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Welcome to Real Science Radio: Co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams talk about science to debunk evolution and to show the evidence for the creator God including from biology, genetics, geology, history, paleontology, archaeology, astronomy, philosophy, cosmology, math, and physics. (For example, mutations will give you bad legs long before you'd get good wings.) We get to debate Darwinists and atheists like Lawrence Krauss, AronRa, and Eugenie Scott. We easily take potshots from popular evolutionists like PZ Myers, Phil Plait, and Jerry Coyne. The RSR Archive contains our popular List Shows! And we interview the outstanding scientists who dare to challenge today's accepted creed that nothing created everything.

Sodom located! Secular archaeologists agree with Dr. Steven Collins!

Discovering the City of Sodom by Collins & Scott, cover* One of RSR's Most Important Programs EVER! Biblical archaeologist Dr. Steven Collins has been convincing a lot of secular archaeologists that the ruins of Sodom are located exactly where Genesis 13 locates that historical city. On Real Science Radio today Collins adds great corroboration to our previous interview with Dr. Phillip Silvia about the major Bronze Age city at this location. In the time of Abraham, everything above ground in this city of Sodom was obliterated in an explosive aerial burst of intense heat that demolished the buildings exploding countless clay pots and melting many portions of the resulting potsherds into glass. The catastrophe left the richly arable land salt saturated and non-arable and abandoned for the next five centuries.

* City Discovered! Dr. Collins' Discovering the City of Sodom, published by Simon & Schuster's Howard Books, gets accolades from the director of the archaeological dig at Gath in the West Bank, Aren Maeir, from the archaeological architect of the digs at the Western Wall and Southern Wall of the Temple Mount and the Jewish Quarter Excavations of the Old City of Jerusalem Leen Ritmeyer, and the University of Liverpool emeritus professor of Hebrew and Ancient Semitic Languages Alan Millard. Want to visit the ruins of Sodom? You can spend time on the dig site at the ruins of Sodom for a couple days or longer in January, February, and March 2021. Bob Enyart's God's Criminal Justice SystemJust click on over to to support or even to get involved with Dr. Collin's excavation!

Harvest Handbook of Bible Lands cover

Today's BEL Resource: Many in our science audience have never noticed our Government Department in our KGOV Store. There, we are featuring our classic God's Criminal Justice System seminar and our important videos God and the Death Penalty, Live from Las Vegas, and Bob on Drugs DVDs, and our powerhouse Focus on the Strategy resources! It's a bit different to promote these to an RSR listener, but of course, we all should be versed on such vital matters!

* Also from Real Science Radio: from see... (2020 and 2018 with Dr. Silvia)
Patterns of Evidence.

RSR Asks an Evolutionist to Retract His Rodhocetus Claim

Rodhocetus as initially imagined vs the falsifying later find of more of its skeletonAsking Travis Barlock to Retract Rodhocetus Claim: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart asked University of Denver biology graduate Travis Barlock to retract a specific claim he made about evidence for evolution during Barlock's debate with Bill Jack. On today's program, courtesy of filmmaker Dr. Carl Werner, hear the Rodhocetus discoverer Phil Gingerich admit that the fossil never showed evidence of whale flippers nor of a fluked tail. And now that they have recovered its front legs, Gingerich admits that Rodhocetus did not have flippers, and that therefore, the whale's tale that he imagined was not valid. In a discussion with Enyart after the debate, which you can see in the brief YouTube video below), Barlock said that if he could confirm this information, he would stop using this claim. Bob Enyart Live is now calling on Travis to make good on that commitment. And hear the audio from that post-debate discussion on today's program for questions raised about Barlock's other evolution claims.

* Inviting DU Evolutionists to Enjoy:
RSR's List of Scholars Doubting Darwin
List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit

Mahoney on RSR re Tonight's Red Sea Miracle Pt 2 Premiere!

patterns1-2-3.png(Due to the importance of tonight's premiere, we're re-airing this important program from earlier in the week!) Tim Mahoney, filmmaker of the award-winning Patterns of Evidence series on The Exodus, The Moses Controversy, and The Red Sea Miracle Pt. 1 joins Real Science Radio to discuss tonight's Part 2 conclusion of the extraordinary Exodus trilogy! Good through July 31st! You can get your ticket right now at to view this on your phone, tablet, computer, or large screen TV, at 7 p.m. Central Time, 6 p.m. Mountain Time (and so on). The coronavirus shut down delayed the premiere by two months from May 5th until today, Friday July 17, 2020. And with Mahoney's Thinking Man Films studio just a few miles from where the George Floyd protests erupted, Tim tells Bob Enyart how current events led to a change in the film's ending! And as Mahoney mentioned Egyptologist David Rohl, for more about the archaeoastronomy evidence for the New Chronology, which matches the Bible's chronology, check out

* List of Evidence for the Exodus: See also right here on our website our list of archaeological evidence for the Exodus at! Much of our bulleted list comes from the work of Egyptologist David Rohl, filmmaker Tim Mahoney, and Brad Sparks' paper in Israel's Exodus in Transdisciplinary Perspective. Also, find our own contributions to this list such as that the Hebrews gave the word "Pharaoh" to the world! Also, our English word "alphabet" comes from the first two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, aleph and bet. Then think about the etymology of the word Pharaoh which looks back to the term for the palace of Egypt's king.

Filmmaker on RSR on Friday's Red Sea Miracle Pt 2 Premiere!

patterns1-2-3.pngTim Mahoney, the filmmaker of the award-winning Patterns of Evidence series on The Exodus, The Moses Controversy, and The Red Sea Miracle Pt. 1 joins Real Science Radio to discuss Friday's Part 2 conclusion of the extraordinary Exodus trilogy! Get your ticket at to view this on your phone, tablet, computer, or large screen TV, at 7 p.m. Central Time (calculate your own time zone's viewing time) this Friday, July 17th! With the coronavirus shut down delaying the premiere by two months and with Mahoney's Thinking Man Films studio just a few miles from where the George Floyd protests erupted, Tim tells Bob Enyart how current events led to a big change in the film's ending! And as Mahoney mentioned Egyptologist David Rohl, for more about the archaeoastronomy evidence for the New Chronology, check out

* List of Evidence for the Exodus: See also right here on our website our list of archaeological evidence for the Exodus at! Much of our bulleted list comes from the work of Egyptologist David Rohl, filmmaker Tim Mahoney, and Brad Sparks' paper in Israel's Exodus in Transdisciplinary Perspective. Also, find our own contributions to this list such as that the Hebrews gave the word "Pharaoh" to the world! Also, our English word "alphabet" comes from the first two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, aleph and bet. Then think about the etymology of the word Pharaoh which looks back to the term for the palace of Egypt's king.

RSR's List of Things, Real Things, that are Not Physical

Mathematical symbol for the square root of negative one with a halo over it :)No atheist can argue against the reality of non-material things without using non-material things. It's like someone arguing that there's no such thing as oxygen, while breathing the whole time. It's almost like arguing that there's no such thing as arguing! For when a materialist argues that only the material realm is real, that only material things exist, he cannot do that without using immaterial things. For example, like Einstein said, ideas are not physical. It turns out to be so simple, to disprove the claim that only the physical realm exists for, ideas exist. So Bob Enyart and Fred Williams have fun presenting Real Science Radio's List of Things, Real Things, that are Not Physical, aka RSR's Materialists vs. Everything List! 

* Non-Material Things List:
- Numbers are not physical.
- Math is not physical.
- Information is not physical.
- Grammar is not physical.
- Logic is not physical.
- Reason is not physical.
- Ideas are not physical.
- Science is not physical.
- Concepts are not physical.
- Morality is not physical.
- Truth is not physical.
- Souls are not physical.
- Spirits are not physical.
- Codes are not physical.
- A Googol is not physical.
- A Googolplex is not physical. Knowing where the truth leads, some atheists are afraid to acknowledge that numbers are not physical. In their fear, they throw a temper tantrum and insist that numbers, such as the number 3, are made of matter. So then, how about a googol? That is a 1 followed by a hundred zeroes, a quantity greater than the number of particles in the known universe. And a googolplex, 10 to the googol power, also cannot be made of matter because with that number also, that much matter doesn't exist. But even more emphatic than with a googol, with a googolplex, that number has far more digits than there are particles in the universe! So that number could not, of course, be physical because even its digits could not be physically represented for there are no where near that number of particles in existence.
Mathematical symbol for the square root of negative one with a halo over it :)- The square root of negative one is not physical. The atheist, who is irrational, could be asked, "Are imaginary numbers, such as the square root of negative one, physical?" An imaginary number is a concept and as such, obviously, and like all concepts and all numbers, it is not made of matter. Yet scientists use imaginary numbers to better understand electric circuits and quantum mechanics. A strictly materialist big-bang universe though would be incapable of using an imaginary number, because imaginary numbers are not physical. Therefore, the square root of negative one reveals the intellect of the Creator because it was clearly used as a design element in the creation! When God designed the function of quantum mechanics, like our own designers, He conceived of optimal designs using immaterial concepts. He then implemented that design, in quantum mechanics, even though it utilized an imaginary number which has no parallel in the physical realm. See more including what Wigner and Einstein thought about such things, at
- Infinity is not physical. Yet it is real. Don't believe us? Then believe Vsauce...

Update on Zealandia, the Stunning WWB Discovery of an 8th Continent

Map of Zealandia* Zealandia vs. Plate Tectonics: Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart and Fred Williams give an update on the Workin' for Walt Brown (WWB) discovery of the mostly submerged 1.9 million square-mile continent of Zealandia. All Scientists Work for Walt Brown. Yet his opponents have claimed that no continental crust is sunk beneath the Pacific ocean. If that were true it would disprove Dr. Brown's theory. However, with Zealandia's nearly two million square miles, 94% submerged (except mostly for New Zealand) and with so many other large swaths of sunken continental crust being discovered beneath the Pacific, Dr. Brown's theory is being corroborated, again and again! Regarding the theory of Plate Tectonics (see, a couple million miles of continental crust not subducting, but sinking, does not support the theory.

* Zealandia vs. Catastrophic Plate Tectonics: The primary author of the creationist CPT flood model should issue a retraction of his "missing submerged crust" objection to Dr. Brown's model. See more on that just below in the eight-minute segment of RSR's flood video that's already queued up for you, beginning when you click, at 83 minutes in...

RSR: Microbiologist Kevin Anderson on Epigenetics

* Hollywood Star Ashley Johnson in ID Film post-show note: Super successful actress Ashley Johnson (The Help, The Avengers, lead voice actor in the top video games), also appeared in Alleged about about the Scopes Monkey Trial produced and written by long-time RSR friend Fred Foote. Just click to watch Alleged for free on Prime Video or to get the DVD!

CRS Ph.D. in Microbiology Kevin Anderson in Studio: Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart interviews Creation Research Society board member and microbiologist Dr. Kevin Anderson about the astounding developments in genetic research, creation science, and the amazing new field of epigenetics. (Question: In the city metaphor for a living cell, if the downtown area is the nucleus, and the central library is the DNA molecule, what would you call the train schedule printed on the wall at the station?)

* Show Note: $500 RSR Prize Offer below. Also, the RSR studio update is being completed just now, with a new mixing board, new microphones, and other updates! So today's program comes to us from the often stunning RSR Archives!

* Epigenetics: Our DNA, for all it's wonder, complexity, and sophistication,  tells only part of the story. Watch the two-minute video embedded here which just begins to give examples of additional layers of information that control how our genes are used. Then consider Dr. Anderson's challenge by which he defies any evolutionist to even attempt to give a rational explanation for the origin of the epigenetic mechanisms by any Darwinian means.

Metagenomics and a 2020 Update: Using RSR's time-saving, Google-based Multiple Creation Site Search we assess that the creation community is slow in recognizing that this technology alone has the potential to falsify the Darwinian timeframe. We expect this scientific tool will become a major asset in the creationist's arsenal. Metagenomics is "the study of genetic material recovered directly from environmental samples" also known as environmental genomics, ecogenomics, and community genomics. See also RSR's 2017 metagenomics prediction.

* UPDATE: Illustration of Epigenetics: Bob Enyart shared on air with Stephen Meyers and separately, with Paul Nelson, a way of illustrating one category of epigenetic information, namely, the information inherent in all the molecular machines embedded in the cell membrane. "Imagine that Manhattan Island represents a cell, and that the main public library on 42nd Stree represents the DNA in the nucleus, and that the entire city is just completing the process of reproducing itself. There are now two cities, and two libraries filled with DNA, but also, the process of mitosis has duplicated the bridges and tunnels which connected the city to the rest of the world. Such membrane structures inherently comprise great quantities of information, which in our analogy is one category, among many, of epigenetic, non-DNA, information." We probably shouldn't describe epigenetic information as non-nuclear, or extra-nuclear, because there is probably plenty of epigenetic information with a cell's nucleus. "Non-DNA biological information", may be the best term, except that psychological (i.e., soulical) information likely transcends the biological information, and probably fills an essential role in animal instinct.

* LOOK WHAT THE LORD HATH WROUGHT! Post-show update. See this stunning animation from the anti-Darwinist intelligent design folks over at the Discovery Institute...

RSR's Software Invention: The Omniscient Display.exe

* RSR's Display Program: Can auto-generate every page of every book ever written! No joke! Read on...  

* A Software Program to Inform Philosophical Discussion: The Real Science Radio hosts have fun describing Bob Enyart's software invention. Its stunning features make it a "software invention" rather than a typical example of "software development." Bob promises to resign his radio program of 25 years if he is not being truthful about what his program can do. For example, it displays the pages of books. All books. Software engineer Fred Williams discusses the source code published below with this RSR show summary, and the truncated version of Display.exe, below, which runs in your browser. Of course the program is not actually omniscient; but rather, as the guys list its many features, it merely appears to be omniscient, virtually. :)

Previously Posted on TheologyOnline: Publicly disclosed on television June 2, 1998 and before. (We don't know if anyone else has ever invented this, so this post may help to answer that question.)

Software Feature #1: I've written a software program that displays the code of OTHER software programs. You don't have to have the other program available, neither the source (obviously), nor even the executable code. You just run Display and it will show the source code of any other program.

RSR's display.exe example outputSoftware Feature #2: 12-6-09 My program also displays the pages of published books. Every book. And you don't have to have any such book available. The program itself displays the pages of any book.

Software Feature #3: 12-7-09 My program also displays published texts, translated into other languages.

Software Feature #4: 12-8-09 Display.exe presents a universal mathematical proof demonstrating that human creativity is not infinite but finite.

Software Feature #5: 12-11-09 Display.exe will display the text on scrolls.

Software Feature #6: 12-15-09 Yes, Display.exe will display sheet music. (A TOL'er called the radio studio, and I agreed to answer this here. I apologize that we've been too busy to keep up with this thread. On Jan. 1, 2010, we'll post to TOL either a typical output page from Display, or the program's own source code, depending upon interest.)

Software Feature #7: 1-3-10 Photos & Captions: In response to Stripe who wrote, "looks like it'll produce just about anything you want it to... in text only form... " Thanks Stripe for weighing in on this. It will display not only the text of books, but also their photos (with captions), graphs, and charts.

The startling implications of Display.exe are far beyond anything the Supreme Court may rule in their current intellectual property case.

-Bob Enyart

* Display.exe Source Code

Public Class Form1
....Dim n As Integer
....Dim HistoryWritten As Boolean
....Dim upperbound As Integer = 10000001
....' Set binary array to needed length + 1
....Dim MBit(upperbound) As Boolean

....Sub ZeroOutArray()
........For n = 0 To upperbound - 1
............MBit(n) = 0
....End Sub

....Sub Count()
........n = 0
............If MBit(0) = False Then
................MBit(0) = True
................For n = 0 To 100000
............Else : HistoryWritten = True
................For n = 0 To upperbound - 1
....................If MBit(n) = False Then
........................HistoryWritten = False
....................End If
................If HistoryWritten = False Then
....................n = 0
....................MBit(n) = False
....................Label1.Visible = False
....................Do While MBit(n + 1) = True
........................n = n + 1
........................MBit(n) = False
....................MBit(n + 1) = True
....................n = n + 1
................End If
............End If
........Loop Until n = upperbound
....End Sub
....' History dump... world, that is.
End Class

Here's an example output page from Display.exe. By the way, the program doesn't have to start from the beginning, but it could start from any point, for example, the user could begin with this image and have the program run forward to the see the next images. Or, it could run backward. Either way.

Replies To Comments: made over at the Display.exe thread at

Granite: If I am not being honest, I will quit my daily radio show of 18 years running on the most powerful U.S. Christian station.
csuguy: The source code is displayed in the program's native code, whether Lucid, C++, BASIC, Turbo Pascal, Java, PHP, Assembly, etc.
AMR: Over the years we've used Patton Boggs (Clinton's lawyers) for patent work. Your cost estimates of course are for after the USPTO rejects your original application.
noguru: my software displays the source code for ANY program, written in any language, whether no longer available, proprietary, etc. I doubt there's another such program.
fool: fool, where could TOLers look to authenticate your challenge?
AMR: There's no cat in 'the bag' AMR, but Display can show you the cat in the hat
kmoney: "I don't think it's possible. This is some joke..." No joke. I've written the program, and yes, it makes a point.
MR & aa: To assuranceagent (see also entire post)...

Originally Posted by Bob Enyart

Regarding MR's comment about Display.exe being perhaps a metaphor for open theism, the program is not a metaphor but a mathematical proof. But to the extent that philosophers or theologians could use it as an argument, assuranceagent has a point... An open theist... asked: "If by appearances, Display.exe will be more readily used as an argument for those who promote a settled future (as opposed to an open future), then why promote it?" I answered, because it is true. And acknowledging truth, regardless of how it cuts, brings us closer to the one who is Truth. -Bob

* Functioning Truncated Display Program: Here is a functioning Display.exe program, although with its output truncated. With this version, you can see the program actually running, but you're only able to see it on a tiny screen with the size of the pixels greatly enlarged for demonstration purposes.

Real Science Radio on Race and Black Racism

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution dramatically increased the arguments for racism according to Harvard's famed evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould, as The Origin of Species book is subtitled, "Preservation of Favoured Races". Darwin also wrote that "the negro" is closer to "the gorilla" than is the evolutionist's own "civilized" race.

* Racist Darwin's Racist Writings:

Racist Darwin's subtitle, Preservation of Favoured Races

* Darwin Claimed Blacks Are Closer to Apes:

Later editions of Darwin's Origin of Species dropped the phrase "Favored Races" from the book's title. But then in his second book, after asking whether man has given rise to races that "must be classed as doubtful species", Darwin ominously wrote:

At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilised races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes, as Professor Schaaffhausen has remarked, will no doubt be exterminated. The break [between humans and animals] will then be rendered wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilised state, as we may hope, than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as at present between the negro... and the gorilla.

-Charles Darwin, The Descent of Manp. 156.

* Darwin's Racism Spreads Fast and Furious: A famed 20th-century evolutionist, Harvard's Stephen Jay Gould, admitted:

Biological arguments for racism may have been common before 1850, but they increased by orders of magnitude following the acceptance of evolutionary theory.

* True White Privilege Given to Whites by Liberals: RSR hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss the true white privilege, that our own white children are warned not to be racist while cruelly, black children are told by liberals that they are not able to be racist. That dehumanizing absurdity is a primary reason for the seething and unchecked systemic racism within the black community. Further, the epidemic of black violence is the main reason for tension between overwhelmingly non-racist police departments and the broadly racist black community. Black Lives Matter to the cops but not to Black Lives Matter. So the guys air audio from scholars Heather Mac Donald and Voddie Bacham but not before quoting God's Word, that God "has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth..."

RSR on the Bible's Giants & the Nephilim Pt. 3

Photo of a fake giant skeleton being dug out of the ground
Overtly Fake

Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart and Fred Williams continue their discussion of the Bible's mention of giants, the practical limits to their actual size (see Robert Wadlow next to an RSR listener's grandmother at the 1934 Chicago World's Fair), and their relationship to the infamous biblical nephilim. See also and Post-show update: Consider also when considering a spirit being's ability to manifest himself physically, that God describes manna from heaven as "angels food."

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