Bob Enyart Live Archive 2015

March 2015

3rdNo Political Solutions for Spiritual ProblemsDiscuss on TOL
2ndMcBurney in for Bob Discuss on TOL

February 2015

27thRSR: Noted Physicist John Hartnett Our Big Bang List Pt 2Discuss on TOLSci
26thTheology Thursday: Defending God's GoodnessDiscuss on TOL
25thThe Purpose of Christ's Earthly Ministry?Discuss on TOL
24thBrian Enyart Jr. Sittin' InDiscuss on TOL
23rdBob Meets the Benham BrothersDiscuss on TOL
20thNoted Physicist John Hartnett on Our Big Bang ListDiscuss on TOLSci
19thTheology Thursday: Love is Greater than KnowledgeDiscuss on TOL
18thDenver Bible Church Now a Church with a ChurchDiscuss on TOL
17thRerun: To the Right of RightDiscuss on TOL
16thPsychoses of the Left & the RE-publicansDiscuss on TOL
13thRSR: Historical & Observational Science Equally Good Discuss on TOLSci
12thTheology Thursday: The Volume of the BookDiscuss on TOL
11thSlate: The Undead Babies at Denver Children's HospitalDiscuss on TOL
10th1% to own 50%: What's taken 'em so long?Discuss on TOL
9thAll Out War for Judge Roy MooreDiscuss on TOL
6thRSR on Euthanasia, Dawkins, & Eagle EggsDiscuss on TOLSci
5thTheology Thursday: Fighting the Culture War with DanielDiscuss on TOL
4thBob Interviews Truth Truck Driver Ron BrockDiscuss on TOL
3rdTruth Truck Driver Ron Brock's AccidentDiscuss on TOL
2ndBeiber, Baptismals, and the Big BangDiscuss on TOL

January 2015

30thRSR: Now, Every (Comet) Scientist Works for Walt Brown!Discuss on TOLSci
29thTheology Thursday: God's Eternal PastDiscuss on TOL
28thThe Return of James White & the Eagle EggsDiscuss on TOL
27thYet Another Asteroid with Moon Confirming RSR PredictionDiscuss on TOL
26thFoundations Under AttackDiscuss on TOL
23rdTwo Fathers of Evolution Theory and Natural SelectionDiscuss on TOLSci
22ndTheology Thursday: The Bible's Criminal CodeDiscuss on TOL
21stNat'l March Backfiring Against the Unborn with H.R. 36Discuss on TOL
20thIf Japanese are like pandas, what group is like rabbits?Discuss on TOL
19thFoundations Under AttackDiscuss on TOL
16thRSR Enjoys Don Batten's Creationist ContributionsDiscuss on TOLSci
15thTheology Thursday: The Plot BoysDiscuss on TOL
14thThree Days Out & Three Time Loser Mitt Discuss on TOL
13thJeb Bush: Gay Parents Are Role ModelsDiscuss on TOL
12thNat’l Abortion Federation Aligns with Nat’l RTLDiscuss on TOL
9thRSR: Jesus & Anne Habermehl Use the SeptuagintDiscuss on TOLSci
8thTheology Thursday: The Plot: Details GaloreDiscuss on TOL
7thIn Solidarity With Those Insensitive To IslamDiscuss on TOL
6thHere's How God Crossed An Actual Infinity: The PastDiscuss on TOL
5th2015: The Year the Straight Church Fights Back!Discuss on TOL
2ndRSR: Renowned Scientist Sternberg on Junk DNADiscuss on TOLSci
1stTheology Thursday: The Plot: The Last DaysDiscuss on TOL