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Welcome to Real Science Radio: Co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams talk about science to debunk evolution and to show the evidence for the creator God including from biology, genetics, geology, history, paleontology, archaeology, astronomy, philosophy, cosmology, math, and physics. (For example, mutations will give you bad legs long before you'd get good wings.) We get to debate Darwinists and atheists like Lawrence Krauss, AronRa, and Eugenie Scott. We easily take potshots from popular evolutionists like PZ Myers, Phil Plait, and Jerry Coyne. The RSR Archive contains our popular List Shows! And we interview the outstanding scientists who dare to challenge today's accepted creed that nothing created everything.

Doug Axe on RSR on his Historic Discovery of Protein Structure

Undeniable book cover* A Place in the History of Molecular Biology: At Cambridge University, anti-Darwinist Douglas Axe worked for some of the world's leading molecular biologists in the laboratory established by four Nobel laureates including the guys who discovered DNA's double-helix. Decades after Watson and Crick broke the field of molecular biology wide open, evolutionists at Cambridge were still publishing the claim that the recipe for building proteins had just a couple of rudimentary requirements. Doug's groundbreaking research showed that the "simple model" of protein construction was false. Further, shocking to evolutionists, Axe showed that the very particular order of hundreds of various amino acids was a very specific sequence needed for standard protein function (with a specific, different sequence needed for each kind of protein). Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart is honored to interview Dr. Axe!

* To Get the Book: You can purchase Doug's fabulous book wherever great boooks are sold including at or elsewhere as listed at the book's website,!

* Other RSR Discovery Institute Interviews: To hear our other fun and information interviews with Discovery Institute scientists and scholars, just click on over to

* The Richard Dawkins 3-to-1 Evolution Challenge: Research for a debate on the Bible led Bob Enyart and his associate Will Duffy to Oxford University. While there, thinking about the popularity of RSR's graphical evolution challenges, such as the Evolution Vision Challenge and about the success of our PZ Myers Trochlea Challenge (click for that evolutionist's reply), the guys decided to hand deliver to the Oxford office of professor emeritus Richard Dawkins a printed copy of RSR's Dawkins 3-to-1 Challenge. (Dawkins still lectures there for a course titled, Science Literacy: Evolution for Non-Scientists.) Intelligent Design arguments based on complexity, like the flagellum argument offered by Michael Behe, are powerful yet that very complexity provides opportunities for opponents to obfuscate. (For example, if a cellular component is assembled from twenty parts, an evolutionist can make somewhat irrelevant comments about two or three of those parts, and get millions of evolutionists to claim that he has refuted that design challenge.) Thus Real Science Radio has been testing arguments based on the simpler, rather than the more complex, aspects of organisms. It appears that these inherently simpler arguments may more effectively demonstrate the inability of the materialist worldview to explain biology. (Our Myers Trochlea Challenge is just such an argument, focusing on one of the simplest parts of the human vision system.) So the graphic that we delivered to New College asserts that neither Richard Dawkins, nor any materialist, will ever be able to answer this simple Dawkins 3-to-1 Evolution Challenge:


* RSR's Vision Challenge:

A brain doesn't "see" an image but a symbolic code of that image

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"If the people can do it the sheep can do it", Temple Grandin in Patterns

Upate -- Temple Grandin on HCQ: On the phone on March 18th with renowned scientist Temple Grandin Bob Enyart and Temple were talking about the report just out in the Nature journal Cell Discovery. At you can find out more about our call.

If the people can do it, Jacob's Sheep can do it! :)* Review of Patterns III: Red Sea Miracle: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams review Tim Mahoney's third installment in his Patterns of Evidence series, The Red Sea Miracle. The guys begin with audience favorite, CSU professor autism spokesperson and author of 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers on animal behavior Temple Grandin, who answers Mahoney's question about whether sheep could travel twenty miles a day for days on end. "If the people can do it the sheep can do it" she answered bluntly. Thus this woman, named by Time magazine as one of the hundred most influential people in the world, swiped away in a simple sentence a century of objection to the "Hebrew approach" on crossing the desert to the sea. That was one of various objections, both scholarly (like the location of yam suph) and colloquial (like sandals would wear out), addressed by the film's evaluation of the "Egyptian approach" of a nearby, smaller, and less miraculous crossing as compared to what Mahoney calls a "Hebrew approach" to a far greater and more miraculous Red Sea Crossing. (This RSR episode was recorded the day after the nationwide fathom event screening. And consider visiting the landing page for our list of evidence!)

* Mahoney's Patterns:
Patterns of Evidence -- The Exodus: Arrival; Multiplication; Slavery; Judgment; Exodus; Conquest.
Patterns of Evidence -- Moses Controversy: Match the Look; Readable; Match the History.
Patterns of Evidence -- The Red Sea Miracle: Departure Point; Direction; Desert; Detour to a Dead End; Deep Sea; Destination to Mt. Sinai.

* The Reversal of Egyptologist Manfred Bietak: In the early 2000s after years leading Egyptian excavations Egyptologist Manfred Bietak on camera answers Mahoney's question about evidence for the Israelites in Egypt, bluntly stating, "So far, not." That wasn't the "so far" of a hopeful investigator but rather as a mainstream scholar he did not recognize the historicity of the Hebrew sojourn and added, "To connect this with the Israelites is a very weak affair." Fast forward more than a decade later and Mahoney again interviews him, asking about any knowledge gained in the intervening years, "Do you [now] see a place where the Israelites could have lived?" And in a dramatic reversal, "A very exciting evidence comes from the region of the Wadi Tumilat" Bietak says pointing to the Goshen region on a map. "I was able to prove that the western half of Wadi Tumilat was an enormous overflow lake, because it was a kind of enormous basin, fed by a branch of the Nile, eighteen kilometers long, 1.8 kilometers wide. What is most interesting, Sarah Groll [the late linquist Egyptologist toponyms expert] pointed it out, there is a lake in one of the Ramesside texts called Geshem, Gesem." This is one of the semitic place names Groll identified. "And indeed in the Septuagint version," Bietak continued, "Goshen is written as Gesem. … Gesem is a semitic lake tied to a big lake, and it can only be this lake" he says tapping on the map at Goshen. So Mahoney askms why semitic place names would appear in Egypt and Bietak answered. "Why did Egyptian scribes for heavens sake use semitic toponyms for an area that belongs to Egypt? It could only mean that the people living there, the majority, spoke a semitic language. Here we have the name Pithom tied to a Ramasside document" pointing again to the map. "I think that one should not mistrust the story of the sojourn of the Israelites in Egypt. I think there is packed inside, a story which may have an historic background." See also

* On Yam Suph / The Red Sea: BEL DRAFT NOTES. The last thing that the world needs is a new idea on the Red Sea. But, what if Yam Suph did not exist as a toponym (a geographic name) prior to the sea crossing, but rather, as Moses was saved in the suph of the Nile's waters, the water crossed took on that idiomatic name precisely because the Israelites were saved through its waters? Watching Tim Mahoney's Red Sea Miracle prompted the following idea. Scholars in the film state what has long been known, that the Hebrew yam means sea, and that suph does not mean red, but rather, reeds. Consider that the "names" of the pagan gods were not so much personal names as titles of (false) deity such as Baal, and likewise the words Abimelech, Xerxes, and Artaxerxes may not be names of individuals but titles of royalty. Similarly, what if yam suph was not the pre-existing name of a specific body of water but rather referred to a watery saving? Consider also that dramatic events often give rise to new figures of speech. The creation week led to the number seven meaning completion and likewise the flood's days of rain led to forty meaning a fully sufficient amount of time. After Moses was saved through the Nile's waters when his mother hid him in the suph, that is, in the reeds (twice stated in Exodus 2), perhaps an idiomatic expression arose regarding a saving involving water which became a suph saving?

Rohl's Facebook page with Enyart's private msg and David's reply, "Interesting."
Super-brief non-negative reply

Pondering the above proposal, consider the 28 uses of suph in the Bible:
- The suph of the Nile where Moses was saved (Ex. 2:3, 5)
- The suph sea where the wind blew the locusts (Ex. 10:19)
- The suph sea referencing where Israel was saved (22 times; though a couple of these need to be examined further)
- The suph sea of Solomon's ships (at the Gulf of Aqaba 1 Ki 9:26)
- Though the suph wrapped around his head Jonah was saved (2:5)

As the antithesis, Isaiah 49 provides the final reference stating that Egypt's "waters will fail from the sea and the river will be wasted... reeds and suph will wither" (Isa. 49:6) so that whereas God's people were saved, those arrayed against Him can expect no watery suph saving. Regarding Jonah in the Mediterranean, if this RSR idea is valid, then it is not the location that makes a body of water a "suph sea", but a salvation by that water. So the Jonah reference would then be an instance of typical word usage. A word that has a particular connotation is often used as a subtle figure of speech, where a shade of meaning imparts a tone to the text. The Holy Spirit knew what ancient men did not, that whales don't eat seaweed. But Jonah's head is wrapped in the suph subtly indicating, by the choice of that vocabulary word, that he will be saved.

Two Ways Suph as Idiom May Help: Studying the Exodus route, if suph as an idiom is true, there would be no need to search for a body of water previously identified as yam suph. When Israel was saved through the sea, it became the suph sea, such that the most significant use of this new figure of speech actually conferred a new name, for a time anyway, onto that body of water. (If the sea crossed had not been previously known by any distinctive name to the Israelites, that would make adoption of this idiom even more likely.) Second, a lack of reeds would not mitigate against the "Hebrew approach", as Tim Mahoney calls it, to locating the Red Sea miracle at the Gulf of Aqaba.

Tonight in theaters! But first, Tim Mahoney's here on RSR

Sold seats for Patterns 3 at Colo Mills for tonight's film
Colo Mills 4 p.m.

Bob Enyart urges you to go to the movies tonight! (Just enter your zip code for tickets and nationwide theater locations.) Fred Williams and I will be at the Colorado Mills theater in Golden, Colorado with our wives to see Tim Mahoney's Patterns 3: The Red Sea Miracle! And for now, sit back and enjoy Bob's interview, on the "day of" with the filmmaker himself!

In Colorado? If you're in the Denver area, please join Bob to fill up the Colorado Mills theater in Golden! (See image, right, showing seats taken and seats available, as of Tuesday 4 p.m.)

Mahoney has turned what was the weakest area in apologetics into a treasure house of of extrabiblical evidence corroborating the Israelites' seminal event.

So tonight, Tuesday, February 18th at 7 p.m. at a theater near you, your presence is cordially requested... providing, of course, that you buy a ticket and invite at least one other person to go to the movies with you! :)

And, based on Mahoney's work, see our own List of Evidence for the Exodus page at

Mutiny in the RSR Studio

Bob Enyart and Fred Williams have the bright idea of interviewing one of their sons and everything was going fine until...

RSR's Polys Pt. 3

Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams conclude their discussion of polystrate trees, polystrate jellyfish, polystrate tadpoles, and many other kinds of polystrate fossils including vertically buried leaves, a mesosaur buried in varves, a whale in diatoms, a school of whales vertically through four strata, an organism's delicate spines radiating through solid rock strata, nautiloids standing on their points in solid limestone, a school of perch, a dinosaur footprint, and three-dimensional trilobites. To hear Parts 1 and 2, and to see our full list, just click on over to and see especially the photos at

- Dinosaur Footprint Polystrates: Two photos, bottom right, and another below that (with two granddaughters of an RSR listener) were taken at the USA's #1 track site as ranked by a panel of paleontologists, Denver's Dinosaur Ridge.

Dinosaur footprint polystrate fossils photographed at Denver's Dinosaur Ridge
Dinosaur footprint polystrates

Colorado's famous Dinosar Ridge footprints are pressed into the Dakota rock formation. The RSR hosts are radio guys and not geologists but Bob recalled that these deposits (we think they're the Plainview Formation of the Dakota group) stretch for hundreds of miles around the Denver hogbacks. So, how much scientific curiosity do mainstream geologists have regarding the polystrate footprints there, and what they require of the rapidity of the formation of their layers? A single polystrate establishes that these deformed layers, just west of Denver off of Interstate 70, were deposited rapidly enough that multiple strata were all still soft at the same time a dinosaur stepped into them. And what's more, those layers appear to be consistent in many ways with their underlying layers, suggesting a similar depositional history.

Polystrate footprint at Denver's Dinosaur Ridge
Dinosaur Ridge

Question: Does mainstream geology have a term for these kinds of polystrates?
Answer: No.
Question: Do mainstream geologists want to know whether their explanations for upright trees can explain other kinds of polystrates, including dinosaur footprints?
Answer: No.
Question: If polystrate footprint fossils indicate the rapid deposition of some iconic rock layers that cover a great extent in the Rocky Mountain region, would mainstream geologists be interested in knowing that, or even, in exploring it?
Answer, sadly: No.

Another question that is asked frequently is how long ago were these rocks of the Morrison and Dakota Formations laid down? The Field Guide gives 150 million years ago for the Morrison, in the upper part of the 208-144 million year ago Jurassic Period. A value of 100 million years ago is listed for the Dakota Formation, in the lower part of the 144-66 million year ago Cretaceous Period. Scott (1972) lists each forma- tion as about 300 feet (100 meters) thick. A crude estimate of average depositional rates can be made by dividing 200 meters of strata by 50 million years, yielding an average of 4 micrometers per year. Being off by a factor of about 2 in either or both of these numbers does not really affect the illustration... Nearly everyone can see that nothing can be buried and preserved at that slow rate. Dinosaurs, especially, need to be covered with at least their own thickness of sediment before they rot or are scavenged...

Though not mentioned in his Field Guide, [Martin] Lockley has verbally claimed to have found some dinosaur footprints in the [Dinosaur Ridge] area that are so perfect that he can even see the texture of the skin of the feet. Preservation of such features necessitates burial by about a cm of sediment in a fraction of a day in gentle, non-erosive conditions. Otherwise wind, water currents, rain, or other animals would obliterate [such features]. Waisgerber (1990) reminds us that fresh deposits are particularly vulnerable to erosion prior to consolidation and cementation. Though it varies with habitat and moisture conditions, the rate of destruction of footprints can be easily observed today... - Dr. Ed Holryod, CRSQ 1992, p. 9

As for other footprints in stone that falsify the old-earth timeframe, see these photographs GFHPT_Blu_Ray_Cover__25419.1444160877.pngtaken by Bob Enyart near McKee, Oklahoma at pressed into Pennsylvanian limestone, more footprints that are of no scientific interest to most geologists and paleontologists.

Today's Resource: The Global Flood and Hydroplate Theory

Real Science Radio co-host Bob Enyart presents the scientific evidence for Dr. Walt Brown’s model of the global flood, along with the relevant biblical material. Enyart also discusses Brown's opponents and contrasts both the vapor canopy and catastrophic plate tectonics with the hydroplate theory.

RSR's Polys Pt. 2

Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss polystrate trees, polystrate jellyfish, polystrate tadpoles, and many other kinds of polystrate fossils including vertically buried leaves, a mesosaur buried in varves, a whale in diatoms, a school of whales vertically through four strata, an organism's delicate spines radiating through solid rock strata, nautiloids standing on their points in solid limestone, a school of perch, a dinosaur footprint, and three-dimensional trilobites.

The coronavirus, its genome, and 3 little antibodies...

* RSR COVID Scientist InterviewsKevin Anderson and our 3 antibodies showMichael BeheJames Tour
* RSR Public Policy and Update ShowsStunning Report 1SR 2SR 3SR 4; and 25 Ways the Shutdown Kills
* RSR's Promising Breakthroughs: Nat Comm 5/4 blocking antibodyHCQ and 4/27/20 per AAPS; 10/25/19 Science 3 antibodies
* RSR's Christian COVID Conspiracies: Bob presents a list of conspiracies vs. actual pandemic insights
* NYT's Insightful Charts: Click chart for more. As fatalities average 1,800 deaths daily and higher, for that duration COVID-19 was the #1 cause of death in America...

NYT's daily COVID death chart with 7-day avg

* Wuhan Flu: This map of China with the widely-recognized SARS-CoV-2 virus graphic superimposed is to not let their communist government get away with the lies and horrific behavior that ignited the pandemic. See this point made in Pastor Bob Enyart's 3/29/20 sermon (to be posted on this page) as he's expecting to preach it at (the presumed empty) Denver Bible Church, and see just below for our 1/29/20 RSR CoV program.

Wuhan flu map

Babylon Bee: Coronavirus impacts men, women more than all other genders combined

Dear CNN, please note. The satirical Babylon Bee story just above is fake whereas the following medical graphic is real.  

Coronavirus discriminates, attacks males and females almost exclusively...


25 Ways the Shutdown Kills People graphic


SARS-CoV-2 CCP (Wuan) flu
CCP's cover-up helped infect the world

Sprial-Health.jpg* Special Mid-week RSR Episode: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews molecular biologist Dr. Kevin Anderson, director of the CRS Van Andel research center in Arizona on the coronavirus outbreak. Reportedly, early patients had connections to a seafood and animal market in Wuhan and, as reason for concern, Americans evacuated from that Chinese city land in Southern California. Thankfully though, already, the full genome of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus strain has been sequenced and made available publicly to researchers worldwide.

Coronavirus: First time in history we can save the human race by laying in front of the T.V.* On RSR Only: This early in the epidemic, as an RSR connection that you'll likely get no where else, remember that in October 2019 the journal Science reported on a huge breakthrough against the flu effective for apparently all known human and non-human strains. A family of three targeted antibodies disable all of the many varied forms of a viral protein by essentially putting a physical "loop" through the "gears" of the very mechanism used to spread the disease throughout the body. So, while a pandemic of course is possible, RSR remains optimistic because of such extraordinary developments! So stay tuned! Also, a 2018 Nobel prize winner has just confirmed something that Bob and Kevin said on air four years ago, that (among all the ways that Darwinism has hindered science), biology professors thought that killer immune system cells were "too weird evolutionarily" to even exist. That helps to explain why for "more than 100 years, medical researchers [most of them] concluded that the immune system and cancer simply had nothing to say to each other. ... Cancer immunotherapy was condemned as a quaint if simplistic idea based on... bad [non-Darwinian] science." And for other related programs, see

Denver Post 1/20/20 quoting CRTL's Bob Enyart on the rights of the unborn

* Denver Post's Shelley Bradbury: In her report, Can a baby be abused in the womb?, a question not unlike, can a black be a racist (which itself is a racist question, demeaning, and shouldn't have to be asked), Bradbury quotes a CRTL spokesman...

Bob Enyart, a spokesman for Colorado Right To Life, said Wednesday he’d be glad to see such prosecutions. "That would be awesome," he said. "If the mother does drugs and her baby is born with an addiction, that is child abuse. We need to love our children and not treat them like disposable trash."

Colorado RTL has long pushed to establish personhood for unborn babies, and the issue has been put to the state's voters three times. Even though those who kill unborn babies commit a felony under the state's unlawful termination statute, Enyart said that law doesn't go far enough.

"It's as if you killed a man and you were charged with murder, but if you killed a woman you were charged with some kind of property crime," he said. "You could intuitively see the insult, and the disgrace that is, to dehumanize a whole sector of our society."

RSR's List of the Kinds of Polystrate Fossils

Polystrate fossil standing through multiple geologic strataMany have heard about polystrate tree fossils, the thousands of trunks found over the last couple hundred years standing upright through multiple rock layers. (Poly means many, strata means geologic layer). Many polystrate fossils (see the list a few paragraphs down) have been buried crossing layers typically claimed to form over many thousands or even a million years. Regarding trees, areas noted for polystrate tree fossils include:
- Joggins in Nova Scotia
- Sydney, Nova Scotia (260 miles from Joggins)
- Lancashire in England
- Germany's Ruhr region
- Specimen Ridge in Yellowstone
St. Etienne in France
- Australia, Eastern U.S., etc.

Google ranks us #1 in searches for:
list of polystrate fossils.

Trees form one kind of polystrate fossil, and this list, as we will see, is not a list of polystrate tree fossils, but far more significantly, it's a list of the kinds of polystrate fossils that exist. Regarding the formation of any kind of polystrate, of course, dead organisms cannot stand for thousands of years waiting to be buried. And characteristically such fossils, as with polystrates trees, show no greater erosion at their top than at their base. So a single true polystrate fossil compresses the time it took to lay down its burial strata into a relatively brief period.

Front Cover* Textbooks Skip Polystrates: Creationists claim that geology textbooks tend to omit any discussion at all of polystrate fossils. For example, a 2019 list of the top ten current geology textbooks includes Geology: A Complete Introduction. Yet a Google Books search reveals, "No results found in this book for polystrate." And there's The Changing Earth: Exploring Geology and Evolution from the worldwide publisher Thomson Learning. "No results found in this book for polystrate." Then there's Physical Geology 16th edition published by McGraw-Hill. "From inside the book, Your search - polystrate - did not match any documents." Those titles are searchable online. It appears there is a lack of interest in polystrate fossils among old-earth geologists. Just like with the greatest discovery in the history of paleontology, dinosaur soft tissue (see, uniformitarian scientists show a lack of interest about whatever polystrate fossils can tell us about the past.

* Geologists Assigning Polystrates to Creationists: Tycho Brahe unintentionally freed astronomy from deep systemic error by assigning the study of Mars' orbit to Johann Kepler. The needed paradigm shift then happened precisely because Kepler was tenaciously curious about the planet's orbital anomalies. Regarding polystrate anomalies, evolutionary geologists lack scientific curiosity only because they assume a systematic study will not provide signficant support for their own treasured assumptions about the geologic record. Therefore, they have left the task of exploring polystrates to creationists. And explore them we will.

Enjoy the radio series: Polystrates Pt. 1, Pt. 2, & Pt. 3.

* Evolutionary Explanations for Polystrates: Even though geology textbooks ignore polystrate fossils, explanations can be found at NCSE, Wikipedia, etc. We address below all four evolutionary explanations that we've been able to identify.

EE1 Rapid Sedimentation: As an exception to the (claimed) generally slow formation of most strata, the layers that bury a polystrate are deposited during a "rapid rate of sedimentation", for example, from a river flooding and burying growing trees. (See this at NCSE, the site of Bob's opponent Eugenie Scott. This EE1 is actually the correct explanation except for two big problems presented below at CR1 in our Creationist Rebuttals.)

EE2 Persistent Trees: As at Yellowstone's Specimen Ridge it is claimed that persistent trees became petrified standing through multiple strata that were long claimed to make up 50 successive forests, vertically, each growing and dying out, one forest on top of another, fifty times. Even though the Nat'l Park Service finally removed the exhibit (see below) that makes that false claim, nonetheless it shows an inherent polystrate explanation, that trees can remain vertically long enough for the passage of sufficient geologic time to see the rise and demise of multiple strata of successive forests.

EE3 Persistent Organisms with Rapid Sedimentation: A combination of the first two explanation, with trees, for example, buried by fast sedimentation, followed by a layer of slow sedimentation. For example from Talk Origins, they suggest an initial burial in sediments of "several feet" followed by continued slower sedimentation or perhaps additional rapid sedimentation events. Trees don't die and decay instantly, so polystrate trees remained upright through a sequence of fast sedimentation followed by slow sedimentation.

EE4 Rare Enough to Ignore: Polystrate fossils are extremely rare and mostly a creationist exaggeration so they can be ignored.

* The List of Kinds of Polystrate Fossils: (see examples below)
- Upright trees form only one kind of polystrate fossil, other kinds include...
- A school of jellyfish fossilized across seven vertical layers allegedly deposited over a million-year period
School of jellyfish forming polystrate fossil in million-year seven layers of Wisconsin quarry- Fossilized end-to-end leaves standing on edge in super-slow deposited diatoms
- A fossilized pod of whales buried across four geologic strata
- A fossilized whale buried in diatomaceous earth
- A school of tadpoles in diatoms
- Aquatic mesosaur reptile in "annual" varves
- Delicate spines radiating through layers of now sold rock
- Nautiloids in the Redwall limestone which allegedly formed at 4,000 years per inch
Delicate radiating spines through multiple rock strata- A fossilized school of (an allegedly) extinct trout-perch species
- Three-dimensional trilobites in super-slowly deposited limestone
- Communities of organisms found in limestone
- Dinosaur footprints that deform multiple now rock-hard layers
- Etc. (the millions of fossils that cross strata boundaries or extend vertically through allegedly super-slowly formed rock)

Al Gore's inconvenient nemesis Gregory Wrightstone on RSR

Pennsylvannia Science Teacher: 1/18/20 "Teaching science comes with a great challenge to managing one's time, so thanks RSR for keeping your audience, including us teachers out here, up to speed on the important
highlights in the climate debate.

"Longtime End-Times" Preacher: has died this weekend reports WND without a hint of irony. Not just Jack Van Impe, but as a group the leading end times preachers have all been dying of old age. See the list at

Inconvenient Facts that Al Gore Doesn't Want You To Know by Gregory Wrightstone* Gregory Wrightstone: If you search "Gregory Wrightstone" on the top ten anti global warming websites you'll find that they mention today's Real Science Radio guest thousands of times. To confirm that, Google: top ten anti global warming websites. You'll find at our list that includes cfact, wattsupwiththat, climedepot, heartland, and Wrightstone's own On our anti climate crisis RSR page, you'll find a time-saving customized Google tool that simultaneously searches those and only those top ten sites. This cuts through Internet clutter when you're looking for the strongest argument against the climate alarmist. (Atop find the same kind of time-saving Google search for origins research.) Bob and Greg discuss the minor and historically normal warming that's happened recently, the persistent U.S. heat records from the 1930s and glaciers at Glacier National Park, State Pen's Michael Mann losing the first of his two hockey stick lawsuits, the Australia fires, the Amazon not being the "lungs of the world", UN IPCC scientists breaking ranks and exposing fraud, geologist Wrightstone himself, ironically, becoming an IPCC advisor, the Earth's helpful feedback loop of warmer temps increasing evaporation and cloud cover lowering increasing its albedo and lowering temps, and finally, the whether phenomenon known as the Gore Effect. After the interview Bob shared with old-earther Wrightstone the greatest discovery in the history of paleontology, dinosaur soft tissue! See those discoveries as published in the world's leading science journals at And see our maintained page at

RSR Reduces the Uncertainty about Shannon Information

Information theory and the Demise of Darwinism by Fred Williams, RSR co-host * Information and Darwinism: Real Science Radio concludes our translation of Fred Williams' visual presentation into audio for this radio broadcast. (Covering the science topics that we do on radio without benefit of visuals is no mean feat.) Four Colorado creation groups saw Information Theory and the Demise of Darwinism. Bob Enyart and Fred talk about information to get at what one of the most accomplished physicists in history meant when he said, "Everything is information." Why do so many materialists desperately claim that information is physical? You may want to first listen to Part 1. A bonus in today's program is the guys' effort to explain the many decades of confusion and disagreement over something called "Shannon Information".

* Materialists vs. Everything: Just as information is immaterial, it turns out that so much of what is most substantive is not material. Copied from
- Numbers are not physical.
- Math is not physical.
- Information is not physical.
- Grammar is not physical.
- Logic is not physical.
- Reason is not physical.
- Concepts are not physical.
- Ideas are not physical.
- Morality is not physical.
- Truth is not physical.
- Souls are not physical.
- Spirits are not physical.
- Codes are not physical.
The mathematical symbol for the square root of negative one with a halo over it. :) - The square root of negative one. (Imaginary numbers are non-physical concepts, yet they are crucial for understanding aspects of the physical world, which itself is evidence against a materialist origin of the universe and effectively reveals the intellect of the Creator. See this at 
- Consciousness is not physical. (Countless atheists, like Daniel Dennett and Jerry Coyne, argue that consciousness is an illusion. Why? They intuitively recognize consciousness, that is, awareness, as evidence against their materialism and for non-physical reality. Ironically though, even if it were an illusion, an illusion, being a concept, is non-physical, so that they can't even argue against such reality, since arguments too are non-physical.)
- Genomes are not physical. (They are information, that is, a genetic code, and can be losslessly copied onto different media; and while nothing physical can hitch a ride on a photon, a genome's information can be transported on fiber cable, for example at light speed, which is just another indication of its nonphysicality; etc.)
- Pain is not physical. (Non-sentient plants feel no pain; brain surgeons operate with a local anesthetic for the skull but without anesthetizing the brain, for the brain is the organ that feels no pain, yet ironically, it is the only organ where pain is "felt"; emotional pain is far greater than physical pain, for example, the excruciating pain of childbirth can be overcome in hours whereas even years often minimally mitigate the emotional pain that comes from the loss of a child; for physical pain first must to be translated into to the non-physical realm of awareness before being "felt"; etc.)
- Your mind is not physical. (One minor illustration of this occurs when neurosurgeons magnetically or physically stimulate the part of the brain that causes a patient to lift an arm, and the patient says that while he is completely aware that his arm lifted, he is also aware that "he" is not the one who made the decision to lift his arm.)
- Laws are not physical. (This is true of perhaps all laws and certainly of criminal laws, civil laws, social rules, house rules, etc. Yet consider even the physical laws. Are they made of matter? Apparently not. Are they made of energy? Apparently not. As one consideration, quantum laws are probabilistic, and probability is a concept and not physical.)
- And God is not physical.

* And How About Matter? There still remains the very difficult question, "What is matter?" What if it turns out that matter is not physical? Some suspect matter is information based, such that matter itself may not even be made of matter, so to speak. If so of course then, materialism is deader than a doorknob. But that wouldn't even give most of them pause. They'd just become godless spiritualists. Consider though how leading physicsts have wrestled with the fundamental nature of matter, and even whether it might be information based. Renowned physicist John Wheeler (1911-2008), a strong advocate of information theory, coined the terms "black hole" and "wormhole", collaborated with Einstein and Bohr, and advised graduate studnets Everett, Thorne, and Feynman. Wheeler described his career, and hence, his growing understanding of the universe, in three stages. First, "Everything is Particles." Second, "Everything is Fields." And finally, "Everything is Information." (To illustrate the uncertainty, see CIT's Sebens over at Aeon explains the raging uncertainty about whether electrons, etc., are actually particles or fields.) And over at BigThink in a 2017 article, The basis of the universe may not be energy or matter but information, they quote Wheeler's 1989 paper for the Santa Fe Institute:

"every it--every particle, every field of force, even the space-time continuum itself--derives its function, its meaning, its very existence entirely--even if in some contexts indirectly--from the apparatus-elicited answers to yes-or-no questions, binary choices, bits."

And Philip Perry at BigThink continues:

There are lots of theories on what are the basis of the universe is. Some physicists say its subatomic particles. Others believe its energy or even space-time. One of the more radical theories suggests that information is the most basic element of the cosmos. Although this line of thinking emanates from the mid-20th century, it seems to be enjoying a bit of a Renaissance among a sliver of prominent scientists today...

If the nature of reality is in fact reducible to information itself, that implies a conscious mind on the receiving end, to interpret and comprehend it.

There is much in quantum mechanics that supports that. And the scientific origin even of the (absurd) multiverse/many-worlds belief was exactly an effort to avoid the implied requirement of consciousness which appears to many brilliant minds to be at the heart of physics. (See Of course though in his article, like in that excerpt, Perry skips the conscious Mind that would first be on the transmiting end.

IBM's Phil Tetlow, writing of MIT, CIT, CMU's Edward Fredkin, sometimes Feynman collaborator, someimes physics professor, quotes him saying, "I've come to the conclusion tha the most concrete thing in the world is information" and as Wired puts it, Fredkin insisted that "everything we see and feel is information."