessions
Jun 7 Ustabes and Juanabes
Jun 6 Bushwhacked
Jun 5 UPC Code
Jun 4 Charity: Give or Take
Jun 3 Who's flyin' this plane?
May 2002
Date Title
May 31 Fading Colors
May 30 See him with your Ears
May 29 Is Hell Real? The Movie
May 28 Page 1 Interview with WSJ
May 24 Atlas Shrugged
May 23 Let Her Swap with Esau
May 22 One Hour to Cut That Out
May 21 Dihydrogen Monoxide
May 20 Creationist Stephen Jay Gould
May 17 A Day-Old Introvert
May 16 Federal Agent at the Door
May 15 Nuke Kills Spotted Owls
May 14 George W on God...
May 13 Gene Amole Now Knows
May 10 No Drugs in Hell
May 9 Pat, Gerald: Meet Janey
May 8 The Turtle Abyss
May 7 No Roots on Petrified Trees and the Canyon's Formation
May 6 Political Spectrums
May 3 First Congressmen in Hell
May 2 Pat the Righteous
May 1 Christian Sarah Defends Terror
April 2002
Date Title
Apr 30 How To Kill A Country
Apr 29 Bush Frees Terrorist
Apr 26 His Teeth Kept Falling Out!
Apr 25 Bob and Doug Lite
Apr 24 If you save one dog...
Apr 23 Can't Talk: Bible's Got My Tongue
Apr 22 Hillary in a Demon
Apr 19 Is Dean Getting Married?
Apr 18 Crazy Ants Kill Crabs
Apr 12 Communism in Acts
Apr 5 Who's In Charge?
Apr 4 Venus Spins Backwards
Apr 3 If U Harbor, No; If U R, U R
Apr 2 This Ain't Campus, Dorothy
Apr 1 It Scoops Pop in Purse
March 2002
Date Title
Mar 29 Stoned Afghan Eats Arafat
Mar 28 King James Only?
Mar 27 Don't Listen to this Either
Mar 26 ABC staff endorse Bob
Mar 25 US: Let Terrorist Travel
Mar 22 Un-damn the Dykes
Mar 21 We Were Soldiers, not girls
Mar 20 Bob's Getting Rusty
Mar 19 Hellfire Preacher Catches Fire
Mar 18 Why Buy the Cow?
Mar 15 Taxing Callers
Mar 14 Woman Axe-murdered Herself
Mar 13 Just Bulbs -- & Nuts
Mar 12 Yates & the Feminist Sacrament
Mar 11 Quad K in Texas
Mar 8 Tia: Mama mia or Papa pia?
Mar 7 Jim, Jerry, Perry, Tom and Jim
Mar 6 Down Downing's Drain
Mar 5 A Boston Blend
Mar 1 Re: Shadow Government
February 2002
Date Title
Feb 28 National Atheist Broadcasters
Feb 27 The Three Os
Feb 26 Bob Debates a Naked Belizean (by phone, thankfully)
Feb 25 Lesbian Eva Strikes
Feb 22 OK, You're an Animal
Feb 21 BEL in the UK
Feb 20 Loving Judge Kills Loving Mom
Feb 19 BEL Housewives
Feb 18 Welcome Alvin!
Feb 15 Judging Amy
Feb 14 The Olympic Axis of Evil
Feb 13 The Unborn Carry the Torch
Feb 12 The Snake Man Liveth
Feb 11 Bob Calls the Judge
Feb 8 Refute This!
Feb 7 The Right Lunatic
Feb 6 Don't Take My Side
Feb 5 Swingin' a Dead Cat
Feb 4 The Bob Principle
Feb 1 Tireless Savages
January 2002
Date Title
Jan 31 Bob and the Catholic II
Jan 30 Bob Debates a Catholic
Jan 29 State of the Union
Jan 28 Debating JWs & RWs
Jan 25 A No-Book Signing
Jan 24 Al-Qaeda Demands
Jan 23 Extradited for Murder
Jan 22 East Coast Women
Jan 21 The Polite Heckler
Jan 18 Bad Brother-in-Law
Jan 17 Marriage Counselor's Divorce
Jan 16 $500 or the Bug Gets It
Jan 15 WND over the Legal Limit
Jan 14 United Church of WHO?
Jan 11 Child Molester M. Jackson
Jan 10 Lord of the Rings
Jan 9 Train 'em Like Men
Jan 8 Can I Get a Whopper?
Jan 7 Larry Flynt in a B52
Jan 4 Original Autographs
Jan 3 Back Masking the Koran
Jan 2 NYT: Terror = Religious Right