CENSORED BY YOUTUBE: Should I Vaccinate my Baby? with Brian Lauer

NOTE: Our video for this show was CENSORED by YouTube! Video now on Rumble here!

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*Welcome Brian Lauer: This week Fred Williams and Doug McBurney interview Christian and creation speaker Brian Lauer on the question of whether or not parents should follow America's "mandatory" (only if you send your kids to the government schools), or "recommended" vaccine schedules.

*How We Got Here: With vaccinations anyway... Did you know the history of vaccinations? Or why they're called vaccinations? It's an interesting, often inspiring, and sometimes uncomfortable story from back before "informed consent" was much of a thingbut the "scientific establishment" certainly was!  

*Safe and Effective? Hear about one doctor's experience in administering, and investigating the safety and efficacy of the surprisingly long list of vaccines either advocated or mandated for American children.

Testimony Against Interest: See the testimony of Vaccine "expert" Kathryn Edwards regarding the real risks (that you may have never heard about) associated with many childhood vaccines.

Ivermectin Between Us: Read a book by a real doctor about what happened to him when he proved Ivermectin was an inexpensive, effective drug for treating COVID 19, and how a relatively innocuous drug revealed a dangerous spiritual division that threatens the future of the country.

An Infant Vaccine for What? We ask why a vaccine for a disease like Hepatitis B, (commonly transmitted via sex or sharing needles between drug addicts) is being recommended for a healthy mom's newborn within the first 24 hours of birth. Anyone who has a reasonable answer is invited to write, or come on the show.

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