Bob Enyart Live Archive 2015

November 2015

26thTheology Thursday: Thanksgiving at Denver Bible ChurchDiscuss on TOL
25thBeing Thankful for Some Rather Different ThingsDiscuss on TOL
24thProtecting Your Family from Films and the WebDiscuss on TOL
23rdLeftys, Lawyers & LoonsDiscuss on TOL
20thRSR Strolls Down Memory Lane with Skull 1470Discuss on TOLSci
19thTheology Thursday: Nehemiah the BuilderDiscuss on TOL
18thRaqqa: From Genesis Chapter One to Today's Headline NewsDiscuss on TOL
17th8th Army PFC Russell Siefkes from the DMZ to BEL Discuss on TOL
16thWhich of These Things is Not Like the OtherDiscuss on TOL
13thRSR: Liberty University’s Marcus Ross in StudioDiscuss on TOLSci
12thTheology Thursday: Tithing or Giving?Discuss on TOL
11thThe Devil & The DetailsDiscuss on TOL
10thBlood in the WaterDiscuss on TOL
9thMcBurney's Apology to Young LiliDiscuss on TOL
6thRight Now: RSR is in a King James Only Debate!Discuss on TOLSci
5thTheology Thursday: The Coming of the LordDiscuss on TOL
4thDoug McBurney Sits In!Discuss on TOL
3rdKen and Jo Scott Sit in for BobDiscuss on TOL
2ndBREAKING NEWS: The King James Only Debate Begins!Discuss on TOL

October 2015

30thRSR in the UK with University of Liverpool's Steve TaylorDiscuss on TOLSci
29thTheology Thursday: The God Who Humbled HimselfDiscuss on TOL
28thCallers Help Bob Air Today's ShowDiscuss on TOL
27thReason #1001 to Keep Your Kid Out of Public SchoolDiscuss on TOL
26thRomney Out of Dan Rather's ClosetDiscuss on TOL
23rdRSR in the UK with a Research Professor from LeedsDiscuss on TOLSci
22ndTheology Thursday: Exodus Code Pt. 3Discuss on TOL
21stTheology on BEL: Exodus Code Pt. 2Discuss on TOL
20thTheology on BEL: Exodus Code Pt. 1Discuss on TOL
19thAnd talkin' about that Trey Smith video..Discuss on TOL
16thRSR in Portsmouth UK with Genesis ExpoDiscuss on TOLSci
15thTheology Thursday: Should We Have Treaties?Discuss on TOL
14thNew Dinosaur Video from Trey Smith & Bob EnyartDiscuss on TOLSci
13thCan't Eat Pasta; No Problemo...Discuss on TOL
12thPelosi & Nat'l RTL AgreeDiscuss on TOL
9thThe Hungary Geneticist: Trends Contradict DarwinismDiscuss on TOLSci
8thTheology Thursday: An Eleven Day JourneyDiscuss on TOL
7thPrepare for Last Days Financial Collapse Pt. 2Discuss on TOL
6thOther Side of Cannabis mom/filmmaker on BELDiscuss on TOL
5thThe Martyrs of Syria & RoseburgDiscuss on TOL
2ndFinding Noah's Brent Baum on RSRDiscuss on TOLSci
1stTheology Thursday: The Mystery RevealedDiscuss on TOL

September 2015

30thFor the End Times Financial Collapse: Get KGOV Bucks!Discuss on TOL
29thChristians: On Water & WarDiscuss on TOL
28thHope for Britain After All!Discuss on TOL
25thOnce Again: Brought to You by the Number ThreeDiscuss on TOLSci
24thTheology Thursday: Ps. 78 Give Ear, O My People Pt. 1Discuss on TOL
23rdJackson & McBurney to Mat StaverDiscuss on TOL
22ndAgain: The Harbinger's Jonathan Cahn on BELDiscuss on TOL
21stAgain: RSR vs. The Blood Moon Prophecy FadDiscuss on TOL
18thRSR: How the Flesh is like GravityDiscuss on TOLSci
17thTheology Thursday: How Long?Discuss on TOL
16thLiars, Cheaters, Killers & ThievesDiscuss on TOL
15thMcBurney Addresses the European Migrant CrisisDiscuss on TOL
14thKim Davis: I'll help you issue these without my helpDiscuss on TOL
11thRSR: Timothy Mahoney of the Patterns Film Discuss on TOLSci
10th Theology Thursday: What Happens after Death?Discuss on TOL
9thKim Davis: I'll help you issue these without my helpDiscuss on TOL
8thLive Report from Rowan County KY on BELDiscuss on TOL
7thRerun: Love is Greater than KnowledgeDiscuss on TOL
4thDarwin Day on Real Science RadioDiscuss on TOLSci
3rdTheology Thursday: Galatians 2 - The Jerusalem Council Pt. 2Discuss on TOL
2ndAnother KLTT Conservative on Bob Enyart LiveDiscuss on TOL
1stFrom "Just Leave Us Alone" to "Arrest that Woman!"Discuss on TOL

August 2015

31stWinning Trumps Principle for EvangelicalsDiscuss on TOL
28thRSR: Bob and Fred Report on Flood Model ProgressDiscuss on TOLSci
27thTheology Thursday: Galatians 2 - The Jerusalem Council Pt. 1Discuss on TOL
26th15 Letters to Conservative Churches in DenverDiscuss on TOL
25thBob & Jo Air More Audio from the 7th VideoDiscuss on TOL
24th7th Viral PP Video Audio on BELDiscuss on TOL
21stLiving Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans Discuss on TOLSci
20thTheology Thursday: Feelings-based ForgivenessDiscuss on TOL
19thArchbishop Cupich vs. Archbishop Chaput and BELDiscuss on TOL
18thBob and BEL Producer Darrell Birkey on our ResourcesDiscuss on TOL
17thBob Reviews Huckabee and Rubio Debate AnswersDiscuss on TOL
14thLeading Anti-Global Warming Expert on RSRDiscuss on TOLSci
13thTheology Thursday: Hebrews 1Discuss on TOL
12thAudio Track from the 6th Viral Abortion Video Discuss on TOL
11thA Matter of Faith Film in Denver on Friday!Discuss on TOL
10thThe Making of the Patterns of Evidence FilmDiscuss on TOL
7thDavid Rives: Creation in the 21st Century on RSRDiscuss on TOLSci
6thTheology Thursday: The Bible is TrueDiscuss on TOL
5thBob Enyart Calls KNUS Radio on the RepublicansDiscuss on TOL
4thViral Body Parts Video 4: The Denver ConnectionDiscuss on TOL
3rdDrone Wolf Attacks Discuss on TOL

July 2015

31stEric Hovind on Real Science RadioDiscuss on TOLSci
30thTheology Thursday: Culture ClashDiscuss on TOL
29thFear & Loathing in Little Rock (& in Space).Discuss on TOL
28thThird Body Parts Video on BEL Discuss on TOL
27thHow to Deter a Lone Wolf Terrorist Discuss on TOL
24thRSR's List of Solar System Formation Problems 2Discuss on TOLSci
23rdTheology Thursday: Got Wisdom?Discuss on TOL
22ndHarper on Netanyahu, NW Nazarene, Psychology and SinDiscuss on TOL
21st2nd Planned Parenthood Undercover Body Parts VideoDiscuss on TOL
20thStu Epperson on the Last Words of JesusDiscuss on TOL
17thRSR's List of Problems with Solar System FormationDiscuss on TOLSci
16thTheology Thursday: Atheists Overplaying their HandDiscuss on TOL
15thPluto Overshadows Iran and even the Abortion Cover-Up Discuss on TOL
14th1st Undercover Planned Parenthood Video on the RadioDiscuss on TOL
13thFour Horsemen of the ApocalypseDiscuss on TOL
10thRace on Real Science RadioDiscuss on TOLSci
9thTheology Thursday: Jesus Was Sent to IsraelDiscuss on TOL
8thThe First New Testament Book and Two Drudge HeadlinesDiscuss on TOL
7thMichael Brown and Bob Enyart Discuss Homosexual MarriageDiscuss on TOL
6thSolving Illegal Immigration NowDiscuss on TOL
3rdNASA Rocket Scientist on Real Science RadioDiscuss on TOLSci
2ndTheology Thursday: Things that DifferDiscuss on TOL
1stHeadwaters: Why and How to Illustrate the BibleDiscuss on TOL

June 2015

30thBEL Resupply Operations in JulyDiscuss on TOL
29th#DontRegulateMurder Discuss on TOL
26thRSR: June is Whale Month Pt. 4Discuss on TOLSci
25thTheology Thursday: Qualifications of Elders Pt. 4Discuss on TOL
24thA Cup of Wrath and a Vat of GreeceDiscuss on TOL
23rdA Storm, A Message, A Bottle on BELDiscuss on TOL
22ndMichael Brown Rebukes Tony CampoloDiscuss on TOL
19th RSR: June is Whale Month Pt. 3Discuss on TOLSci
18thTheology Thursday: Qualifications of Elders Pt. 3Discuss on TOL
17thCPAC Legend Ryan Sorba's Undercover VideosDiscuss on TOL
16thMark Crutcher: Family Beat Pregnant TeenDiscuss on TOL
15thDuggars Hated, Pedophiles CelebratedDiscuss on TOL
12thRSR: June is Whale Month Pt. 2Discuss on TOLSci
11thTheology Thursday: Qualifications of Elders Pt. 2Discuss on TOL
10thMore Soft Tissue Confirms RSR Dino PredictionDiscuss on TOLSci
9thOut of Compton: Former Caller JohnnieDiscuss on TOL
8thBob Heading Out to Greet Bill Clinton in DenverDiscuss on TOL
5thJune is Whale Month on RSRDiscuss on TOLSci
4thTheology Thursday: Qualifications of Elders Pt. 1Discuss on TOL
3rdMoney, Fame, Sports Can't Make Bruce HappyDiscuss on TOL
2ndInside the BEL StudioDiscuss on TOL
1stPolitics Should Not Trump Morality Discuss on TOL

May 2015

29thRSR's Software Invention: The Omniscient Display.exeDiscuss on TOLSci
28thTheology Thursday: How God Works TodayDiscuss on TOL
27thJo Scott & Leslie Hanks discuss today's hot topicsDiscuss on TOL
26thThe Jihad Against Police & Marriage Discuss on TOL
25thCalling on Travis Barlock to Retract Rodhocetus ClaimDiscuss on TOLSci
22ndNYC Endocrinologist Dr. Joel Brind on RSRDiscuss on TOLSci
21stTheology Thursday: Church SplitsDiscuss on TOL
20thBig News and an Invite to Join us in the Memorial Day ParadeDiscuss on TOL
19thJesse Lee Peterson about the Baltimore MomDiscuss on TOL
18thHomos, Drones & the End of Evolution Discuss on TOL
15thBill Jack is Back, Now at DU Debating EvolutionDiscuss on TOLSci
14thTheology Thursday: When Did Creation Happen?Discuss on TOL
13thComing Soon: The Genesis Game from Covenant MediaDiscuss on TOLSci
12thEnyart, Deace, Jackson, All on FireDiscuss on TOL
11thSTDs, Sermons & ScreeningsDiscuss on TOL
8thB.S. in Forest Mgmt; M.S. in Environment; Doctor in...Discuss on TOLSci
7thTheology Thursday: When Did Cain Kill Abel?Discuss on TOL
6thWhich of these Malibu Celebrities will see Bob's Ad?Discuss on TOL
5thBob Test Drives His Pepperdine University TalkDiscuss on TOL
4thDobson & The Fall of Western Civilization (circa 1992) Discuss on TOL
1stFired Jet Propulsion Lab Admin on RSRDiscuss on TOLSci

April 2015

30thTheology Thursday: DivisionsDiscuss on TOL
29thBrad from Vancouver laments Canada's moral demiseDiscuss on TOL
27thWho's more confused: Jenner or Beck?Discuss on TOL
24thOxford Prof: Central Darwinian Assumptions DisprovedDiscuss on TOLSci
23rdTheology Thursday: The Stephen Chronicles Pt. 7Discuss on TOL
22ndFormer Audio Guy for Denver's ABC 7News on BELDiscuss on TOL
21stGay Weddings, Government Schools & LegalismDiscuss on TOL
20thTebow Comes Back; RE-publicans Admit FailureDiscuss on TOL
17thRSR: Darwin vs Bee Vomit & Mosquito ReproductionDiscuss on TOLSci
16thTheology Thursday: The Stephen Chronicles Pt. 6Discuss on TOL
15thMcBurney Talks Gov’t Schools with Ray FournierDiscuss on TOL
14thMcBurney talks “Questions Jesus Asks” with Israel Wayne Discuss on TOL
13thThe Real War On WomenDiscuss on TOL
10thRSR vs. The Blood Moon Prophecy FadDiscuss on TOLSci
9thTheology Thursday: The Stephen Chronicles Pt. 5Discuss on TOL
8thBob & You: Making a Video Against the Big BangDiscuss on TOL
7thBob Going to a Creation-Evolution Event at PepperdineDiscuss on TOL
6thHuffington Post Contributor Jason Salzman on BELDiscuss on TOL
3rdReal Science Radio's Case Against Pot: 2015Discuss on TOLSci
2ndTheology Thursday: The Stephen Chronicles Pt. 4Discuss on TOL
1stNational Atheists Day on BEL for 2015Discuss on TOL

March 2015

31stSen. Bill Cadmen Should Stop Affirming AbortionDiscuss on TOL
30thBrave Men: Klingenschmitt & Noffsinger Discuss on TOL
27thRSR: What is the Firmament of Day 2?Discuss on TOLSci
26thTheology Thursday: The Stephen Chronicles Pt. 3Discuss on TOL
25thFilm Producer Coming to Denver Saturday for ScreeningDiscuss on TOL
24thThe Doctrine of the Lesser and Greater MagistratesDiscuss on TOL
23rdHome Depot Employee's Open Letter re: Promoting HomosexualityDiscuss on TOL
20thOverpopulation, RSR, and Wanted: More People!Discuss on TOLSci
19thTheology Thursday: The Stephen Chronicles Pt. 2Discuss on TOL
18thHow To Get Out Of Jury DutyDiscuss on TOL
17thThe End is… NearDiscuss on TOL
16thRev. Legislator on Bob Enyart LiveDiscuss on TOL
13thRSR: Now, Rocks Make Life! Huh?Discuss on TOLSci
12thTheology Thursday: The Stephen Chronicles Pt. 1Discuss on TOL
11thChristian Linguini College & Reason #476Discuss on TOL
10thStudies Prove Homosexuality Is Not GeneticDiscuss on TOL
9thBob’s Back with Doug! Discuss on TOL
6thRSR: Another missing link, or just a bad set of teeth?Discuss on TOLSci
5thTheology Thursday: Defending God's Goodness Pt. 2Discuss on TOL
4thNo Political Solutions for Spiritual Problems Pt. 2Discuss on TOL
3rdNo Political Solutions for Spiritual ProblemsDiscuss on TOL
2ndMcBurney in for Bob Discuss on TOL

February 2015

27thRSR: Noted Physicist John Hartnett Our Big Bang List Pt 2Discuss on TOLSci
26thTheology Thursday: Defending God's GoodnessDiscuss on TOL
25thThe Purpose of Christ's Earthly Ministry?Discuss on TOL
24thBrian Enyart Jr. Sittin' InDiscuss on TOL
23rdBob Meets the Benham BrothersDiscuss on TOL
20thNoted Physicist John Hartnett on Our Big Bang ListDiscuss on TOLSci
19thTheology Thursday: Love is Greater than KnowledgeDiscuss on TOL
18thDenver Bible Church Now a Church with a ChurchDiscuss on TOL
17thRerun: To the Right of RightDiscuss on TOL
16thPsychoses of the Left & the RE-publicansDiscuss on TOL
13thRSR: Historical & Observational Science Equally Good Discuss on TOLSci
12thTheology Thursday: The Volume of the BookDiscuss on TOL
11thSlate: The Undead Babies at Denver Children's HospitalDiscuss on TOL
10th1% to own 50%: What's taken 'em so long?Discuss on TOL
9thAll Out War for Judge Roy MooreDiscuss on TOL
6thRSR on Euthanasia, Dawkins, & Eagle EggsDiscuss on TOLSci
5thTheology Thursday: Fighting the Culture War with DanielDiscuss on TOL
4thBob Interviews Truth Truck Driver Ron BrockDiscuss on TOL
3rdTruth Truck Driver Ron Brock's AccidentDiscuss on TOL
2ndBeiber, Baptismals, and the Big BangDiscuss on TOL

January 2015

30thRSR: Every (Comet) Scientist Works for Walt Brown!Discuss on TOLSci
29thTheology Thursday: God's Eternal PastDiscuss on TOL
28thThe Return of James White & the Eagle EggsDiscuss on TOL
27thAnother Asteroid with Moon Confirms RSR PredictionDiscuss on TOL
26thFocus on the Family Wants Abortionists to Use Modern Medical StandardsDiscuss on TOL
23rdTwo Fathers of Evolution Theory and Natural SelectionDiscuss on TOLSci
22ndTheology Thursday: The Bible's Criminal CodeDiscuss on TOL
21stNat'l March Backfiring Against the Unborn with H.R. 36Discuss on TOL
20thIf Japanese are like pandas, what group is like rabbits?Discuss on TOL
19thFoundations Under AttackDiscuss on TOL
16thRSR Enjoys Don Batten's Creationist ContributionsDiscuss on TOLSci
15thTheology Thursday: The Plot BoysDiscuss on TOL
14thThree Days Out & Three Time Loser Mitt Discuss on TOL
13thJeb Bush: Gay Parents Are Role ModelsDiscuss on TOL
12thNat’l Abortion Federation Aligns with Nat’l RTLDiscuss on TOL
9thRSR: Jesus & Anne Habermehl Use the SeptuagintDiscuss on TOLSci
8thTheology Thursday: The Plot: Details GaloreDiscuss on TOL
7thIn Solidarity With Those Insensitive To IslamDiscuss on TOL
6thHere's How God Crossed An Actual Infinity: The PastDiscuss on TOL
5th2015: The Year the Straight Church Fights Back!Discuss on TOL
2ndRSR: Renowned Scientist Sternberg on Junk DNADiscuss on TOLSci
1stTheology Thursday: The Plot: The Last DaysDiscuss on TOL