RSR Refutes NPR

*Humiliation 101: Listen as Fred Williams and Doug McBurney discuss Real Science, on Friday! This week they analyze and refute the nonsense passed off as science by Ira Flatow over at NPR, (starting with analysis of Ira's Marxist oratory formulae, and the professor he humiliates).

*Test for Echo: The NPR host says that of course evolution is just "how scientists understand biology"! But there are plenty of doubting scientists who believe evolution is at best unworkable, at middling ridiculous, and at worst evil!

*March Madness: Hear the evolutionists lament the fact that some of the early imagery designed by evolutionists to fool children about origins "did more harm than good" for their cause (because many early proponents of Darwinism did not understand it would eventually involve the overthrow of all reason). We remind them that images like the "March of Progress" were also fake, phony and full of lies!

*Stealing the Devil His Due: Asked for his best evidence "that evolution is real'', Prosanta Chakrabarty, Ph.D. misappropriates the name of God's Tree of Life, makes false claims about the evolutionist's "Tree of whatever", and ignores, or misrepresents the mountain of anti-evolution evidence accumulating in the Real Science world of genetics!

*Everything Makes Nonsense: Flatow dusts off Dobzhansky's old saw that "nothing in biology makes sense without evolution." But that was proven false at least a decade ago by The Late Great Bob Enyart himself!

*The Evolution of "Evilution": Is it just me or does Ira slip into the "Richard Dawkins" pronunciation of "Evilution" every once in a while? Regardless! His assertion regarding "neutral" evolution doesn't hold up according to his otherwise fellow travelers over at Quanta Magazine, and is being absolutely dunked on by Real Science researchers and their studies of cave fish adaptation at ICR.

Trading Biology for Non-Binary: The only thing more pitiful than listening to an NPR host trying to align science, gender ideology and creepy weird sex stuff, is hearing a full professor, (and father of two girls) go along with it. Please just let the humiliation end!