Ellen McHenry Gets Outta the Basement...

Ellen McHenry, creator of the Brain Hat, making HPT materials!* McHenry in Studio: The creative genius behing Ellen McHenry's Basement Worshop Bob Enyart interviews Ellen McHenry, textbook author and creator of the renowned Brain Hat, used by some of the world's leading museums and science associations. (What's a brain hat? See left, listen to Ellen describe it, or just Google it.) Ellen has authored science textbooks for fourth grade and up sold to educators in nearly fifty countries, including The Brain, Rocks & Dirt, The Elements, and Mapping the World with Art. So why is Ellen a friend of BEL and Real Science Radio? First, her textbooks include many major discoveries and a lot of science left out of standard texts because of the questions these raise. Ellen McHenry's No rain before the flood coloring page for kidsSecond, Ellen's curriculum materials, while usable even in public schools and homeschool coops with diverse members, are not hostile toward creationism. Third, when Rocks & Dirt, for example, lists various ways people have explained the Earth's features, it includes a brief description of Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory. For her other resources on HPT, against plate tectonics, etc., see rsr.org/ellen or go directly to...
Hydroplate Theory for Kids page
- Summary of geomorphologist Smoot's work against plate tectonics
- Smoot's points against PT on RSR by McHenry
- Ellen's No Rain Before the Flood coloring page
- McHenry's HPT coloring chart
- BEL's Ellen interview (this page) 
- And her famous Brain Hat (above)!

Hydroplate Theory coloring chart for kids by Ellen McHenry

Also on today's broadcast:

* Enyart's Debate Opponent / Leading Pot Advocate Goes Nuts: On the Huffington Post Bob Enyart debated Colorado's pot legalization lawyer Robert Corry. Fast forward to today, this attorney just went nuts in an episode at the Denver International Airport where he claims Arabs in a helicopter were chasing him. Corry, who dismissed Enyart's warning about potheads, was charged with kidnapping and auto theft. See this at rsr.org/pot#news.

* Some ITB Resources for Kids:

Ellen McHenry website screenshot; ITB resources

* And in her spare time: She builds hands-on science exhibits! See this amazing six-minute tour of Ellen McHenry's 2019 Dominion Science Center outdoor museum in Boalsburg, PA...

In addition to writing, McHenry's passion for teaching leads her to build interactive science exhibits. If a creation museum wanted to build or enhance a hands-on section, wow, they've got a resource in Mrs. McHenry!