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Welcome to Real Science Radio: Co-hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams talk about science to debunk evolution and to show the evidence for the creator God including from biology, genetics, geology, history, paleontology, archaeology, astronomy, philosophy, cosmology, math, and physics. (For example, mutations will give you bad legs long before you'd get good wings.) We get to debate Darwinists and atheists like Lawrence Krauss, AronRa, and Eugenie Scott. We easily take potshots from popular evolutionists like PZ Myers, Phil Plait, and Jerry Coyne. We're the home of the popular List Shows! And we interview the outstanding scientists who dare to challenge today's accepted creed that nothing created everything.

Tim Mahoney on RSR on the Patterns Collector's Edition

Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart welcomes back Timothy Mahoney, the writer and director of Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus! Tim's documentary film collects and beautifully presents about sixty archaeological finds never before assembled in one place and never before available to the masses. Thus in the past few years defenders of the faith worldwide have gone from admitting that the events in the second book of Moses were among the least well-attested by archaeology to where the Exodus is now powerfully corroborated with an extensive pattern of evidence that spans cities, centuries, and continents! Bob encourages everyone to first watch the film (get it at! Then, you'll want the Collector's Set, the Patterns hardcover book, and for teenagers, kids and grand kids, the Young Explorers Box Set! And don't forget to sign up for occasionally emailed updates to Mahoney's great Thinker Update blog!

* Today's Resource: Get Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus from RSR! Not only do you get to enjoy and learn from (and share) a fabulous film affirming the Bible's historical accuracy, but you simultaneously will support Real Science Radio and help us continue to broadcast, stream, download, and podcast our Scripture and science message to reach many more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! So please get Patterns! :)

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Nearing the Cure for Muscular Dystrophy After 20-Year Delay

The incredible advance toward a cure for Muscular Dystrophy is just around the corner as researchers can now fix in mice the same mutation that causes Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in people! Sadly though, this cure has been unnecessarily delayed for decades. Why? Because Darwinism is a science stopper. Evolutionists for many years have argued, in their ignorance and hubris, that DNA is mostly junk. Therefore, when geneticists found the most amazing palindromic repeating pattern of DNA letters in bacteria, rather than try to understand it, they just wrote it off as "Junk DNA". Almost 20 years later, they realized that CRISPR is an amazingly effective and efficient genetic editing tool that holds the greatest promise for curing defects where we have identified the mutations that cause a particular degenerative disease. (Though in the wrong hands, whether malevolent or ignorant, this biotechnology could become a weapon of mass destruction. )

The guys also add a new (and scary) fast-charging supervolcano discovery from Yellowstone to their List of Not So Old Things, discuss their new petrified tree YouTube video (below), the Neanderthal inbreeding consistent with the biblical outline (see and, the biomaterial in dinosaur eggs (ho-hum :), and yet another WWB discovery: water along the equator of Mars!    

SETI; Metagenomics Prediction; Polystrates; and Another WWB Discovery!

SETI photo of their radio telescopes

* SETI's Latest Report: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams summarize, in about six seconds, the latest big report out of SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), and in about sixty seconds, they expose the dishonesty of the thousands of atheist scientists who claim that evidence of intelligence can be identified if coming from aliens, but not if coming from a designer.

* An RSR Metagenomics Prediction: The guys also make a prediction from the relatively new field of metagenomics, whereby researchers analyze disembodied DNA scattered throughout geological and archaeological sediments.

* Announcing an Upcoming RSR (Polystrate) List Show: Bob and Fred announce their planned program, RSR's List of the Kinds of Polystrate Fossils.

* Another WWB Discovery: The latest WWB  (Workin' for Walt Brown) discovery comes from core samples extracted from submerged portions of Zealandia, the recently discovered eighth continent larger than the Indian subcontinent. The samples from this mostly submerged  continent include fossils of land animals, corroborating both Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory and also Zealandia's discoverers in their estimation that it indeed is a submerged continent. All Scientists Work for Walt Brown. The HPT of the global flood explains why the original crust in the Pacific region subsided (sunk rapidly) into the Earth as the mantel under today's Atlantic region rose up.

photo of a package of a living drug for childhood leukemia

Living Drug: Targeted Antibodies for Childhood Leukemia

* Revolution in Cancer Treatment Proceeds: Bob and Fred report that the FDA approved another immune-system cancer drug. (BEL reported this back when it happened on August 30 but RSR hadn't mentioned it yet.) Novartis' Kymriah treats children and young people with acute leukemia. See more at and see there all the cancers already being successfully treated. Evolution has been a science stopper countless times over. Like Richard Dawkins conceitedly saying that the human eye is poorly designed (, Darwinists taught that our immune system was just kludged together by random mutations that just by chance improved our survivability. How many patients succumbed to this cruel disease, one wonders, because evolutionary influence inclined most of the scientific community to ignore the early cancer immunology success indicators?

Oops on Soft Tissue; A Brightening Quasar; and the Missing RSR Underwriter!

Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart shares news items from the latest Creation magazine including one on unfossilized dinosaur tissue that turns out to be incorrect. (See below for the widely used ambiguous terminology that sometimes misleads science reporters and bloggers into presuming that the discovery of dinosaur "soft tissue" means original biological material, when often, what the term refers to is permineralized soft tissue, i.e., stone that has taken the shape of the dead creature.) Other topics include Yosemite's El Capitan rockslide, NASA's Solar Probe, and a quasar growing ten times brighter, not over millions but in one year! And then there's the request that you help us find RSR's missing underwriter (see below). We need an underwriter (perhaps you!) to put our full Global Flood video on YouTube so it can be viewed freely by a wider audience. Doing so will mean our sales of the video will end. So we are looking for a gift of $10,000 from an underwriter (that can be you!) to put this resource freely online and to bring us from $23,500 (updated on 9/30/17) to put us over our telethon goal of $30,000! Just call 1-800-8Enyart (83k6-9278) or email or go to and click on the store. Thank you for your consideration!

* Example of Need to Clarify Paleontology Terminology: RSR provides a list of diagnostic terms (below) to help determine whether a soft tissue paper is referenciong only permineralized (i.e., stone) fossils, or specimens that still retain endogenous biomaterials. In the age of sequencing endogenous dinosaur proteins, etc., the term "soft tissue" should be used with more care to clarify whether the claim is for merely permineralized, or still biological, remains. Perhaps the best general term to refer to dinosaur and other organisms that have endogenous biomaterial is to call it a biomaterial fossil. Such ambiguity (though avoidable by a careful reading of the paper) led to confusion in an article, Soft Tissue in Fossil Dinosaur Brains, published in the current October 2017 issue of Creation magazine (Vol. 39, Num. 4) on page 7. (Update: The editors thanks RSR for the notification and printed a correction in the next edition.) That piece is based on the 2016 Geological Society of London Special Publication, Remarkable preservation of brain tissues in an Early Cretaceous iguanodontian dinosaur. Here's what the Creation article concluded from that paper:

- "in 2016, researchers... reported not just fossilized brains, but unfossilized brain tissue"
- this allegedly 133 million-year-old "fossil... was found to contain unfossilized protein fragments--brain tissue, fine capillaries, collagen structures, and the membrane that surrounds the brain."

This is just the latest problem resulting from the ambiguity of "soft tissue" reports. To make matters worse, the GSL paper, as is common among paleontologists, refer to "blood vessels" and "collagen" when they actually mean permineralized vessels and collagen bands. However, the paper doesn't use terms, such as "unfossilized" and "protein fragments", that would have indicated a biomaterial fossil.

* Diagnostic Terms that Indicate a Biomaterlal Fossil: By default, a scientific paper reporting on a "soft tissue" discovery will be referencing stone artefacts, i.e., permineralized skin and scale impressions, feathers, internal organs replaced with phosphates, carbonates, etc. When reading a "soft tissue" paper, you can usually determine whether it is referring only to permineralized fossils if contains a number of the following biomaterial diagnostic terms:
- endogenous, endogeneity
- molecule, molecular, chemistry
- sub-cellular, cellular, cell, red blood cells
- proteinaceous
- fragments [not bone or carbonized wood, for example, but protein fragments]
- protein [but not used as in "protein replacement by calcium phosphate", etc.]
- sequence [as in the amino acid sequences in a protein, an RNA, or a double helix]
- beta-keratin, tubulin, actin, tropomyosin, myosin, hemoglobin, heme, osteocytes, pigment, melanosomes
- spectral signature
- peptide, biomolecules, biomarkers, biochemistry, chemistry
- nucleic acid, DNA
- amino acids, chirality
- organic, organic compounds [but not of course a use like "organic decay"]
- flexibility, pliable, still-soft, transparent
- immunology, immunological, immunofluorescence
- antibodies
- antigenic, antigenicity
- collagenase, digestion
- unfossilized
- contamination, contaminants, biofilm

And as stated above, again, be careful with terms often used ambiguously, including collagen, blood vessels, even capillaries (as in the above GSL paper) soft tissue, etc., all of which are used somewhat carelessly in the latest issues of paleontological and other scientific journals. (For a spreadsheet catalog of these discoveries and links to the published papers, see

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Case cover for RSR's Global Flood and Hydroplate Theory Blu-ray/DVD/download/streaming video
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Bonus: Origin of Earth's Radioactivity 

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A Possible Cause of Death of Denver's Dino Fossil Preparator

Thornton triceratops dig site.

Nov. 2017 Update: Corner says  Mike Getty died of a heart attack.

On today's episode of RSR, Bob Enyart and Fred Williams report on the four published papers in some of the world's more prestigious science periodicals, including the journals Microbiology and Science, on living bacteria recovered from within fossils dated as 40 million, 120 million, and even 250 million years old. (Of course, widely-published discoveries of biological material from within many dinosaur bones of a half-dozen different species, of extant and still-soft original biological tissue, indicate that dinosaurs like the Thornton triceratops are only thousands and not millions of years old. And likewise, living bacteria from within amber, rock salt, etc., falsifies the claimed millions-of-years ages of those specimens.)

Living bacteria discovered in specimens dated millions of years old...

triceratops-thornton-dig-site.jpg* Authorities Investigating Unexpected Death at Dinosaur Site: Because pathogens can survive in fossils dated (obviously incorrectly) as hundreds of millions of years old, authorities investigating the unexpected death of Mike Getty, a Denver Museum of Nature and Science fossil preparator, should consider whether he was infected by any decomposing biological matter that may still exist within the triceratops he was excavating. As Brian Switek at the Smithsonian magazine points out, paleontologist will sometimes put a specimen on his tongue in determining whether it is a small rock or a chip of bone. Until any possible cross-infection from the triceratops to Mr. Getty is ruled out, the museum should therefore caution its staff against that practice at this location.

* Local, National, and Int'l Media Reporting on Getty's Passing: The Denver Post and local TV news, the NY Daily News, the Fox News Channel, many science news outlets, and Britain's Daily Mail which reported on Mike Getty "contracting a mystery illness" and his sudden passing from unknown causes at the Thornton, Colorado triceratops excavation site. The Denver science museum said that, "All emergency management and safety protocols were followed in accordance with best practices." RSR recommends that as authorities investigate the cause of death, they should not overlook the possibility of a pathogen, bacterial contagion, etc., that may have passed from the triceratops itself to Mr. Getty.

New BEL Telethon Option: Joining the RSR Research Team

For more than a decade, BEL and Real Science Radio listeners have helped Bob on his 7 p.m. Monday night video conference call (nowadays on Google Hangouts) doing research and helping in other ways. To help reach our $30,000 telethon goal (we're at $6,000), if you would like to join this team, there is a participation cost of $20 per week. We know, we know. What? Pay money to help? Yes, here's why.

First, we've been doing this for many years and we know that most folks think they can't really help and so they don't participate, but now, knowing that they've paid for their "seat at the table", we think that more people will actually join the team!

Secondly, as Tom Healey, who sat in with Bob on the radio last week said, "I had no idea when I began working with BEL what an amazing education I would get and what a wonderful journey I would take." (Thanks Tom for your years of research and help!) So this is somewhat like paying for a class, and even though the class requires some effort, the payoff for those who apply themselves can be measured in lifetime and even eternal benefits!

Third, over the last 26 years Bob and his staffers have trained scores of volunteers, many times to see our dear friends stop helping out because of understandable changes in their circumstances. As a result, we've become a bit hesitant to continue to train folks to be a part of our behind-the-scenes team. But with this new approach, opening to you the Monday night research team, even though there is now a cost, that may help us overcome all the above difficulties and help toward meeting our financial challenges. So, please call 1-800-8Enyart to "join the team" or email your name and number to Thanks, and may God continue to bless you!

YouTube screenshot of lab coat friends of RSR...* Ha! What's This? Someone sent us a screenshot of a YouTube video where two lab guys doing a Carbon 14 presentation have recommended

RSR Prediction: Asteroid Florence May Have 2 Moons. Confirmed!

* Confirmations of RSR Predictions Roll In: We're broadcasting the news, RSR style. Bob Enyart airs the audio from last week's program when we made a prediction that Asteroid Florence may have one or two moons. Science headlines this week: Asteroid Florence has two moons! Ha! See more at There are about 1.5 million asteroids, and over 150 are known to have moons, or about 0.0001%.

Hurricanes, Today's Asteroid, Cancer Antibodies, and Other News

The news, RSR style. Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss Hurricane Harvey, the terrible death toll and suffering, why there were no hurricanes before the flood, and why Christians shouldn't claim that God targeted Texas. Then for some good news, this week the FDA approved a "living drug" for childhood leukemia as we discuss over at

Bergman on How Darwinism Corrodes Morality

Post-show Note: By the way, our RSR/BEL YouTube channel is approaching 300,000 views! To help us hit that milestone, you might want to check out our brief impromptu cell phone video from Yellowstone on their now-removed misleading petrified tree exhibit: