BEL, Theology Thursday, and Real Science Radio Podcasts

You can subscribe to the Bob Enyart Live, Theology Thursday, and Real Science Radio internet podcasts in three ways:

iTunes (for Apple users)

- iTunes for the Bob Enyart Live podcast
- iTunes for the Theology Thursday podcast
- iTunes for the Real Science Radio podcast


If you'd like to subscribe via other popular podcatcher apps or via email, you can go to:


Open your podcasting app (really, it's a podcatcher app). Then either search for one of our three programs or paste to Add a New Podcast.

New to Podcasts?

If you use an Apple device, just pick one or more of the iTunes links above. Otherwise, go into your device's Apps list and then search for "podcast" and use that app and go to "Other" just above. If you don't already have a podcast app, find and install a good one. Begin by Googling: best podcast apps for Windows. Or: best podcast apps for Android. Then install that and use the "Other" instructions above.