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Some of the world's lowest birth weight babies

Born weighing less than a can of soda
In the table below are some of the many Low Birth Weight babies born around the world. These tiny babies when born; many weeks premature, weighed less than a can of soda.

For more information on these tiny premature babies, some photos and updates, click on the name links in the table below.

Birth Weight
ounces  ¦   grams
of Birth


Place of Birth
8.4 oz244 g2004Rumaisa (F)Chicago, IL,USA25 weeks
9.1 oz259 g2009Oliviyanna (F)Alabama, US24 weeks
9.3 oz265 g2006- (F)Tokyo, Japan25 weeks
9.7 oz275 g2009''Tom Thumb'' (M)Göttingen, Germany25 weeks
9.88 oz280 g1989Madeline (F)Chicago ,IL,USA26 weeks
10 oz283 g2006Amillia (F)Miami, FL,USA23 weeks
10 oz283 g1938Marian (F)South Shields, UK34 weeks
10 oz285 g2002''Perla'' (F)Florence, Italy27 weeks
10.2 oz289 g1999- (F)Tokyo, Japan23 weeks
10.24 oz290 g2000Sophia (F)Portland, OR,USA25 weeks
10.26 oz290 g2001- (F)Ulm, Germany23 weeks
10.26 oz290 g2007- (F)Houston, TX,USA23 weeks
10.6 oz300 g2000- (F)Holon, Israel25 weeks
10.6 oz300 g2007Kimberly (F)Göttingen, Germany25 weeks
10.7 oz303 g2002- (F)Landstuhl, Germany26 weeks
10.8 oz305 g2004Zoe Koz (F)Naperville, IL,USA27 weeks
10.9 oz310 g2000- (F)Evansville, IN,USA26 weeks
11.7 oz332 g2004- (M)Des Moines, IA,USA26 weeks
12.5 oz354 g2007Ruby Dunn (F)Bristol, UK26 weeks

A few premature baby facts


  • Premature birth is defined as birth before 37 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Every year in America, more than 500,000 babies are born early, from about 4,500,000 births
  • About 1,400 premature babies are born each day in the USA - about 1 in 9
  • About 60,000 births, out of 700,000 in the UK each year, are premature births.
  • About 160 premature babies are born each day in the UK - about 1 in 11
  • The UK baby, Aaliyah Hart, born in Birmingham on May 27, 2003, weighed just 12oz.
  • Alex Franks, London, born in February 1999 at 22 weeks, and weighing just 1lb 1oz, she is thought to be the most premature baby to survive in the UK.

  • Babies born at 23 weeks have about 17% chance of survival
  • Babies born at 24 weeks have about 36% chance of survival
  • Babies born at 25 weeks have about 50% chance of survival
  • Babies born at 26 weeks have about 80% chance of survival
  • From 32 weeks onwards, most babies are able to survive with the help of medical technology
  • About 50 per cent of premature babies suffer health problems.