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Welcome to Real Science Radio: Co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams talk about science to debunk evolution and to show the evidence for the creator God including from biology, genetics, geology, history, paleontology, archaeology, astronomy, philosophy, cosmology, math, and physics. (For example, mutations will give you bad legs long before you'd get good wings.) We get to debate Darwinists and atheists like Lawrence Krauss, AronRa, and Eugenie Scott. We easily take potshots from popular evolutionists like PZ Myers, Phil Plait, and Jerry Coyne. We're the home of the popular List Shows! And we interview the outstanding scientists who dare to challenge today's accepted creed that nothing created everything.

Rebutting Hawaii's "Hotspot" Origin Pt. 3

In this third episode of this series on volcanism and Hawaii's origin, Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart and Fred Williams present five arguments against the hotspot hypothesis. For example, "hotspot" island chains like in Hawaii and the Bermuda Rise have associated volcano chains at large angles and even almost perpendicular to the claimed movement of the plates. This series begins at and the hotshot rebuttal begins lat week at

Hawaii Hotspot Hypothesis Widely Discredited

Illustrating the discredited Hawaii hotspot hypothesis
Discredited Hotspot Model

* Perpendicular Hotspot Chains? Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart and Fred Williams present the geology rebuttal to the "hotspot" explanation of the formation of the Hawaiian island chain. For example, hotspot volcano chains like in Hawaii and the Bermuda Rise have chains at large angles and even almost perpendicular to the claimed movement of their plates.

* Last Week's Favorites:
- NP Chief Ranger: Listeners appreciated that RSR's understanding of volcanism was affirmed last week by long-time national park chief ranger Mark Tanaka-Sanders from Hawaii's volcanic Haleakala NP when he joined Enyart and Williams in studio.
- Surtsey Island: The powerful counter-example of Surtsey was among the positive comments we've received about last week's broadcast when mainstream scientists admit that Surtsey, an island birthed only 55 years ago on November 14th, 1963, formed many surface features in just a few decades rather than in tens of thousands or millions of years that geologists have been taught would be required, of course thereby falsifying much of what the geology textbooks claim.

Hawaii's Kilauea Volcanic Eruption, Uniformitarianism & the Young Earth

Hawaii's 2018 eruption affecting the Big Island's population* Hotspot Hypothesis: If you're interested mostly in learning about the widely-discredited "hotspot" hypothesis on the origin of chains of volcanoes, go directly to Part 2 of this series on Kilauea and Hawaii's volcanoes. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the opening of this 3-part series.

* Hawaii's Kilauea Eruption & Uniformitarianism: With the Big Island's current volcanic eruption as the backdrop, Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams provide counter examples to dispute the claimed uniformitarianism that leads old-earth geologists to the "hotspot" hypothesis for how the Hawaiian Islands formed.

* Of Chief Ranger Fame: It turns out that Mark Tanaka-Sanders is shocked to hear the guys so openly disagree with the government's explanation of such things. Mark, of Chief Ranger fame, from Hawaii's volcanic Haleakala National Park, was instrumental in removing Yellowstone's false exhibit about petrified tree.

Dear NASA, Thanks For Taking Our Call

* Water is the Enemy of the Origin of Life: During a prestigious science conference this week in Germany, a Science editor selected a question submitted by Real Science Radio and put it to a NASA astrobiologist regarding water being an enemy, and not an asset, to the supposed origin of life from inanimate matter. So while the left was distracted over its obsession with Trump, here at RSR we quietly snuck up to their perimeter and lobbed in a truth bomb. Bob Enyart and Fred Williams air the audio of news editor Tim Appenzeller asking the question, and then they listen to the response from senior “astrobiologist” Dr. Mary Voytek. Evolutionists often present their problems as though they were evidence for their theory (as for example with sexual reproduction, and sometimes, like with the famed anti-creationist Eugenie Scott, even forget what the word "problem" means).

RSR question submitted to NASA's astriobiologist during 7/17/18 AAAS conference
RSR question asked of NASA during AAAS event in Germany

Einstein's Is and Ought

Dawkin's alien drawn as an ichthus* A Decade Back into the RSR Archives: [Note: Perhaps you can help RSR's BB video reach 800 views!] On this radio program, co-hosts Bob Enyart and creation speaker and engineer Fred Williams discuss articles from (then for the March, April, & May 2008 Creation magazine. Letter from a Christian Citizen: Doug Wilson tells Creation magazine that the "philosopher David Hume (himself a skeptic) showed, several centuries ago, that there is no real way to get from 'is' to 'ought.' How do I get from a description of the way things are ... to the way they ought to be? ... Should a human mother care for her children... or eat them like some spiders do? Science doesn't give us ethical information." Btw, Fred is also the webmaster for the Creation Research Society.

Show summary from

* Letter from a Christian Citizen: Doug Wilson tells Creation magazine that the "philosopher David Hume (himself a skeptic) showed, several centuries ago, that there is no real way to get from 'is' to 'ought.' How do I get from a description of the way things are ... to the way they ought to be? ... Should a human mother care for her children... or eat them like some spiders do? Science doesn't give us ethical information."

To this American Right To Life would add, from their article, Einstein In His Own Words:

"In 1936 Einstein famously wrote, 'the most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible,' and in 1944, remarking about Russell, he described the ability to get from matter to ideas as a 'gulf-logically unbridgeable,' which some scientists and linguists refer to as Einstein's Gulf, and in 1950, Einstein wrote that 'science can only ascertain what is, but not what should be,' necessarily excluding from its domain 'value judgments of all kinds.'"

Creation magazine then observes the irony that "atheists... actually build their worldview by making illegitimate extrapolations from science." See also and again,

* The Fish Wars: Atheists and evolutionists widely desecrate the Christian fish symbol by putting legs on it to symbolize evolution. Dr. Thomas Lessl of the University of Georgia researched the motivations and was told, "I did it to annoy the Christian right wing, since they are fond of putting the fish/Christ symbols on their cars..." and "Creationists are [expletive]... Humans are no better than chickens [BE: How does he know, has he tasted them?]... earthworms... algae or infectious salmonella..." [BE: Britain’s Prince Philip of the Worldwide Fund for Nature even wishes to be an infectious germ, saying that he would like to be reincarnated as a "killer virus to lower human population levels." Prince HIVlip, perhaps?] Dr. Lessl commented, "By inserting Darwin's name in the place of the fish icon usually reserved for Christ, the icthus symbol is ritually profaned."

Hydroplate Theory Explanation for the Grand Canyon

The funnel where Grand Lake breached and carved out the Grand Canyon* June is Grand Canyon Month at RSR! Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart concludes with Part 5 his series with Bryan Nickel. If you Google: origin of the Grand Canyon, you'll see that Dr. Walt Brown's online 18-page explanation is ranked #1 out of a million related websites! Further, because the entire region is unique in the world, we expect, and it turns out to be true, that the same causes that excavated the canyon also explain the many wonders of the region’s many National Parks and geological tourist attractions. So RSR offers our Grand Canyon Special for $100 which includes three of Dr. Brown's In the Beginning books, DVDs of Bryan Nickel's and Mike Snavley's complimentary videos on the origin of the canyon, and an audio disc of this 5-part radio series! Today's program first answers the argument that the now extinct Grand Lake never existed. And then Bob and Bryan present in 18 sequential steps the Grand and Hopi Lakes breached-dams explanation for the Grand Canyon!

* RSR's Grand Canyon Special: Help spread the word, get better informed, and keep us broadcasting by purchasing RSR's $100 Grand Canyon Special, our canyon radio series on disc, two stunning videos, and three copies of Walt Brown's book! 

RSR's Grand Canyon Special: 3 In the Beginning books, the Nickel and Snavely videos, and our Grand Canyon series on an audio CD!

* Where are the Shorelines and Sediments for Walt Brown's Grand Lake? Bob and Bryan respond to the argument from Michael Oard and others that Grand Lake did not exist. For other extinct lakes, such as Missoula and Lake Bonneville, geologists find lakebed sediments and well-defined shorelines etched into the shelves around those lakes. So Grand Lake, they conclude, never existed and therefore could not carve out the Grand Canyon. In reply and presenting much of Dr. Walt Brown's answer to the Grand Lake shoreline question, RSR observes that:

Plagiarism & the Canyon’s Initial Conditions

Snippet of Walt Brown's plagiarism letter to Steve AustinJune is Grand Canyon Month at RSR! Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart continues with Part 4 of his Bryan Nickel interview (that begins at First Bob presents the two main reasons why leading creationists have steered people away from Dr. Walt Brown, namely, the canopy theory and plagiarism. (See the canopy reason documented in RSR's flood video and the plagiarism documentation here.)

* RSR's List of Initial Conditions that Brought About the Canyon: Bryan Nickel describes how Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory helps to illuminate what the geology of the region was like before the Grand Canyon was carved and also, how these initial conditions came to be. Only after the stage was set, so to speak, did a dam breach catastrophically carve the canyon. Bob and Bryan begin with the parallel boundaries and flat gaps between the region's strata:

Grand Canyon's parallel layers provide powerful evidence against a 250-million year deposition
Why parallel strata?

- The uniform layers and how their parallel boundaries and flat gaps came to be (Answer: Liquefaction!)
- The newly formed Colorado Rockies and how they were raised up so quickly
- The "great unconformity" at the bottom of the canyon's horizontal layers where the strata is suddenly all tilted and beveled off
- The Colorado Plateau of more than 100,000 square miles of rock rising thousands of feet into the air and how it got up there
- The two ancient great lakes, Hopi and Grand Lakes raised thousands of feet higher than the surrounding terrain
- The water-saturated sedimentary layers beneath and around these lakes, and
- The last initial condition is actually something that was not there until the excavation, the Kaibab Plateau!

List of Problems with 'The Flood Carved the Canyon'

Image of the earth with all it's surface water in a sphere above North America
Plateau is too high

June is Grand Canyon Month at RSR! Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart continues his Bryan Nickel interview on the origin of the Grand Canyon. (Series begins at At the Creation Ministries Int’l site, meteorologist (with extensive geology training and experience) Michael Oard writes in How Old Is the Grand Canyon that, “the late Flood channelized flow carved the Canyon.” However, we will attempt to demonstrate that just as much evidence disproves the claim that the river carved the canyon, likewise, the following list of evidence disproves the claim that the floodwaters carved the canyon. (The list continues just below Bryan's video.)

RSR's List of Problems with 'The Flood Carved the Canyon'

- There is only one Grand Canyon: Floodwaters were running off the continents all over the world. Yet they didn't carve seven, or dozens, or hundreds of similar sites. Rather, the Grand Canyon is only one of the seven wonders of the world. Because floodwaters ran off the continents worldwide, if they had sufficient energy to carve such canyons into the continents, then in North America alone such wonders could exist in the northeast, the Midwest, the south, in Canada, and Mexico. And quite of few similar flood runoff canyons could pockmark the Earth, in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. But there is only one Grand Canyon!