Friday's Broadcast

Bob Enyart

Serpent and Staff, Paradise Lost, & the Big Squeeze


Biblical medical symbol of a serpent and a staff* Just 300 Views from a Third of a Million! Please click on over to help Bob and Fred reach the milestone of 333,333 views on the Bob Enyart Live YouTube channel! [Thanks so much! You guys did it in an hour! -Bob]

* Today's Topics: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss the new bullet over at which adds to the list of everything that would have no foundation in history if the Exodus were not historical, including the Ten Commandments, the words has no Pharaoh, Goshen, and Alphabet, and the principle that even government leaders must obey the law. The guys also give a few examples of Evolution's Big They give accolades to the film Genesis Paradise Lost. (Bob especially loved the Day 3 animation of how God may have pulled the plants out of the ground!) And the guys talk about their YouTube channel and nearing the milestone of a third of a million views! (You can help with a view or two by clicking on over!) And then the guys describe Bob's sons' reactions to the claims of their science teachers (college and homeschool).

* A Post-show Matter:

Enyart's comment at supporting a ban and decrying the dismemberment of unborn children...

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