Bob Enyart Live Archive 2014

April 2014

24thTheology Thursday: Blaming God for ColumbineDiscuss on TOL
23rdBob's Friend and Nat'l RTL Get SchooledDiscuss on TOL
22ndCorey Gardner Decreases, Chinese Christians Increase!Discuss on TOL
21stBob & Doug LIVE on Judgment Day!Discuss on TOL
18thRSR: Eyewitnesses Not Needed for ExecutionDiscuss on TOLSci
17thTheology Thursday: Die for a Lie?Discuss on TOL
16thRelative of Victims at Jewish Community Center on BELDiscuss on TOL
15thAnti-Personhood laws (and Other Hate Crimes)Discuss on TOL
14thOn Tonight's Blood Moon and John HageeDiscuss on TOL
11thCreation Mag Headlines & Another Prediction Confirmed!Discuss on TOLSci
10thTheology Thursday: And This Shall Be No MoreDiscuss on TOL
9thRegis Nursing Student Interviews Bob Enyart On AirDiscuss on TOL
8thYou mean food and water? Dick Lamm: Yes.Discuss on TOL
7thRSR Offers Bet to Governor; Neonatologist on Our SideDiscuss on TOLSci
4thThe Most Informative Neanderthal Show Ever Pt. 2Discuss on TOLSci
3rdTheology Thursday - OverpopulationDiscuss on TOL
2ndEarthquakes, the Bible & Suicide at D.U.(h)Discuss on TOL
1stNational Atheists Day & Craig SilvermanDiscuss on TOL

March 2014

31stThe World Vision Fallout with Michael BrownDiscuss on TOL
28thThe Most Informative Neanderthal Show Ever?Discuss on TOLSci
27thJudging the JudgesDiscuss on TOL
26thWorld Vision Embraces Homosexuality; Mocks ChristiansDiscuss on TOL
25thRepublican History LessonDiscuss on TOL
24thCory Gardner: Save Self, Sacrifice ChildDiscuss on TOL
21stRSR's List of Evidence Against the Big BangDiscuss on TOLSci
20thTheology Thursday: How to Tempt GodDiscuss on TOL
19thASO Denver's Jonathan Sutherland Not InterviewedDiscuss on TOL
18thFormer Palestinian Terrorist Walid Shoebat on BELDiscuss on TOL
17thJust Leaving Homosexuals Alone Not That Easy!Discuss on TOL
14thPhilosopher of Science Paul Nelson on Bird FlightDiscuss on TOLSci
13thThe Perfect 10Discuss on TOL
12thBible Thumper (Bob) Outpredicts AstrophysicistDiscuss on TOL
11thBob vs. Neil deGrasse TysonDiscuss on TOL
10thAnother Pro-Choice Rapist: DeadDiscuss on TOL
7thRSR: Schooling National Geographic on CamelsDiscuss on TOLSci
6thTheology Thursday: Numero UnoDiscuss on TOL
5thSportscaster Starr Yelland Tragedy Then and NowDiscuss on TOL
4thAbolitionist Society of DenverDiscuss on TOL
3rdComplete Oscar Coverage & Today’s HeadlinesDiscuss on TOL

February 2014

28thRSR Listeners Weigh In On Creation DebateDiscuss on TOLSci
27thTheology Thursday: To Tithe or Not to TitheDiscuss on TOL
26thAfter the Boy Scouts, Bob Learns of Trail Life USADiscuss on TOL
25thChosen: It’s not Just A Reservoir in Korea!Discuss on TOL
24thSuperstition, the Death Penalty & Just Good RadioDiscuss on TOL
21stRSR's List of Creation Science PredictionsDiscuss on TOLSci
20thTheology Thursday: The Sixth CommandmentDiscuss on TOL
19thThe Blackest and Bluest Sore in the WorldDiscuss on TOL
18thBob and Doug Together Again!Discuss on TOL
17thWhy Bob, Paul, and Others Don't Like CollectionsDiscuss on TOL
14thRSR Nye/Ham Debate Analysis Pt. 3Discuss on TOLSci
13thTheology Thursday: The FleshDiscuss on TOL
12thBob & Gregg Jackson on the United MethodistsDiscuss on TOL
11thAbortion industry, but not hospital, covering for pedophilesDiscuss on TOL
10thRSR Nye/Ham Debate Analysis Pt. 2Discuss on TOLSci
7thRSR Analysis of the Nye-Ham DebateDiscuss on TOLSci
6thJusticeDiscuss on TOL
5th3M Watch Nye/Ham Debate including GordonDiscuss on TOL
4thBob Enyart Tries to Focus a Laser on the BibleDiscuss on TOL
3rdKen Ham on RSR Prior to Bill Nye DebateDiscuss on TOLSci

January 2014

31stAsteroid Challenges Naturalism, Supports Walt BrownDiscuss on TOLSci
30thWhen God Kills KidsDiscuss on TOL
29thObama & Pot Dealer Both Get HammeredDiscuss on TOL
28thChristians “Manning” UpDiscuss on TOL
27thPro-abort Kathleen Draws Straws, Gets BobDiscuss on TOL
24thRSR's 2014 List of Not So Old ThingsDiscuss on TOLSci
23rdDBC Pulpit: On FaithDiscuss on TOL
22ndPro-abort Fred Draws Straws, Gets BobDiscuss on TOL
21stNY Gov: Pro-lifers Not WelcomedDiscuss on TOL
20thGod’s Double Agent Part IIDiscuss on TOL
17thRSR: Another Terrific Creation Magazine IssueDiscuss on TOLSci
16thGovernmentDiscuss on TOL
15thGod’s Double Agent Part IDiscuss on TOL
14thHappy Marriage, Happy RetirementDiscuss on TOL
13thWhen Anything Goes…Discuss on TOL
10thHundreds of Moms & Babies Survive Ectopic PregnancyDiscuss on TOLSci
9thWhat is a Family?Discuss on TOL
8thRevealed! Who Can Save America...Discuss on TOL
7thSatanists and the Freedom of GodDiscuss on TOL
6thNeonatologist on RSR about Jahi McMathDiscuss on TOLSci
3rdDeep Wells--Deep Time? 14c There Too?Discuss on TOLSci
2ndThe Real New YearsDiscuss on TOL
1stRSR: The Case Against PotDiscuss on TOLSci