Bob Enyart Live Archive 2016

December 2016

2ndBenjamin Dancer Scares the Daylights Out of RSRDiscuss on TOLSci
1stTheology Thursday: Acts 1 Pt. 7Discuss on TOL

November 2016

30thThe Most Informative Neanderthal Show Ever!Discuss on TOL
29thEvidence Against the Big BangDiscuss on TOL
28thFeel the HateDiscuss on TOL
25thRSR: Deep Blobs of Magma Sink and Don't RiseDiscuss on TOLSci
24thTheology Thursday: Acts 1 Pt. 6Discuss on TOL
23rdSomething's Brewing in Mike Pence' IndianaDiscuss on TOL
22ndDonald Trump Promises to Break Campaign PromisesDiscuss on TOL
21stTop Five Who Got Trump ElectedDiscuss on TOL
18thRSR's The Wasp ShowDiscuss on TOLSci
17thTheology Thursday: Acts 1 Pt. 5Discuss on TOL
16thAmazing Ongoing Targeted Antibodies Cancer TrialsDiscuss on TOL
15thCRISPR Gene Editing Tested in a Human BeingDiscuss on TOL
14thEarthquake lights, a cooling earth, lethal drugs, & Trump's 60 SecondsDiscuss on TOL
11thGeologist and Tour Guide Dave Nutting on RSRDiscuss on TOLSci
10thTheology Thursday: Acts 1 Pt. 4Discuss on TOL
9thForecast: Buyer's RemorseDiscuss on TOL
8thReading the Denver Post on a Slow News Day Discuss on TOL
7th"No matter who you vote for, you're doomed. Doomed I tell you. DOOMED!"Discuss on TOL
4thRSR: Human 2 Is Not 2 Fused Chimp ChromosomesDiscuss on TOLSci
3rdTheology Thursday: Acts 1 Pt. 3Discuss on TOL
2ndBob & Doug Knock Curt Schilling Fastballs Over FenceDiscuss on TOL
1stA Funny Thing Happened on the Way to VoteDiscuss on TOL

October 2016

31stWikiLeaks Verses and God Versus Donald TrumpDiscuss on TOL
28thRSR's "The Lucy Show" with Dr. Dan BiddleDiscuss on TOLSci
27thTheology Thursday: Acts 1 Pt. 2Discuss on TOL
26th2016 Voters' Guide BEL StyleDiscuss on TOL
25thDr. Vecchio: No on Single Payer Amendment 69Discuss on TOL
24thNicer than the Hillary's FearDiscuss on TOL
21stThe Catastrophism Geology of Glacier National ParkDiscuss on TOLSci
20thTheology Thursday: Acts 1 Pt. 1Discuss on TOL
19thNicer than an STD...Discuss on TOL
18thNicer than a Telemarketer, than God, than...Discuss on TOL
17thLaunched: National Hunt for Bill Clinton's DNADiscuss on TOL
14thFountains of MAGMA (?) of the Great Deep. Huh?Discuss on TOLSci
13thTheology Thursday: Revelation 1 Pt. 3Discuss on TOL
12thDan Caplis: Guess Which Bodily Organ Isn't Mature Until...Discuss on TOL
11thGoogle Dehumanizing BlacksDiscuss on TOL
10thI Can't Believe I Watched the Whole ThingDiscuss on TOL
7thMRI Inventor Damadian's MS BreakthroughDiscuss on TOLSci
6thTheology Thursday: Revelation Chapter 1 Pt. 2Discuss on TOL
5thKarner, the 1941 Film I Accuse, and No on 106Discuss on TOL
4thDanney Chelseas-Bro-Williams-Blythe-ClintonDiscuss on TOL
3rdBill Clinton's DNA and the Infamous Public ToiletDiscuss on TOL

September 2016

30thPat Roy of Jonathan Park Fame now with Genesis ApologeticsDiscuss on TOLSci
29thTheology Thursday: Revelation Chapter 1 Pt. 1Discuss on TOL
28thA Warning from Loretta Lynch to Angel's DeliveranceDiscuss on TOL
27thLast Night's Poets for Change EventDiscuss on TOL
26thBob & Doug Preview Monday Night's BIG Event! Discuss on TOL
23rdRSR's List of the Fathers of Science Pt. 3Discuss on TOLSci
22ndTheology Thursday: 1 Thessalonians Chapter 1 Pt. 2Discuss on TOL
21stThe Inventor of the MRI on Real Science RadioDiscuss on TOL
20th"Will You Support the Eventual Nominee?" or Christ?Discuss on TOL
19thTrannies vs Terrorists Discuss on TOL
16thRSR's List of the Fathers of Science Pt. 2Discuss on TOLSci
15thTheology Thursday: 1st Thessalonians Chap. 1 Pt 1Discuss on TOL
14thThe Parable of the Colon PolypDiscuss on TOL
13thBEL's Doctrine of Popularity for EvolutionistsDiscuss on TOL
12thUnconfirmed: ABC Journalism and Camel-Swallowing CredentialsDiscuss on TOL
9thRSR's List of the Fathers of Science who were CreationistsDiscuss on TOLSci
8thTheology Thursday: 1 Corinthians Chapter 1 Pt. 3Discuss on TOL
7thAnother ISIS Military Commander Trained by U.S. State DeptDiscuss on TOL
6thSimpsons Back on BEL for Yet Another ElectionDiscuss on TOL
2ndSummer 2016 Creation Magazine Headlines on RSR!Discuss on TOLSci
1stTheology Thursday: 1 Corinthians Chapter 1 Pt. 2Discuss on TOL

August 2016

31stWhen "Politicizing" a Tragedy is WrongDiscuss on TOL
30thBob Enyart Live Is ModerateDiscuss on TOL
29thHuma-liation Discuss on TOL
26thScientist Who Helped Explain Protein on RSR: Doug Axe!Discuss on TOLSci
25thTheology Thursday: 1 Corinthians Chapter 1 Pt. 1Discuss on TOL
24thBaptist Ethicist to Anti-Gays: You Have Been Warned!Discuss on TOL
23rd88% of Egypt's Muslims Support Death for Leaving IslamDiscuss on TOL
22ndHuma Abedin's Muslim Journal Blames U.S. for 9/11Discuss on TOL
19thPatrick Henry College Geology Prof. David Lee on RSRDiscuss on TOLSci
18thTheology Thursday: 1 Samuel Chapter 1 &2 Pt. 3Discuss on TOL
17thCaller Ted from Florida Doesn't Believe in HellDiscuss on TOL
16thBEL Headline News: You Report, We DecideDiscuss on TOL
15thOfficial Lawlessness Discuss on TOL
12thRay Comfort on The Atheist Delusion on RSRDiscuss on TOLSci
11thTheology Thursday: 1 Samuel Chapter 1 & 2 Pt. 2Discuss on TOL
9thRusty Thomas of OR/OSA on Judge Roy MooreDiscuss on TOL
8thThe Judge On Trial: Roy MooreDiscuss on TOL
5th RSR: Albright's Global Flood Series Pt 3Discuss on TOLSci
4thTheology Thursday: 1 Samuel 1 & 2 Pt. 1Discuss on TOL
3rdParable of the Madmen Sean Penn & Mel GibsonDiscuss on TOL
2ndBeware Ann Arbor's Victory Inn!Discuss on TOL
1stWhy Dems and Muslims Rape Women and The View Doesn't CareDiscuss on TOL

July 2016

29thRSR: Albright's Global Flood Series Pt 2Discuss on TOLSci
28thTheology Thursday: Gospel of John Overview Pt. 3Discuss on TOL
27th Avi Lipkin/Victor Mordecai on Israel's WallDiscuss on TOL
26thHeavenFest V.P. Sterling Copeland on BELDiscuss on TOL
25thThe "Link" to Terror is the "Justification"Discuss on TOL
22ndRSR: Albright's Global Flood Article SeriesDiscuss on TOLSci
21stTheology Thursday: Gospel of John Overview Pt. 2Discuss on TOL
20thBEL Archives: Prof. Charles Rice from a Decade AgoDiscuss on TOL
19thHeadline News BEL StyleDiscuss on TOL
18thThe Sheriff vs The RadicalsDiscuss on TOL
15thHey Brian Thomas, "Why Is Carbon 14 everywhere it shouldn't be?"Discuss on TOLSci
14thTheology Thursday: Gospel Of John Overview Pt. 1Discuss on TOL
13thGross Guy Targeting Women in Dressing RoomsDiscuss on TOL
12thCause of Death? Coroners Often Ignore Suicide by CopDiscuss on TOL
11thRules of Engagement Find Their Own LevelDiscuss on TOL
8thBrian Thomas: Two Bird Wings in Amber Means...Discuss on TOLSci
7thTheology Thursday: Solomon's WisdomDiscuss on TOL
6thLife & Death in AmericaDiscuss on TOL
5thAnother Family DetonationDiscuss on TOL
1stRSR Welcomes Back Molecular Biologist Kevin AndersonDiscuss on TOLSci

June 2016

30thTheology Thursday: What We're Facing Pt. 2Discuss on TOL
29thAudio Track of Focus on the Strategy IIIDiscuss on TOL
28thAudio Track of Focus on the Strategy IIDiscuss on TOL
27thAudio Track of Focus on the Strategy IDiscuss on TOL
24thWest Virginia's Best-Known Enemy of Evolution on RSRDiscuss on TOLSci
23rdTheology Thursday: What We're Facing Pt. 1Discuss on TOL
22ndJudah from Southern California Asks Bob & Doug...Discuss on TOL
21stMississippi Mom Makes Our DayDiscuss on TOL
20thThe Legendary Creationist Dave Nutting on RSR!Discuss on TOLSci
17thRSR on Facebook Bias, the Gorilla, and the Cancer Care RevolutionDiscuss on TOLSci
16thRerun: DBC Statement of Faith Pt. 2Discuss on TOL
15thThe Ballad of Hillary & VladDiscuss on TOL
14th"Conservatives" Exploit Slaughter to Normalize HomosexualityDiscuss on TOL
13thOrlando's Muslim Terrorist and What To DoDiscuss on TOL
10thWhat's a Molecular Biologist Like Kevin Anderson Doing Studying Dinosaur Bones?Discuss on TOL
9thTheology Thursday: DBC Statement of Faith Pt. 2Discuss on TOL
8thKevin Anderson, Dino Soft Tissue Hunter & Molecular Biologist on RSRDiscuss on TOLSci
7thVote Gordon Klingenschmitt for Colorado State Senate!Discuss on TOL
6thJanet Huckabee Responds to Doug McBurneyDiscuss on TOL
3rdThe Multiverse is a Yardstick to Measure the Strength of the Fine-Tuning ArgumentDiscuss on TOLSci
2ndTheology Thursday: DBC Statement of Faith Pt1.Discuss on TOL
1stReasons #1061, 1062, 1063, & 1064 from Bob and DougDiscuss on TOL

May 2016

31stSpanking: If it Saves Just One Gorilla, it's Worth itDiscuss on TOL
30thRerun: BEL Explains Targeted Antibody Cancer Treatment RevolutionDiscuss on TOL
27thApologist Frank Turek on Real Science RadioDiscuss on TOLSci
26thTheology Thursday: The Bible's 360 Day YearDiscuss on TOL
25thDNA of Dopes: How pot causes mutations and cancerDiscuss on TOL
24thBEL YouTube Channel Growing: Bob Airs Some of Our #1 VideoDiscuss on TOL
23rdBEL is the Sole Source of News on the Targeted Antibodies Cancer Treatment RevolutionDiscuss on TOL
20thMultiplied Claims that Things Evolved Multiple Times Destroy Darwin's TreeDiscuss on TOLSci
19thTheology Thursday: DisciplineDiscuss on TOL
18thPersonhood, Justice, Insanity & PotDiscuss on TOL
17thDenver Post Runs Prostitution AdvertisementDiscuss on TOL
16th9News revisionism on Baby Aurora by Anastasiya BoltonDiscuss on TOL
13thHydroplate Theory Tutorial Producer Pt 2Discuss on TOLSci
12thTheology Thursday: DBC PredictionsDiscuss on TOL
11thThe Republic & the Russian FrontDiscuss on TOL
10thPro-aborts protest moms & children conceived in rapeDiscuss on TOL
9thFacebook Rejects Conservative Pastor's Drivers License as Valid Form of IDDiscuss on TOL
6thHydroplate Theory Tutorial Producer on RSRDiscuss on TOLSci
5thTheology Thursday: From Abel to NoahDiscuss on TOL
4thThe First Lessons of the Trump NominationDiscuss on TOL
3rdBob Calls into Kelley & Kafer Opposing Equal Pay for Equal WorkDiscuss on TOL
2ndTonight! Climate Hustle at a Theater Near YouDiscuss on TOLSci

April 2016

29thRSR's Report on the 50th Anniversary of the Wistar ConferenceDiscuss on TOLSci
28thTheology Thursday: Death Penalty at the Heart of the GospelDiscuss on TOL
27thTwo Lessons from Republicans Apoplectic over TrumpDiscuss on TOL
26thRSR's List of Shocked EvolutionistsDiscuss on TOL
25thBoulder Public School Staffer Exposes Queer Stuff to BELDiscuss on TOL
22ndRSR Explains Extraordinary Cancer Antibody TreatmentDiscuss on TOLSci
21stTheology Thursday: One Life, One ChanceDiscuss on TOL
20thCRISPR Gene Editing Life Saver and Ghoulish ThreatDiscuss on TOL
19thIndy NBC News Reporter Stumbles onto the Truth about the Mike Pence Abortion RegulationDiscuss on TOL
18thPirated movies, songs, software, and now 48 million science papersDiscuss on TOL
15thAmerican College of Pediatricians on RSRDiscuss on TOLSci
14thTheology Thursday: Thou Shall Not Murder - Sandy HookDiscuss on TOL
13thBob Challenges Other Denver Radio Hosts On Equal PayDiscuss on TOL
12thDrunk Canadian Gal Tries to Call Bob Enyart LiveDiscuss on TOL
11thEl presidente prohíbe secadores eléctricosDiscuss on TOL
8thSpring 2016 Creation Mag Headlines Pt 2Discuss on TOLSci
7thTheology Thursday: Hebrews Verse by VerseDiscuss on TOL
6thPut in the Position of Defendin' PalinDiscuss on TOL
5thThe N Double A Double A, Pot, Debt, and the Enabler in ChiefDiscuss on TOL
4thHillary Confesses Personhood!Discuss on TOL
1stMore Polish Kids Surviving Cerebral Palsy: RSR Knows WhyDiscuss on TOLSci

March 2016

31stTheology Thursday: Meeting the One that Made the MoonDiscuss on TOL
30thThe Virgin Mary is Not in the BEL StudioDiscuss on TOL
29thRumors, Allegations & Sure ThingsDiscuss on TOL
28thPrivate Email Server Granted Immunity; Avoids Jail TimeDiscuss on TOL
25thRerun: Creation Magazine HeadlinesDiscuss on TOLSci
24thTheology Thursday: Palm Sunday 2016Discuss on TOL
23rdThe Trouble with HillaryDiscuss on TOL
22ndTerror, Abuse & PrisonDiscuss on TOL
21stTwo Angry MenDiscuss on TOL
18thSpring 2016 Creation Magazine Headlines on RSR!Discuss on TOLSci
17thTheology Thursday: What I KnowDiscuss on TOL
16thShaming the Pop CultureDiscuss on TOL
15thBreitbart's Insufficient Warning About HomosexualsDiscuss on TOL
14thAHA's T. Russell Hunter on Oklahoma's Heroic FightDiscuss on TOL
11thRSR's Transient Events in the Solar System Pt 2Discuss on TOLSci
10thTheology Thursday: Exercising Your SensesDiscuss on TOL
9thThe Homeless & the BeastDiscuss on TOL
8thBreath of Life HaitiDiscuss on TOL
7thHillary, Trump & Other Social DiseasesDiscuss on TOL
4thRSR's List of the Transient Events in the Solar SystemDiscuss on TOLSci
3rdTheology Thursday: Back to Basics EvangelismDiscuss on TOL
2ndPastor on BEL: Stop Forgiving (so much!)Discuss on TOL
1stBEL Collecting Restraining Orders; One for Eagle Forum? Discuss on TOL

February 2016

29thCPAC Legend on BEL: Now CPAC Going GayDiscuss on TOL
26thThe Inventor of the MRI on Real Science Radio Pt 2Discuss on TOLSci
25thTheology Thursday: What is a Legalist?Discuss on TOL
24thCRTL's Lobbyist in Studio to Explain the Caucus ProcessDiscuss on TOL
23rdJanet Folger Porter: Ohio RTL has become Ohio Right To RegulateDiscuss on TOL
22ndA Cure for Cancer and another for CyberstalkingDiscuss on TOL
19thThe Inventor of the MRI on Real Science RadioDiscuss on TOLSci
18thTheology Thursday: The Hidden TruthDiscuss on TOL
17thISIS Issues Buy Recommendation for AppleDiscuss on TOL
16thWhat should Bob share with Deepak Chopra?Discuss on TOL
15thMr. Scalia, Meet Jesus ChristDiscuss on TOL
12thDr. Spencer Answers HPT Objections Pt. 2Discuss on TOLSci
11thTheology Thursday: Answering Dishonest QuestionsDiscuss on TOL
10thDealing with Bad Memories, High School, and Worshipping the DeadDiscuss on TOL
9thJeb In His Sweet Spot, His Bloody Red Sweet SpotDiscuss on TOL
8thTeens Condemn Not Recycling But Not PornDiscuss on TOL
5thDr. Josh Spencer Answers HPT ObjectionsDiscuss on TOLSci
4thTheology Thursday: Our Enemies Vanquished Discuss on TOL
3rdCruz Signed Pledge But Now Opposes Personhood LawsDiscuss on TOL
2ndThe 50th Anniversary of the Untold StoryDiscuss on TOL
1stSuicide by DemocracyDiscuss on TOL

January 2016

29thRSR Kicks Back with some Science NewsDiscuss on TOLSci
28thTheology Thursday: Nicodemus Comes to JesusDiscuss on TOL
27thPresidential Candidate Tom Hoefling on BELDiscuss on TOL
26thBEL's New Spiritual Advisor: Broncos Defensive End Antonio SmithDiscuss on TOL
25thThe Definitive Ted Cruz BroadcastDiscuss on TOL headlines on RSR with David CoppedgeDiscuss on TOLSci
21stTheology Thursday - The Plot BoysDiscuss on TOL
20thBack In Time!Discuss on TOL
19thCoral Island Adventures on BELDiscuss on TOL
18thDoug's Happy MLK Day Show!Discuss on TOL
15thThe 360 Day Year on RSR Pt. 3Discuss on TOLSci
14thTheology Thursday: Jethro's Great AdviceDiscuss on TOL
13thHey GOP, You're Getting Warm, Warmer, and...Discuss on TOL
12thMom of Saved Baby Dies, Jo Scott Tells BobDiscuss on TOL
11thAdvice for Bowie Fans, Hillary & the NFLDiscuss on TOL
8thThe 360-Day Year on RSR Pt. 2Discuss on TOLSci
7thTheology Thursday: Was Jonah Predestined to Disobey?Discuss on TOL
6thWhy Dems and Muslims Rape Women and The View Doesn't CareDiscuss on TOL
5thBob & Doug Question Obama's FaithDiscuss on TOL
1stThe 360-Day Year on Real Science RadioDiscuss on TOLSci