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Audio Track of Focus on the Strategy III

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Completing our Focus on the Strategy broadcast series, Bob Enyart now presents the audio of Part 3 of the trilogy. Pro-life hero Congressman Bob Dornan said it best: "For the rest of my life, I'm indebted to you [American RTL]. I got your documentary, Focus on the Strategy. You gave me seven simple words, and I will never look at another piece of pro-life legislation without saying those words. It's a bad law if it concludes, "'and then you can kill the baby.'" After learning the lessons of Part 1 and Part 2, which expose the 40 years in the wilderness of failed pro-family tactics, now we're better equipped to strategize effectively as we do in Focus III to implement the three-pronged strategy that can lead to the end of child-killing in our lifetimes!



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