Bob Enyart Live Archive 2016

February 2016

5thRSR's List of Answers to HPT Objections Pt. 3Discuss on TOLSci
4thTheology Thursday: Our Enemies Vanquished Discuss on TOL
3rdCruz Signed Pledge But Now Opposes Personhood LawsDiscuss on TOL
2ndThe 50th Anniversary of the Untold StoryDiscuss on TOL
1stSuicide by DemocracyDiscuss on TOL

January 2016

29thRSR Kicks Back with some Science NewsDiscuss on TOLSci
28thTheology Thursday: Nicodemus Comes to JesusDiscuss on TOL
27thPresidential Candidate Tom Hoefling on BELDiscuss on TOL
26thBEL's New Spiritual Advisor: Broncos Defensive End Antonio SmithDiscuss on TOL
25thThe Definitive Ted Cruz BroadcastDiscuss on TOL headlines on RSR with David CoppedgeDiscuss on TOLSci
21stTheology Thursday - The Plot BoysDiscuss on TOL
20thBack In Time!Discuss on TOL
19thCoral Island Adventures on BELDiscuss on TOL
18thDoug's Happy MLK Day Show!Discuss on TOL
15thThe 360 Day Year on RSR Pt. 3Discuss on TOLSci
14thTheology Thursday: Jethro's Great AdviceDiscuss on TOL
13thHey GOP, You're Getting Warm, Warmer, and...Discuss on TOL
12thMom of Saved Baby Dies, Jo Scott Tells BobDiscuss on TOL
11thAdvice for Bowie Fans, Hillary & the NFLDiscuss on TOL
8thThe 360-Day Year on RSR Pt. 2Discuss on TOLSci
7thTheology Thursday: Was Jonah Predestined to Disobey?Discuss on TOL
6thWhy Dems and Muslims Rape Women and The View Doesn't CareDiscuss on TOL
5thBob & Doug Question Obama's FaithDiscuss on TOL
1stThe 360-Day Year on Real Science RadioDiscuss on TOLSci