The Man in the Moon Part IV

*Correction: Doug mistakenly spoke for "all HPT advocates I've spoken with..." regarding his alleged "ticking time bomb" problem. Bryan Nickel is an HPT advocate who has spent countless hours discussing HPT with Walt since 2009.  Bryan is the author of the amazing HPT Video Series on YouTube. He had spoken with Doug, presented Dr. Brown's "steady state" argument, and provided Doug a detailed presentation on why he  and Walt Brown believe it effectively answers the alleged problem of the ticking time bomb. (Doug mistakenly attributed another person's subsequent statement on the matter to Bryan in his mind, leading to Doug's erroneous statement, for which he offers this correction).
*Fudge Factor: What if your cosmology model had to suddenly compensate for bodies that appear way older than you predicted? Simple! Just fudge it by almost 100%, and the problem appears to.... disappear!
*Big Bang & Universal Expansion: Hear Sal Cordova explain the JWST's falsification of the Big Bang predictions regarding red shift and the expanding universe in under 4 minutes!

*The First Creationist Hydroplate Conference: September 21-23, 2023. Join Fred, Doug and an “A-List” of RSR favorites for the first conference on Creation and Hydroplate Theory Science! Attend virtually by registering today at:

*Drugs & Damnation Update: A listener writes in to report on his experience on the gov't school "front-lines", with young people disabled by psychoactive drugs before they ever had a chance...

*The Tree, Heaven on Earth and HPT: Hear a suggestion from a listener who has ideas about how the pre flood crust dissipated the heat from the Great Deep, (and how Bob Enyart's teaching about Heaven on Earth comes to bear, and how his teaching on the Tree of Knowledge may come into play also).

*The Hydroplate Theory in One Page! And in a large, easy to read font! (Granted, it took both sides of one standard page). But here it is!

*A Proposed Catastrophic Theory for the Geologic Features of the Moon: Hear about, (and read for yourself) the technical paper submitted to ICC about why the moon looks the way it does. And here's that link to evidence for how a crack in a pressurized sphere with a pliable shell propagates. (We welcome the submission of suggestions, disagreements and corrections!)