RSR's List of List Shows

Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams talk through the astounding scientific discoveries and evidence that fill their popular list shows, such as their List of Not So Old Things, their List of Fine Tuning Evidence, and their List of Creation Science Predictions. The guys mention about 20 list shows and 10 more in the planning stages and ask for input on ideas and priorities from the audience.

* RSR's Popular LIST SHOWS: We hope you enjoy our tradition of occasionally updating the great information in our classic RSR List Shows! Here are some of our favorites:
- RSR's List of Not So Old Things
- List of Evidence Against the Big Bang
- List of Big Bang Predictions (try Googling those 3 words!)
- List of Fine Tuning Evidence
- List of Scholars Doubting Darwin
- List of Creation Science Predictions (try Googling that too!)
- List of Problems with "Lucy" as an Upright Walker
- List of Shocked Evolutionists
- List of Solar System Formation Problems
- List of Papers that Shock Potheads
- List of Carbon 14 Everywhere it Shouldn't Be
- List of Dinosaur Soft Tissue Discoveries
- List of Answers to Hydroplate Objections
- List of Proofs for the Genius of Ancient Man
- List of Earth's Collapsing "Ancient" Features
- List of Missing Transitional Fossils
- List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit
- List of Fresh Fossils
- List of Solar System Transient Events
- List of Creationist Fathers of Science
- List of Brain Dead Patients Who Have Recovered
- List of Problems with Language Origin Theory
- List of Problems with Eye Evolution
- List of Evidence for the Exodus
- List of Whale Evolution Problems

* Lists FOR Creation and AGAINST Evolution: When an unbeliever, crying out for help, asks to see scientific evidence (per Romans 1 and Hebrews 11) for God's existence, of course we would NOT point him to the shows like the Problems with Whale Evolution or Evidence Against the Big Bang. We would share those if he were asking to see evidence against beliefs in evolution. (Afterall, no secular origins theory even exists anyway for anyone even to side with.) So, when asked for evidence for God's existence, of the above, we'll share the Fine Tuning, Creation Science Predictions, Carbon 14, Dinosaur Soft Tissue (because when they lose the dinosaurs, they lose it all), Fresh Fossils, Solar System's Transient Features, Proofs for Ancient Man's Genius, and Evidence for the Exodus. When asked for evidence against evolutionary beliefs (for which no secular origins theory even exists), we offer our Not So Old List, Evidence Against the Big Bang, Big Bang Predictions, Scholars Doubting Darwin, Shocked Evolutionists, Solar System Formation Problems, Missing Transitional Fossils, Genomes that Just Don't Fit, Creationist Fathers (for a nuanced reason, see there), and our classic, Whale Evolution Problems.

* See Also: The web's most complete List of Place Names Ending in a and ia, as explained and maintained by RSR!

* Possible RSR List Shows: Please suggest an RSR List Show topic to Bob and Fred are considering shows like the following. (The links go to material already on our site that would form the basis for these programs...)
RSR's List of Galaxy Formation Problems
- List of Doubts that Christians Have
- List of Ways of Dating the Earth
- List of Ways of Dating the Flood
- List of Blind Faith Atheists Beliefs
- List of False Things Taught in School (includes BFAB)
- List of The Many Kinds of Polystrate Fossils
- List of The Animals that were on the Ark
- List of Atheists Saying the Funniest Things
- List of Arguments Why Alien UFO's Don't Exist
- List of Politically Correct Science Predictions
- List of NASA Endorsed Catastrophes 
- List of All Those Peanut-shaped Asteroids (that shouldn't exist, but do)
- List of Multiplied Things that Evolved Multiple Times
- List of Country Names Ending in "ia" (and why)
- List of Evidence Against Global Warming
- List of All the Things Darwin Was Wrong About
- List of Examples of Evolution's Big Squeeze
- List of Human Variations from the Last 6,000 Years
- List of The Bible's Scientific Statements (and Michael Shermer denying the Sun is a light :)
- List of Not So Rare Things (dino cells, peanutoids, EQ lights, orphan genesasteroid moons, transient space events)
- List of The Many NASA Endorsed Catastrophes (needed by secular scientists to deny Earth's single flood catastrophe)
- List of Proofs of the Immaterial (laws of logic and grammar; math and the Pythagorean Theorem; the existence of information; reason and use of the Enyart postulate).

(RSR is funded by our audience and not by any foundation, advertisers, or megachurch. So if you'd like to help support us, please purchase some of our science materials at or subscribe to one of our monthly services, or you can consider underwriting production of one of these Possible RSR List Shows. Just select a show above, email your desire to underwrite its production to, and we'll rely with details. Thanks!)

* God Exists. It's Secular Origins Theories That Don't: See Trading Genesis (for secular origins theories), filmed on the Pepperdine University campus...

* From Here are a few items from our page:

Topics/Resources: Aside from using our site's Search feature, if you're feeling lucky, just add a /"topic" to our domain name to get all kinds of info from a biblical worldview, for example, on:  /flood  /global-flood  /time  /gorillas  /debates /age-of-the-earth (or just /age) /miracles  /eye  /hermeneutics  /deity-of-christ (or just /deity)  /curse-of-cannan (or just /canaan)  /Christianity-Today  /homosexuals  /partial-birth-abortion (or just /pba)  /genomes  /astronomy  /hydroplate-theory (or just /hydroplate or /hpt)  /dinosaur-soft-tissue (or just /tissue or /soft)  /atheism  /atheism#debates  /does-god-exist  /hermeneutics  /is-God-outside-of-time  /on-doubt  /over-population  /should-christians-judge (or just /judging) /euthyphros-dilemma (or just /euthyphro)  /earthquakes  /the-plot-of-the-bible (or just /the-plot)  /oj-simpson (or just /oj)  /polygamy  /slavery  /alcohol  /wine  /what-does-the-bible-say-about-marijuana (or just /marijuana or /pot)   /walt-brown  /videos  /theistic-evolution  /big-bang  /firmament  /when-did-adam-and-eve-sin  /origin-of-the-grand-canyon (or just /grand-canyon)  /origin-of-comets (or just /comets)  /targeted-antibodies  /cancer-treatment  /abc-link  /cults  /abortion-breast-cancer  /lawrence-krauss (or just /krauss)  /dawkins  /hawking  /eugenie-scott  /pz-myers (or just /pz)  /terror, etc. (Just make sure to hyphenate any multi-word topics.)

Our Top Twelve Contributions: By our estimation, the twelve most significant contributions to the world that this radio program and our Denver Bible Church have made include:

1. God is Free: Our teaching on the nature of God, who being eternally free and inexhaustibly creative, has an open future
2. Time is Eternal: Our unique contributions to the understanding of God and time from everlasting to everlasting
3. Young Earth: Our teaching on the young earth, on dinosaur soft tissue, and on the evidence against the big bang
4. Initial Calendar: Our documenting of the Earth’s original 360-day year at
5. Hermeneutics: On tools for studying the Bible, i.e., hermeneutics, and rightly dividing the Scriptures, which we call The Plot as at our, and applying such overview-type interpretation methods to the Diety of Christ 
6. Creation vs. Evolution: Our own contributions to the creation/evolution debate through Real Science Radio at
7. Personhood: Just as God is a person and He created us in His likeness, our teaching on the personhood of the unborn child, and against exceptions and regulations as at and
8. The Tree: After conversion to Jesus Christ through the Gospel, God then calls us to live the Christian life by grace, which we explore in our study called The Tree (of the knowledge of good and evil)
9. Hydroplate Theory: Our teaching on the the global flood and our promotion of the hydroplate theory
10. Criminal Justice: God’s criminal justice system, including on terrorism, and the Bible’s command for Christians to judge, and the New Testament’s support for capital punishment
11. Morality: On marriagemorality, and exposing moral relativism, which includes our warnings on marijuana, homosexuality, and public schools, and our promotion of homeschooling.
12. Economics: And the twelfth most important contribution made by Bob Enyart Live (and DBC, the little church that could) is our teaching on economics, on what is money, that advocating welfare is sinful and violates Thou shalt not steal; and on what is justifiable taxationcopyrights, and so forth.

So by our estimation, these are the twelve major contributions that we’ve made to aid the Body of Christ in its understanding, so that we need not be ashamed as workman for the Lord, being able to discern falsehood and lies and to recognize truth.

Our Top Accomplishments: By our estimation, in no particular order, of our more significant accomplishments:

Evidence against the Big Bang video and #1 Google ranked web articles at and
Global Flood & Hydroplate Theory video and broadcast promotions of this verified flood model
* The world's largest protest sign on the mountain overlooking Denver (search: world's largest protest sign. Ranked #1.)
Clinton Raped Juanita protests in 145 cities (search: clinton juanita broaddrick. Google ranked #3 of 300k at 
Burned O.J. Simpson's auctioned-off memorabilia and recommending changes to the criminal justice (just-a) system 
* Producing American RTL's Focus on the Strategy documentary trilogy on how to actually stop abortion
Bob Enyart Live (and pioneering the "podcast" in the 1990s; Bob's boss's boss in the 1980s at Microsoft was Rob Glaser)
Real Science Radio (after airing more than 100 science programs, we turned this into a weekly Friday show in 2010) 
God's Criminal Justice System seminar presented from Honolulu to Pittsburgh and available at our
God's Biblical Attributes video based on the teachings at
The Plot: Bob's life work subtitled: An overview of the Bible is the Key to its Details" 
* A recorded verse-by-verse study through the entire Bible (in progress)
* Launching American Right To Life
* Launching
* Producing the video Mount Moriah: Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
* With a half-dozen families and from a church across town, planting Denver Bible Church: The little church that could!

Lists & Links: There's's's Reading List, and a selection of our site's more popular lists: (see below)

Real Science Radio: Real Science Radio co-hosts Fred Williams and Bob Enyart talk about science to debunk evolution and to show the evidence for the creator God including from biology, geology, astronomy, and physics. (For example, mutations will give you bad legs long before you'd get good wings.) But RSR doesn't only talk the talk. We also make our own discoveriesinventions, and breakthrough reports! (For example, Nasa says that confirmed predictions validate the big bang theory, but Google: big bang predictions, and our article here at kgov ranks #1!) And we get to debate atheists like theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss (emphasis on the theoretical) and Scientific American editor Michael Shermer, and Darwinists like Aron Ra and Eugenie Scott. And we enjoy sparring with anti-creationists like Jerry CoynePhil PlaitPZ Myers and Jack Horner of Jurassic Park fame. And most fun of all, we get to interview the outstanding scientists like Dr. Jonathan SarfatiDr. Walt Brown, and Dr. Kevin Anderson, who dare to challenge today's accepted creed that nothing created everything.

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