Bob and his guest cover New Year’s Eve with a potpourri of commentary and listener calls and emails. Emailer csm****@earthlink.net doubts that Bob and his church are real Christians, using typical liberal reasoning. Failed public education is again noted with two accounts of horrifically inappropriate activity in the classroom. [Update: These may have been BEL's Reasons #427 and 428 to get your kids out of public school!] In an audio replay, Rep. Pat Schroeder’s office was offended by an explicitly sexual drawing Bob faxed to her, which teachers in the Denver area were passing out to 5th graders. They were predictably offended by the wrong thing, having its use pointed out to them rather than the fact that using it in a school was wrong. Helping an injured Afghanistan vet is discussed with a caller, with Bob discussing how charity can be a challenge, depending on how administered. It can hurt more than help when it robs people of their dignity and motivation. This often happens with government programs such as SSID, and even sometimes with efforts of the church.