Gopherwood, Dino Soft Tissue, & Paluxy with Dr. Carl Baugh Part II

*Killing the Messenger: But not the message! Hear how Dr. Baugh and the Paluxy footprints have survived the slings and arrows of worldly fortune to remain in the battle at the Creation Evidence Museum of Texas in Glen Rose.
*Death of an Atheist: Dr. Baugh talks about his ministry opportunity with former atheist Stephen J. Gould & current atheist Richard Dawkins in Glen Rose, (he was too busy, but his 17 year old assistant got it done), and his open invitation to Lawrence Krauss and Neil "Inhale" deGrasse Tyson. (as long as they behave themselves).
*Global Witness: The global limestone layer is a witness to the global flood of Noah's day.
*Glen Kuban Footprint Iconoclast: Dr. Baugh doesn't name names, but here at RSR we know Glen Kuban as the Footprint Iconoclast!

*Collagen Found in Dinosaur Bones: Despite efforts to discredit the suggestion of a young age for dinosaurs implied by the human footprints found with them at Paluxy, skeptics will not overcome Mary Schweitzer's discoveries & the irrefutable evidence of Dinosaur Collagen.