2017 Archive

April 2017
Date Title
Apr 21 RSR's List of Evidence for the Exodus Pt. 4
Apr 20 ThThurs: The Epistle to the Philippians Pt. 2
Apr 19 Bob Discusses the Two Big FNC Reports, on Bill O'Reilly and...
Apr 18 Taking United Airlines Side Against Bill O'Reilly
Apr 17 YouTube's nephew Vimeo removes 850 Christian videos
Apr 14 RSR's List of Evidence for the Exodus Pt. 3
Apr 13 ThThurs: The Epistle to the Philippians Pt. 1
Apr 12 Audio from a Homosexual, a DJ, and Neal Gorsuch
Apr 11 Hey NBC, why's that school shooter a Christian if the terrorists aren't Muslim?
Apr 10 The "Beautiful" People
Apr 7 RSR's List of Evidence for the Exodus Pt 2
Apr 6 ThThurs: The Gospel of Mark Pt. 4
Apr 5 Media's runnin' outta words! Can’t say this; can’t say that...
Apr 4 Caller Took BEL Advice in 1994 for Her Lesbian Friend
Apr 3 Why Liberals Love Islam
March 2017
Date Title
Mar 31 RSR's List of Evidence for the Exodus
Mar 30 ThThurs: Mark 1 Pt. 3
Mar 29 What Grows in Pothead Land? Why, Toxic Labor Of Course.
Mar 28 Your Front Row Seat to America's Psychotic Episode
Mar 27 Lying caller, lying athletes, and the leading ways of dying
Mar 24 Scientist from "Is Genesis History?" film on RSR
Mar 23 ThThurs: The Gospel of Mark Pt. 3
Mar 22 Rerun: Ray Comfort on The Atheist Delusion on RSR
Mar 21 Terry's Call: The homosexual who called into BEL...
Mar 20 No more bigoted Father-Daughter events
Mar 17 RSR's List of Earth's Collapsing "Ancient" Features
Mar 16 ThThurs: The Gospel of Mark Pt. 2
Mar 15 Mother of Eight Adopts Hospice Babies
Mar 14 BEL's Pope List
Mar 13 Bad Pope, Good Cancer Treatment
Mar 10 Real Science Radio Interviews Bestselling Author of Gosnell
Mar 9 ThThurs: The Gospel of Mark Pt. 1
Mar 8 Terrorists Named Mohammad And Other Stories
Mar 7 Kindergarten kid: "Mommy, my teacher kissed another man."
Mar 6 Recommended: Tomorrow's encore screening of the Genesis film!
Mar 3 Cold-Case Detective Finds an Intruder in the Universe
Mar 2 ThThurs: Genesis - Abraham Pt. 3
Mar 1 The Activist Mommy flogs Mark Zuckerberg on BEL
February 2017
Date Title
Feb 28 Of All the Important Things Trump Said Tonight, the Most Telling Was What He Said About Abortion
Feb 27 The Context of Reality
Feb 24 RSR's List of List Shows Pt. 2
Feb 23 ThThurs: Genesis - Abraham Pt. 2
Feb 22 Again: "We Just Want To Be Left Alone." Yeah, Right.
Feb 21 In the ABCs of BEL, We're at the Cs
Feb 20 Doug McBurney Calls Out... Everybody!
Feb 17 RSR's List of List Shows
Feb 16 ThThurs: Genesis - Abraham Pt. 1
Feb 15 The ABCs of BEL... er, uh... How About Just the ABs?
Feb 14 King Tut's Upcoming BEL & Real Science Radio Appearances
Feb 13 Mt. Homos Make Me Sick
Feb 10 Targeted Antibody Cancer Treatment CEO on RSR
Feb 9 ThThurs: Epistle to the Hebrews Pt, 4
Feb 8 Airbnb Cancels Accounts of Christians Marvin Olasky, Bob Enyart, and...
Feb 7 Theologian Thomas Jay Oord on Bob Enyart Live
Feb 6 Defund Planned Parenthood
Feb 3 Fred Williams' RMCF Talk & More Dino Soft Tissue
Feb 2 ThThurs: Epistle to the Hebrews Pt 3
Feb 1 Two Questions About Gorsuch Fox News Won't Ask
January 2017
Date Title
Jan 31 BEL Reviews Gorsuch, Hardiman, & William Pryor
Jan 30 Counting to 30k, Arabic airport chant, & hypocrite Iran to ban U.S.
Jan 27 Creation Evolution Headlines II with David Coppedge on RSR
Jan 26 ThThurs: Epistle to the Hebrews Pt 2
Jan 25 Five Loopholes of the Mexico City Policy
Jan 24 Denver Women's March and the Neck Vein Girl
Jan 23 CRTL Hits Trump Admin with Constructive Criticism in Wash Times
Jan 20 ORIGIN, the film!
Jan 19 ThThursday: Ezra 1 Pt. 4
Jan 18 IF THERE IS NO GOD President Trump...
Jan 17 Scouring the Bosphorus for Terrorists
Jan 16 ObamaCare - Repeal & Repeal!
Jan 13 Bryan Nickel Answers Oard's "Linear Crack" Hydroplate Theory Objection
Jan 12 ThThursday: Ezra 1 Pt. 3
Jan 11 Gutsy Move in Indiana To Repeal Misguided Pro-life Regulations
Jan 10 Knock Yer Socks Off Animation Coming
Jan 9 From the Ridiculous to the Sublime
Jan 6 Kevin Lea Answers the "Pacific Crust" Hydroplate Objection
Jan 5 ThThurs: Book of Ezra Pt. 2
Jan 4 Atheist Michael Newdow Debates Christian Bob Enyart
Jan 3 Brave New Year
Jan 2 Rerun- RSR: Moon Landing Conspiracy Hoax Rebutted