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Welcome to Real Science Radio: Co-hosts Fred Williams and Doug McBurney talk about science to debunk evolution and to show the evidence for the creator God including from biology, genetics, geology, history, paleontology, archaeology, astronomy, philosophy, cosmology, math, and physics. (For example, mutations will give you bad legs long before you'd get good wings.) We get to debate Darwinists and atheists like Lawrence Krauss, AronRa, and Eugenie Scott. We easily take potshots from popular evolutionists like PZ Myers, Phil Plait, and Jerry Coyne. The RSR Archive contains our popular List Shows! And we interview the outstanding scientists who dare to challenge today's accepted creed that nothing created everything.


Alan Bunning: Liberals and Atheists No Longer Control Our Greek Text

Matthew's Gospel Greek manuscriptInexplicably, since at least 1881, the Church has ceded control of the identity of the Greek New Testament to atheist and liberal textual scholars. Enter RSR friend Alan Bunning and his Center for New Testament Restoration ( Alan has assembled all the known handwritten manuscripts of the New Testament up to 400 A.D., transcribed the many that hadn't been transcribed, made these available to the world from his website, and created a computer program to collate the text. Significantly, Tyndale House has published a Greek New Testament using Alan's collation! If you would like to help further Alan's work, you can donate to the CNTR or contact him to volunteer if you have skills in transcription, computer or data science, database administration, web design, Greek linguistics, papyrology, or textual criticism.

* Want to See Greek Manuscripts for the First Time? Bob Enyart suggests the following steps:
- Go to
- Click on Resources, Manuscripts (you'll be here)
- Class: Class 1
- Witness: GA P13
- Scroll down and click on the magnifying glass for Hebrews 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, and 12.
- Click on the small font blue verse numbers for:
   An interlinear (CNTRi)
   Strong's numbers
   Parts of speech
   Bunning Heuristic Prototype (BHP) 
   Parallel readings from all known extant manuscripts to 400 A.D.

* Caught Off Guard: "I was surprised at how fascinated I was by this interview! Thank you RSR and Alan Bunning!" -Nate from Golden, Colorado. Nate, thanks so much! You may also love RSR's program documenting the validity of full ending of Mark's gospel!

RSR Defending the Text:
Rescuing Mark's last 12 verses (this program)
Resolving those Alleged Contradictions
Demolishing the JEDP Documentary Hypothesis
Liberals and Atheists No Longer Control Our Greek Text
- rule (click on Titus 2:13)

* On Demolishing JEDP with Umberto Cassuto: Dr. Peter Gentry helps RSR demolish the attack of the Documentary Hypothesis designed to undermine the authority of God's Word. It's been a pre-Cassuto and post-Cassuto world ever since the eminently qualified academic lectured at Hebrew University against the claimed four JEDP sources of Genesis and whole Pentateuch, that is, the alleged Yahweh, Elohim, Deuteronomist, and Priestly divisions of many of the chapters in the first five books of Moses.

* Another Resource: See the Institute for New Testament Textual Research at the University of Münster.

What We Believe & Why We Believe ItToday's ResourceWhat We Believe & Why We Believe It (Blu-ray, DVD, or Video Download) This is our Christianity 101 series in eight parts...

1. The Bible Itself (revelation, inspiration, illumination, canon)
2. God (attributes, trinity)
3. The Created Beings (angels and man; then the animals)
4. The Old Testament (overview)
5. The New Testament (overview)
6. The Overall Plot of the Bible (dispensations; law and grace; Israel and the Body)
7. The End Times and Hell
8. Eternal Life and Heaven

the covid, a molecular biologist, and an rna vaccine

More than a year ago, on January 29, 2020, Real Science Radio's interview of Kevin Anderson of the Van Andel research center may have been the world's first full-program broadcast interview with a molecular biologist on the coronavirus outbreak. Today, Bob Enyart and CRS' Dr. Anderson update their reporting on the covid to include discussion of RNA, an RNA vaccine, and vaccines morally tainted by testing or manufacturing with tissue from aborted babies. As of today, March 19, 2021, alll of the covid vaccines available, from Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson, were tested and/or produced with fetal cells. We invite you to see the covid vaccine page at the highly-reliable for the latest information!


* 2020 Image of the Human Cell:, the source of this stunning image, credits the various technologies and persons involved:

A small segment of a human cell

And see this stunning animation from the anti-Darwinist intelligent design folks over at the Discovery Institute...

Dr. Paul Giem Grades the RSR 14c Report

* Concluding our 2021 Carbon 14 Series: Years ago RSR was graded on our Carbon 14 presentation. To conclude our current series, we're re-broadcasting this assessment. 

RSR's 14c Everywhere Pt. 4

Diagram of a carbon atomNote: If you approve of Pastor Bob's 95 (covid) Theses as at please consider commenting on the LifeSiteNews article about Denver Bible Church's posting of these on their own church doors!

Bob and Fred have more fun than should be allowed in chemistry class! Real Science Radio's Enyart and Williams start with a statement on Carbon-14 that ALL physicists agree with, and then they address an observation, made ALL over the earth, that most physicists really would rather not think about. (For our full written show summary see The guys talk about predictions regarding carbon 14 and other predictions regarding the ongoing Mars exploration. And they announce two new RSR videos, one of a strange object seen on the Martian landscape (well, just kiddin', but it's fun!) and the other answering the question, What is the Firmament of Day 2 in Genesis? Finally, the guys announce a special guest and a special program next week to conclude this series!

RSR's 14c Everywhere Pt. 3

BEL Telethon state-by-state results 2-27-21
RSR/BEL 2-27-21

* 14c: Carbon-14 doesn't lie. It only lasts thousands of years and yet is plentiful in fossils and diamonds claimed to be millions and billions of years old. On today's program Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart  presents the work of an PhD from MIT in mechanical engineering, Dr. Wallt Brown.

* Telethon Ending: Please consider helping us down the final stretch! We're at $40,095 toward our telethon goal of $50,000 and anticipating a likely contribution of more than $10,000 from a Christian men's group in Canada hoping to help us meet our goal! So if you can in any way, please check out or call us at 1-800-8Enyart (836-9278) to purchase our science resources, sign up for a subscription, or to make a one-time or monthly donation. Thanks so much!

* More about Carbon 14 Dating:
- Walt Brown answers How Accurate is Carbon Dating?
- Check out our own article at




RSR's List of 14c Everywhere It's Not Supposed to Be Pt. 2

Carbon-14 doesn't lie. It only lasts thousands of years and yet is plentiful in fossils and diamonds claimed to be millions and billions of years old. Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams continue their discussion of Carbon-14 by adding to 14c factoids, presenting our List of Carbon-14 Everywhere It's Not Supposed to Be, and then they take neutron capture and knock it out of the ball park (specifically, out of Denver's Coors Field)!

Carbon-14 Everywhere It Shouldn't Be = Young Earth

A diagram of a Carbon-14 atom* The 2021 Version of an RSR Classic: Carbon-14 doesn't lie. It has a relatively brief life and yet is plentiful in fossils and diamonds claimed to be millions and billions of years old. Carbon-14 can't be an anomaly, because it's not here and there but it's everywhere it shouldn't be. This radiocarbon is so unstable that a solid ball of 14c the size of the Earth would all decay into nitrogen in less than a million years. Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams begin today's Carbon-14 program by airing Bob's phone conservation from 15 years ago with Jurassic Park film advisor Jack Horner. Bob offered Jack $23,000 to carbon date the soft tissue T. rex that his team had recently excavated. (The 14c argument for a young-earth parallels the argument made from the 50 peer-reviewed scientific papers, listed at, documenting the existence of still-soft dinosaur blood and many other examples of dinosaur biomaterial "fossils".)

* RSR's 2021 Carbon 14 SeriesPt. 1 (today's show), Pt. 2Pt. 3Pt. 4, and Pt. 5.

RSR Video: Trading Genesis (for secular theories) * Video Subscription: To order a monthly video subscription, just call 800-8Enyart or click here to receive our monthly:
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* 14c Factoids: For a better "gut feel" for the topic...
- Our atmosphere has one carbon-14 atom for every one trillion carbon atoms.
- 21 pounds of 14c are produced in the atmosphere every year!
- Unstable radiocarbon decays with a half-life of 5,730 years. (half-life symbol = t1/2)
- A solid ball of 14c the size of the Earth would all decay into nitrogen in less than a million years.
- A gram of carbon has about 50 sextillion carbon atoms. (50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)
- RSR co-host Fred has about 10 octillion total atoms in his body. (one octillion of carbon)
- Fred, a big guy, carries around about 50 billion radiocarbon atoms! (50,000,000,000)
- Fred's body experiences about 2,500 decays of 14c to nitrogen every second.
- One 14c atom in a trillion carbon atoms is referred to as 100 percent modern carbon. (100 pMC)
- Likewise, 100 14c atoms in a 100 trillion is referred to as 100 percent modern carbon.
- So 50 14c atoms in a 100 trillion carbon atoms is referred to as 50 percent modern carbon. (50 pMC)
- Fifty percent modern carbon is interpreted as 5,730 years before present. (about 6,000 years BP)
- The best AMS labs accurately count 14c atoms to even 0.001 of a percent modern carbon. (100th to a 1000th pMC)
- Published lab measurements show processing introduces 1/10th to 3/10ths of a percent contamination. (~0.2 pMC)
- So lab contamination adds one 14c atom to 250 in 500 trillion carbon atoms. (Yielding 251 of 500 trillion or 50.2 pMC.)
- 14c "ages" get progressively significantly inflated as with bones from 873 AD dated to 200 years earlier
- Pompeii, destroyed in 79 AD, was expected to give appropriate ages but gave 2400 to 5800 years BP.
- Old 14c "dates" are progressively too old and there's far too much C-14 in diamonds, etc., to be contamination!

Yet Another Squeeze: Animal Intelligence Squeezes Darwinism

We're adding "animal intelligence" to The claim that apes should have the highest intelligence in the animal kingdom because we humans supposedly evolved from them turns out to be yet another fail. Did you know, for example, that certains species of birds demonstrate that they know what other birds are thinking? On today's Real Science Radio program Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss really fun and hugely significant examples of animal intelligence! Wait till you can hear what the lowly ant does! RSR thanks Answers in Genesis for publishing Dr. Joe Francis' article Smarter Than You Think which we've used as a framework for today's broadcast. Also, February is our annual telethon month and our goal is $50,000 so we can really use your help! We're only at a couple thousand dollars so far. So if you can, please check out or call us at 1-800-8Enyart (836-9278) to purchase materials, sign up for a subscription, or to make a one-time or monthly donation. Thanks so much!

From These are RSR-styled...
- Animal: Excepting humans, a multicellular biological organism with specialized sense organs and voluntary movement.
- Mammal: A warm-blooded vertebrate animal with hair or fur, females that secrete milk, and, except for the platypus and spiny anteater, the birth of live young.
- Animal Kingdom: The animals of the world collectively, excluding insects and fish (which are more likened to biological robots than to volitional organisms)
- Human being: A person, made in God's likeness, with body, soul and spirit (whereas animals have body and soul)
- Plant: A biological organism that synthesizes nutrients in its leaves by photosynthesis (possessing a body but neither a soul or spirit).

* One minute video of a magpie perceiving what many apes don't

RSR Meets a Platypus

A platypus appears to be swimming in the RSR studioReal Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams let a platypus help them expose the List of Ways Darwinists Invent their Tree of Life. Evolutionists change their selection of what evidence they use to show 'lineage', from DNA to fossils to genes to body plans to teeth to many specific anatomical features to proteins to behavior to developmental similarities to habitat to RNA, etc. and to a combination of such. Darwinism is an entire endeavor based on selection bias, a kind of logical fallacy. By anti-science they arbitrarily select evidence that best matches whichever evolutionary story is currently preferred. Join in as Bill the Platypus shows the way and make sure to see the 20-second video below of him swimming around the RSR studio. :)

Now the platypus is in the RSR break room!  :)

Population Genetics Expert Explains the Darwin-Slaying Science

Biologist Christopher RupeIf one little baby ape, a long long time ago, had an especially helpful mutation, how long would it take before all apes inherited that single genetic improvement? Biologist Christopher Rupe (colleague of last week's guest, geneticist John Sanford) helps Real Science Radio get a better understanding of the science of population genetics. Bob Enyart asks Rupe about something called genetic fixation, about alleles, and the percentage of mutations that are beneficial. The discussion also asks, with the distribution of helpful mutations being exceedingly slower than a snail's pace, what is the pace of the accumulation of harmful mutations? Listeners will also learn about the test of the ape-to-man hypothesis, about how dissimilar chimp DNA is from the human genome, and why the Y chromosome should be the most similar but it is so wildly different that it's as close to a chick Y as a chimp Y!

Mendel's Accountant screenshot* Mendel's Accountant Powerful Evolution Simulator: See also Mendel's Accountant, the web's software tool to simulate the theory of evolution.

* Today's Resource: Bob Enyart's talk, filmed on the Pepperdine University campus in Malibu, Trading Genesis.

* Stunning Talks: If we get a video of Rupe's college lecture, we'll embed it on this page. In the meantime, here's Chris' colleague, Dr. John Sanford, lecturing at NIH: