Earth's "oldest" rock found WHERE? (and other affirmations)

Earth's "oldest" rock found on moon, as explained by the hydroplate theory...

Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams begin with six science news headlines including the midwest freeze, Earth's "oldest" rock found on the moon, furthest galaxies twice their previously estimated "impossible" size, plants beneath arctic ice, animals under antarctic ice, and what lies beyond New York and Viriginia's murderous abortion laws. These reports tell us much about the world we live in and where it's come from and where it's all headed.

Earth's "oldest" rock found on the Moon, says NASA* "Oldest" Rock: NASA kept secret for almost half-a-century the Apollo 14 discovery of the Earth rock they found on the moon and "date" to be four billion years old. Of course, Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory directly describes how the Moon, especially the near side, was pummeled from the debris ejected by the fountains of the great deep. On the other hand, secular astronomers, along with non-HPT creationists, have a hard time explaining this. To improve the infinitesimal odds of an astronaut picking up an Earth rock (the "oldest", no less), NASA argues that four billion years ago, "the surface of the Moon... was three times closer to Earth than it is now".

So based on their secular model, three of the impossible things NASA thinks about before breakfast are:
- The kind of extraordinarily rare impact that could eject Earth rock into space
- That rock hitting the Moon which, even taking gravity into account, is highly unlikely
- And an astronaut on that enormous moon bending over and picking up just such an Earth rock!
Instead, the fountains of the deep blew out into space meteorites and the debris which formed comets, asteroidsTNOs, and beat up Mercury, Venus, the Moon, and Mars.

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* Program Note: China's announcement that the Moon's far side is 30 degrees colder than the near side prompted Bob and Fred to postpone discussion of the three remaining news headlines mentioned on today's program and instead next week to report on