Let Her Swap with Esau

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* From The Script -- Bob's unfinished sequel to The Plot, relevant to the sibling swaps segment beginning about 26 minutes into today's program...

Bob Enyart's chart of Genesis sibling swaps from his unfinished manuscript titled, The Script

BEL promoter Mel and producer Tommy at the Etna Green Cafe
Mel & producer Tommy

* Mel Luecke wrote to BEL in 2020: Years after today's program, this longtime BEL friend wrote...

Bob, your studies on Ruth and on the Genesis Sibling Swaps are both EXCELLENT!!! I will never forget the first time I heard you share about Jacob and Esau and the switch and as to why Jacob was called the deceiver. I remember nearly coming out of my chair!! I was so excited!! (That's in your downloadable Bible studies, including Genesis: Jacob, but I first heard it at your seminar at the church where Rich and Jo Holst famously met and were then married!) I noticed something about the first-born status of Ishmael and Isaac that resonated with me because of my own illegitimate birth. My father was dating two women at the same time, one being my mother. When mom became pregnant he abandoned her and ten months later married the other woman. I met my father when I was 17. The daughter Paula that he had with his wife had of course believed that she was the first born, or first daughter, only to then find out I was the first. However I am the first born of my mother (as she is the firstborn of her mother). My father was not thrilled when he first met me it definitely caused tension in his life.

Later, when he was stricken with cancer, what came to my mind was the other story about the sin offering. Bear with me here. The sin that he sought to run from came to his door, which was me, who came with the offer of sharing Jesus the TRUE SIN OFFERING! I prayed that he might receive the forgiveness of sins through the ONCE for ALL PAYMENT for SIN by CHRIST'S SHED BLOOD on the CROSS. The day I visited him was April fools day! His wife is a Christian and she is a gem of a lady; he definitely married the right woman, though it broke my mother's heart. We both knelt down beside his chair, her on one side and myself on other and prayed for him to receive Christ into his heart. Tears streamed down his face! I told him, "Dad, today on April 1st you became a Fool for Christ!" He then desired to be baptized. I told him there was no need to do this but being from the Pentecostal background of his mother, he submitted to water baptism. He died two months later. I had the honor of reading Scripture to him on the day that he passed away and was even asked to do his eulogy. My mother had passed away just six months prior. I said to him just before he passed, "Dad, you're going to see my mom!" My husband noticed the positive way that idea affected him! So, he saw the mother of his firstborn! Ha! Like Ishmael and Isaac! Esau and Jacob! Leah and Rachel! Zerah and Perez! Manasseh and Ephraim! And the ultimate firstborn sibling swaps, Adam and the Last Adam! The One of Promise taking the place of the other of the flesh! Your the BEST teacher BOB!

"We love you Mel! And Doug too, that wonderful 'enabler' of a husband you have!" - Bob & the BEL Staff

August Update: Please pray for Mel and her husband Doug who were hit this month while going the speed limit of 70 mph on the highway by a criminal during a police chase. Both ended up in the hospital and by today, August 8th, Mel's in a regular room but Doug is still in intensive care. Find more information at GoFundMe. This August 2nd photo was taken about two hours before the Florida crime...

Doug & Mel on their motorcycle two hours before the criminal hit them on a Florida highway
Doug & Mel two hours before a criminal hit them