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There's "Nothing" Like a Walk in the Park

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* Catastrophism Geology at Glacier National Park: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss the Geological Society of America's Glacier National Park field trip attended by Dr. Walt Brown, his assistant, geologist Brad Anderson, and RSR's Enyart. The guys discuss three geological features, the Lewis overthrust fault, the 30,000 feet of thin-layered rippled slate, and the "off the scale" flood mud deposits. Bob also talked to the geologists about dinosaur soft tissue, Carbon-14 in diamonds, and rapid opal formation.

* Dawkins "Nothing Must Be Very Simple": First though, Bob and Fred air the audiotrack of a two-minute Richard Dawkins video (embedded here) trying to explain how something came from "nothing", a "nothing" that must have been very "simple". :)



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